Friday, 5 November 2010

Why oh why

That is my question tonight... Why oh why is it that although there is a large free public firework display in Strathclyde Park... Am I now going to have to clean up both my front and back garden of rockets which have been let off by surrounding residents but have so wonderfully landed in my garden. I so love how others put on a garden display yet I have to clean the crap up. There will be a good car inspection done in the morning too as it looks as though one of them may possibly have been hit. Right enough, at least I didn't get whacked on the head this year, which is exactly what happened 2 years ago... Trust me it's not a very pleasant experience having one of those whack you on the head as it falls from the sky.

Anyway, moan over so off to try and relax a bit now.

Night night

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Georgie said...

I totally sympathise - I think we must have a big red target on the top of our conservatory! Hubby had to get the ladder out, which is a real pain, as I think we built the shed around it - oops! xx