Monday, 30 March 2015

Flight time

Opposite side of plaque using Americana chalk paint, grunge paste, stencils and stamps.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Soft and gentle

One side of a wooden plaque I made recently using Americana chalk paint, die cuts and moulds.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Perfect for me

Look at the fab mug Brianna got me at Disneyland..  That's so just me lol

Both parties returned very tired but also very happy.  Apparently they had a fab time even in my absence!  Lol.

Managed to pick these up at the weekend whilst out shopping with mum.  £2.99 each!!!  What a bargain lol

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spring has arrived

Well folks I hope we can safely say that spring had arrived.   Glorious blue sky, washing on the line, windows open and stinking of bleach and Zoflora doing my spring cleaning.   Pillows & bed linen washed, mattresses vacuumed and turned and what seems to be a never ending amount of doors and skirting boards being washed down lol.   Got to love days like this especially when the house is empty and you can just get on with it. 

Donald has a surprise guest working on the stand today at the NEC!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Glimpse of the Eclipse

Well its been a busy auld week here so just trying to catch up by posting some pics to give an idea of what's been happening. 

I've been abandoned by the husband and step daughter, kept busy at work and kept company of an evening by my kitty and a multitude of friends.

I've got some yummy new stamps and paints all ready and waiting to be opened so will hopefully get some crafting time this weekend.  Woohoo... 

For the moment though. .. time to get the head down for a few hours and sort some work out as had a late start to the day because I was watching the eclipse.  The clouds provided perfect coverage allowing a better view during the odd clearance and I even managed to get a few pics.  

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned.


Hubby in the good books as he got my perfume..  I did put a reminder note in his case so he got it when he unpacked lol

Hubby's transport in the US

We've had fun in the shop with a posing teddy

Mad mother.. no more can be said lol

I've been left behind at the airport!

There's been some sun

There's been some rain

Our wee Hannah left the shop to pursue her career of being a nursery nurse

Made a couple of quick cards

Kitty has been keeping me company this week

Treated myself to a new cardi because I loved the design

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Job Vacancy at Craft World Glasgow

Hi folks we have a new job vacancy in the shop so thought I'd share it incase anyone is interested xxx

Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Arrivals in store

New arrivals in store

New arrivals in store

Woohoo.. lots of new goodies!!!!

Gorgeous new haberdashery goodies have arrived in store..  what a fabulous week it's been with orders now arriving after the trade show.  

Needless to say I'm going to be penniless for quite a few weeks now lol

New Indigo Blu papers..  VERY popular!

New Indigo Blu stamps

Brusho and WOW embossing powders proving very popular at the moment

New arrivals in store

New arrivals in store..

Friday, 6 March 2015

Surf City turns white

Oh my..  my poor hubby's home town turned white a few days ago..  known as Surf City Huntington Beach is usually host to blue skies, warm temperatures, surfers and volleyball players.  

However a few days again there was a freak hail storm which turned the yellow sands white as somewhere in the region of 1 inch of hail fell.   Considering they were lucky if they had a weeks worth of rain over the whole of last year.. yeah you read right.. over a year!  It's easy to understand why this white covering was not what anyone expected to see. 

To say that hubby was upset would be a slight understatement lol.


Poor Huntington Beach

A very rare sight indeed..  sunshine & bikinis are missing on SoCal beach!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Craft World will be there!

G'day all..  well oh well what a day it turned out to be yesterday.   Got a stinking headache in the morning that had turned to a stonking migraine by the afternoon and my vision was rough by the time I got home.   Came straight in the door, changed my clothes, ate some meds and went straight to bed.  Woke briefly just after 8 pm,  wee bite to eat and back to bed again.   Just taken some more meds and hopefully once I awaken in morning all will be back to normal. 

Anyway, things were non stop in the shop today with lots of deliveries and the van getting loaded for the ICHF show starting tomorrow at the SECC.  The show runs from Thurs till Sun and Donald will be there on stand G 22 so if you're going along be sure to pay him a visit.  

Obviously the shop will be open as normal so if you fancy seeing our whole range then please pop along and say hi.   I'll be in the shop tomorrow and Saturday as it's always a busy time for us with people visiting the show who also come along and stock up on everything they've not been able to get there. 

Shop opening hours are

Mon - Sat
9.30am - 5.30pm
12 noon - 4pm

Looking forward to seeing you soon 

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New Craft Retreat Announced!!!

The amazing Hels Sheridan and Pauline Wheeler will be walking you step by step through some amazing projects at the Crafty Bunch Craft Retreat this coming October in Warwickshire. 

Full details and booking forms can be requested by email from Sue at


Obviously spaces are limited but this is guaranteed to be a fabulous weekend for all who attend.


Birthday treat

Well hubby has told me that my 'actual' birthday gift has still to arrive and I need to be patient..  He's full of the mysteries so he is lol but he also bought me this gorgeous bag so I wasn't left present less.  Absolutely love it!  

Precious Friends

There's nothing like getting an unexpected gift in the post especially when it's as nice as this..  Thank you Pauline Wheeler.  Xxx

Go Away Snow!!!

Had enough of winter now..  I want to see the daffodils please

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bargain of the day

Out shopping today and found this little beauty that stands about 16-18" high.   Would never have paid £30 for it but at only £6 I couldn't resist..  now I need to find some nice material and start planning the creative makeover..  heaven forbid it remain in its current form lol

Burn baby burn

Today's aroma courtesy of good old Yankee...  smells yum

Man's card..

Got to test some of my new goodies..  Tim Holtz and Andy Skinner stamp.   Think I will fall in love over and over every time I use them lol


Card from my dear friend Sue..  representative of myself, Susan Jones, Pauline Wheeler and Hels Sheridan. 

Not that we ever misbehave!!!   Lol