Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Winter Warmer

Now seeing as it's night time and it's all dark and cold outside... I thought I'd share a little something with you all to help brighten up your night.
I so love this image of the children around the tree, complete with nativity scene at their feet... it's one of those few stamps around that fully identifies the true meaning of christmas which so many often forget.
The image is called 'Children Around Christmas Tree' and it is a high quality wood mounted stamp available for only £8.35 from Heritage Rubber Stamps. Please do take time to look around all the other stamps available on the site as they truly are wonderful to use. Next time around I'm thinking of trying this as gold on black... think that could look quite stunning too.
Anyhow, time to go again and get myself something to eat.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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