Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Kaisercraft :-)

Gosh I'm late in posting tonight, but its been a long day.  I'm doing holiday cover this week in Craft World so was in the shop all day,  was only just 5 mins home when my neighbour appeared at the door with this big box that had been delivered for me, I saw the Jones Crafts tape and immediately got excited about the contents inside..  its new Kaisercraft goodies so I can start making some samples.  Placed the box next to my tote bag so you could see just how big the box is.  Lol.  Can I just say for those who love Kaisercraft, you're in for a treat as the new designs are stunning, and for those of you who haven't used them before, I would urge you to take a look at them. 

Anyway, by the time I looked through all of that, had dinner, helped friend choose tiara and shoes for her daughter's communion this coming Saturday, done dishes, eBay orders, tended animals, replied to emails and organised my stuff for the morning..  well... the night has flown by and we are now into Tuesday.  Lol.  

Just before I go, there was a lovely gent in the shop today with his daughter, somewhere around age 6, and as I was ringing their stuff through the till the little girl announces that she doesn't have a mum.  Well, with divorce and everything nowadays its not unusual to see a single dad.  As I was replying saying that there are lots of little girls who only have one parent, she looked at me and changed from a happy smiling and laughing little girl to one who's eyes filled with tears and her face changed colour, then she said 'my mummy has passed away'.  I got so upset seeing her that my eyes filled up and I had that huge lump in my throat and all I had to apologise to her dad for me getting upset.  Her heart may be breaking, but she has an amazing dad who put his arm around her and she cuddled him as he told her everything would be ok. 

If you have children, make sure they always know just how much they are loved and with that said, I'm off to bed now. 

Nighty, night
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Birdhouse basic

Well folks here is my little birdhouse with the basic colours on.. now its time to make a start on the decoration..  got some die cuts to use and a little more colour to add.  Before I do that though I need to take a look at hubbys project and educate him on how to apply copper leaf.  Lol.

Catch you all later.

Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Unscheduled day..

Evening all.. well this morning when I arose I had the day mapped out.. work, work and more work..  instead it took an unexpected turn that made it even more enjoyable. 

I made a start on the samples, had a quick tidy around and got a few loads of washing done then my wee mum appeared with lunch and stayed for about an hour and we had a wee catch up chat.  Next my friend asked me to watch her children for an hour or so till they went to test drive a new car.  Obviously the answer was yes as these are 2 of my favourite 3 kids.   They stayed out playing with friends till just before 6pm then came in and asked if they could do something so I printed a few digi images from my Tumble Ted and Tizzy CD, gave them some paint and pro markers and they were happy sitting on the floor colouring in.  My poor friend then called to say they were delayed.. wait for this..  the new car they were test driving broke down!!!  Well to say I couldn't stop laughing is a slight understatement.  I've never heard of that in my puff.  Lol.  Anyway, hubby popped off to McDonalds and picked up some happy meals for them then when my friends returned they dropped in to collect the kids and stayed for a few hours so we all sat having a good wee natter.  Can I just say it turned out to be a fantastic day filled with fun, laughter and good company. 

This time of night is not exactly perfect for picture taking but here's a look at my mini chest all painted up..  just the decoration to add tomorrow now which won't take long.

Off now to give something else a lick if paint.. till tomorrow.. toodles

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Friday, 26 April 2013

Important 'Fake' Hougie Crafts Information.

Just me again..  thought I had best share this important information for anyone who has a Hougie Board or project books.  There is ONE chain of craft stores who have sold 'fake' Hougie Crafts merchandise and it is important that this is stopped and the public are warned.

Please check out 'Kay Rutter' on facebook where you will find the relevant information and remember.. if you feel you may have purchased any 'fake' products they should be reported to Trading Standards.

Lets help keep this industry clean.

Lorraine xxx

Slight detour

Friday's!!!  In this household it means its chore day as the old man is off work.  House cleaned top to bottom, super market shop etc.. not my most favourite day. Lol.

Anyway, its time to start working on some samples for an upcoming demo weekend so before I can finish my birdcage stand I NEED to make a start on these.  Nice wee coat of gesso before the proper painting and decoration begins.  Thankfully hubby will be at the office for a while tomorrow so I can get some more peace and quiet to get on with stuff.  No idea why but the moment I start to concentrate, he starts rabbiting on like a budgie..  men for you I guess eh!  Lol.

Right, I'm off now and will keep you up to date with pictures and progress.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A little bit rusty

Evening all its been a busy day in the shop, followed by some demo planning and finally got home at 7pm.  Just about to grab a little dinner, a fresh cup of coffee then I can commence with the ink again.  Lol.   Rather than keep it all to myself until completion though I thought I'd share a wee close up pic of how the bird frame currently looks.  Bird still needs painting and I need to decide on some embellishment decorations so I may or may not complete it tonight depending upon how long the creative brain wave lasts.  Lol. 

Off to feed my face now as my stomach has started to make some rather strange noises and hope you check back again soon.  Thank you for looking. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Layer building has begun

Love playing with paint.  Lol.

Happy Day

Short and sweet tonight's folks as my birdcage is calling to me. Lol.

Am glad to say my hospital appointment went well today.. well that is eventually.  Followed hospital instructions, drank my pint and a half of water, didn't go to the bathroom for an hour before my appointment and what happened once he put the gel on and tried to do my ultrasound..  my bladder wasn't full enough!!!  Back to the waiting room I went along with another pint of water.. lol.  Half an hour later I'm glad to say I finally had enough fluid in me and there does not appear to be any sign of cysts..  phew.. I sure am relieved at that one and its a huge weight off my mind. 

So, I'm off to get the paint out and make my idle hands busy again.  Hope you're all having a good day too.  Will probably be late tomorrow before my next post as I'm working in Craft World all day but you never know.. I may manage a cheeky wee post before my shift starts.  Lol.

Happy crafting all.
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New plaque

Well its been a good wee day..  breakfast, housework, hairdresser, more housework, washing, visit from my neighbour, invoicing, couple of wee business calls, play around with Brianna's invites, browsed some new designs not yet released and now I've finally got to me time.. not bad seeing as its only 11.30pm.  Lol.

I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow for an ultrasound, checking to see if I've got a polycystic ovary..  sure hope I don't as I've only got one now after my op a few years back and don't fancy any more work down there in a hurry.  

Well folks I'm off now to decide which one of these little beauties I'm going to make a start on first then I can have a play before bed and finish it off tomorrow.  Tune in later for more pics.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

New bird cage

Monday, 22 April 2013

Finished frame sample

Afternoon all.. here's the finished sample I made the other night from one of Kay Rutter's frame kits.  Went down a treat at the show.  As it was for sample purposes I used the large seahorse as the centre piece but you could use the frame for anything... A day at the beach with the kids collecting sand and building castles or a romantic wedding in the Seychelles encasing your memories with a wedding picture and shells.  They possibilities are endless but the fun is guaranteed.  Lol.

Happy crafting


I'm a little confused today as I've had an unusual amount of hits on my blog today..  does anyone know why or do you see anything unusual when you visit my blog.  If so please let me know. Xxx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

By the sea..

Sorry I've been quiet the last few days but help Kay Ritter with her Hougie Crafts workshop on Thursday, then helped with set up of the Sincerely Yours show on Friday, followed by a whoppingly busy Saturday working at the show and the show is on today again followed by break down with the priority being to get the van on the road as quickly as possible as most traders have a long journey ahead of them. 

Had to make up a we sample tonight so thought I'd share a sneaky peek as I couldn't get a good pic this late at night but will try to remember and do it later today at the show. 

Anyway as its 1.35 in the morning I'm off to bed now as the alarm is set for 7am so I am looking at no more than 5 hours sleep by the time I doze off. Lol.

Nighty night

Friday, 19 April 2013

Sincerely Yours - Edinburgh

2 day in store sale!!!!!!

Evening all.. have just heard that this Saturday and Sunday only (20th & 21st) there will be an in store sale at Craft World in Glasgow.

50% off wood mounted stamps and 20% off everything else.

Just had to let you all know.  Lol.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hougie Crafts Workshop.

Sorry I've been a bit quiet and unproductive today but was up in Edinburgh for most of it along with Lorraine Douglas, giving Kay Rutter a wee helping hand at her Hougie Crafts workshop.   Obviously there were a few giggles along the way, least of all with the shifting of cars around parking bays..  the local council are happy to charge you £1.50 an hour but you MUST move your car to a different parking bay after 4 hours!  Talk about a stupid rule. 

Anyway I managed to snap 2 pictures during the day..  one when Kay was starting to boss the ladies about by telling them what they were and weren't allowed to do, and the other with Lorraine showing off her new green moustache..  someone did notice though that Kay looks like she's got a white moustache in the same picture.  Lol. 

Well I'm off to make a wee cuppa now and curl up to watch some tv.. remember if you're in or around the Edinburgh area the Sincerely Yours show is on at the Royal Highland Centre this coming Saturday and Sunday (20th & 21st). 

Happy crafting all.
Lorraine xxx

Spellbinders Media Mixage only £7.99 - £8.99

Just catching up on the Hels Sheridan shows from today and saw she was using the Media Mixage Bezels..  thought I'd share the link where they can be purchased for only £7.99 for dies and £8.99 for bezels  a few pounds cheaper than C&C and better postage rates too.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New toys..

Oops.. went to do a days work in Craft World today and done some shopping too..  look what fell in to my basket.. I'm such a happy girl.

Dedicated to Boston

I decided to create something for the people of Boston after the marathon bombing and what I made symbolises a flower of remberance and hope for the survivors that they may rebuild their lives following this devastating attack.  Lets pray for Peace in the world one day. 

Lorraine xxx

Hope for the survivors

Red to Remember

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tonight's recipe..

Well folks here is the start of my recipe for tonight's playtime.  Art Parts, Clearly for Art, sticky back canvas and Fran-tage..  wonder what the end product will be..  even I don't know the answer to that yet.  Lol. 

Happy crafting

Monday, 15 April 2013

Prayers sent up..

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston right now and hope that the fatality number does not rise.  Let's all pray that this has been a despicable act by one insane person and not a deliberate attack by a terrorist group. 

Stay safe everyone.

New canvas..

Here it is folks..  my new canvas all ready for hanging.  I had so much fun creating this one that I may actually start working my way through the rest of my canvas stash a bit quicker now.  Lol. 

Anyway, I hope you like my new piece of art..  I'm off now to get all the animals sorted and tucked in for the night before deciding upon what to get my inky fingers dirty with tonight. 

Happy crafting all

Lorraine xxx

Two butterfly

Butterflies are constructed from Clearly for Art and sticky back canvas

One butterfly

Birdcage die used on grunge

Close up 2

Products used in addition to the previous post are grunge letters

Time to bloom

With the exception of the normal mundane weekend chores I've had a pretty relaxed weekend with one exception... I started trying on dresses yesterday for Brianna's wedding!   Gosh was that traumatic.  Lol.  Most folk know I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and the thought of wearing a dress is a rather daunting prospect to me..  I just don't do dresses.   Alas I must for this occasion, so I've decided to break myself in gentle by trying the odd few on here and there to get an idea of what I do and don't like and if I happen to come upon the actual dress during it..  all the better for me.  Lol.  

Anyway..  in between things I've been working away on my canvas so thought I'd start by sharing some close up pics as its easier to see the detail that way. 

The products I've used in this one are as follows:
Art Parts
Clearly for Art
Sticky back canvas
Idea-ology pieces
Grunge paper
Bird cage die
Hat pins
Acrylic paint

Hope you like it..

Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Adornments coming together

Layout so I can decide what else I want to add

Canvas once its been given a bit of a rusty distressed look.

Canvas primed and prepped with some texture gel.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A little distressed..

Well folks I've been having some fun with paint last night and tonight I'm working on the base canvas to mount everything on..  so far I've coated it, got a base layer on and have added some random texture gel.  Now to start building up the layers! 

Friday, 12 April 2013

More of a side view

Tonight's dilemma..  what to start creating now???  Lol.

Am so glad I chose these 2 wooden chests to play with as they certainly got the creative juices flowing. 

Products used on this project were:
Distress stains
Inka Gold
Art Parts
Idea-ology pieces
Kraft resist paper
Tattered floral die
Hat pins

Hope you like my creations and thanks for stopping by to take a look. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

More of a top view

Love these words

Better view in daylight

Sneaky peek

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Top of chest

A little monochrome

Sorry for the poor picture but can't get a decent one in daylight of the whole box so have done my best with this one and managed some better quality close ups.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Experiment time..

Wondering how metallic crackle will look on kraft glassine..  sure hope it works as could be a pretty cool result if it does. 

How my wee casket is looking so far.  Working in Craft World today so need to wait till tonight before I can finish it.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

One painted and one stained..  shame I stained my fingers too so need to go scrub them as working in shop tomorrow.  Lol.

Time for fun..

Well folks there's been a whole load of work lately and not a lot of personal play so here goes..  off to make a start on these little chests.  No idea where I'm going with them but think a layer of paint is a good place to start.  Wish me luck.  Lol.

Pie anyone???

Topper - Hobby House
Flowers - Britannia flower dies
Foliage - Cheery Lynn die
Sentiment - Britannia die
Card Candy - Craftwork Cards

Just hanging around

Aperture and frame created using Spellbinder dies
Fuschia's created from Britannia flower dies (shows the difference between small, medium and large)
Sentiment created from Britannia die
Coloured using a Promarker pen

Monday, 8 April 2013

Bright and cheerful

Topper - Hobby House
Pins - Dreamweaver
Sentiment - Britannia die
Flowers - Britannia rose flower die
Card Candy - Craftwork Cards
Backing paper - oops can't remember.  Lol.