Monday, 28 June 2010

The Bride

Evening all and sorry it's been so long. Starting to feel a little better now thankfully as I have so much work to get through this week it's unbelievable.

Before I get on the go with that though, thought I would share a picture of the beautiful bride on her wedding day. This is the lovely young girl who I made all the wedding stationery for and thankfully her big day went without a hitch.

She really does look stunning.

Well, off to get on with things now & promise I will try to be a better blogger this week.

Catch you all again soon
Lorraine xxx
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Friday, 25 June 2010

Almost there...

Morning everyone... yes I've actually made it to my computer today... lol
Well with a lot of rest thrown in the middle of the work, I've almost managed to finish the Orders of Service... just got the inserts to attach now so they will be finished in a few hours time... now you really can't say that wasn't last minute eh.... afterall the wedding is tomorrow...
Thank you kindly for your well wishes over the last few days and thankfully I am feeling slightly better today even though I have the most horrendous cough... think it's all the badness trying to leave my wee body... lol
Right off to get on with work now so I can get these delivered to the blushing bride to be.
Catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wedding rush...

Now I've heard of bride's running around at the last minute finalising all their details, making sure that everything is going to be just perfect on their big day.

Well... My friend's cousin gets married on Saturday (all the invites I made)... Would you believe that no matter how many times I was meant to get her details for her Order of Service, they never did arrive, even though I was being told they would.

Last night she told me that she will be down today with all the details but hey, do you really think I'm gonna be able to produce 80 orders of service in less than 2 days, especially when I feel like crap. I'll amaze myself if I do...

Wish me luck & keep fingers, legs, toes etc crossed.

Catch you all later
Lorraine xxx
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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How do folks

Well good afternoon, early evening, however you prefer to view this time of day.

Don't know bout anyone else but I sure can't say I've had a stressful day... More like madam lazy infact... Lol

As per the normal when I'm not quite myself, the old body needs tons of sleep... Hence, I think it was almost 11am before I awoke from the land of nod... Put a quick dye in my hair... Grey was becoming way too visible and then my Tesco delivery arrived so put all that away... Lo & behold that left me feeling exhausted so off for another sleep I went... After loading the washing machine right enough. Woke again for the 2nd time in one day and done dishes, hung out the washing, organised dinner & now I'm sitting out back in the sun (getting fresh air as the doctor ordered), waiting on my loaded potato skins to go ping from the oven.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine too... Have to sign off now as hubby just arrived home from the office.

Catch you all later
Lorraine xxx
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Monday, 21 June 2010

Back from docs... It's official, I have a lung infection so got some Amoxicillin (1 week) and also some anti-hystamine (1 month) on top of that I've to take my inhaler 4 times a day for the next month also... At least I should be on the road to recovery now that I've got all my meds... Lol. Xxx
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After about 3 or 4 days I've finally managed to finish my card... Not happy with it though but I think that's because my mind's numb to the extent I couldn't even decide where to put my flowers... Alas, these things happen from time to time and it's just a bit tough luck... One to swallow and move on from.

Need to try and come up with a quick solution for a 10 year old's birthday card as it's my friend's daughter's birthday today & off to see the doc at 3pm in the hope that he can give me something with a quick feel good factor...

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

P.s. Sorry for the pic but can't be bothered getting digi camera etc so relying on my phone just now... Please forgive me :-) xxx

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Slowly but surely

It's taking me a while but I'm slowly but surely getting around to finishing my card... Head is so congested I can't even function on a card most of the time which really sucks. I sure hope this is a short lived thing and then perhaps I can do more with my day than just sleep, cough & sneeze... Oh and before I forget, it may be June... But I officially look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer... Lol

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Saturday, 19 June 2010


Felt the need for some candy to help cheer me up... Lol xxx
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I hate summer...

No I don't really but every year without fail I'm the clown you see walking around with a summer cold... Coughing, sneezing, feeling yuck, so now I'm getting blasted with drugs !!! I want to be out in the sun... HELP... Xxx
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Friday, 18 June 2010

OU exam results

Morning folks and certainly can't say I'm not up with the larks this morning eh...

I'm one of those folks who just can't sleep in this kind of weather... So far tonight I've had a whooping 2 hours sleep... Gonna see if I can get at least another wee hour after I finish this posting.

Well you showed me so much support whilst I was working through my OU course that I thought it only right to let you know the results...


Must admit I was shocked as my final essay was written in under a day & I honestly thought I had blown it... Thankfully I was wrong.

Need to decide how to have a mini celebration this weekend as it's something I thought I'd never achieve.

Right, off again to see if I can get a wee snooze... Car is due in garage at 9am for it's service so up & on the go shortly.

Catch you all later.. Oh & I do have another card almost ready to post too.

Lorraine xxx
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Climb any mountain...

Morning folks... apologies for the 'blue' postings yesterday... just one of those days... today is a different story though... up and getting organised ready to start the day... just need to decide what order to do everything in... lol.
Didn't manage to make anything yesterday, so thought I'd share a wee holiday pic with you instead... this one was taken at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs a few years back when we visited for my brother in laws wedding... this is a truly amazing place to visit and unless you're there in person it's hard to grasp just how tall these rocks are... out of all the rocks and pictures we took, this is my favourite... something to do with the shape and the way that it's stretching towards to sky.
Needless to say the craft room didn't get finished yesterday... I did try but think I just shuffled things around for an hour or so without achieving anything so need to get that done and dusted today.. got a wee meeting to attend and the supermarket sweep for a few wee bits and bobs.
Well the sooner I get started, the more I will achieve, so off to get myself in action and I'll catch you all later on again... perhaps with another wee pic or two.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx
P.s. Thank you Emma for yesterday xxx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sucker of a day....

Why oh why is it that we all look upon death as doom & gloom... why can we not learn to look upon it as a celebration of the life that our loved ones once lived... that would make things so much easier I think...
Thankfully it was a beautiful morning so once I dropped Rob off at the office, I popped in and bought some lovely fresh flowers and headed straight to the cemetary... first up, stopped at my dads.. a polish of the stone as the grass had just been cut.. ditched the old flowers and put in the new... next on to my brothers... same there again but seeing as it's his anniversary I had a few wee words with him... finally over to my friends wee boy... gave him some beautiful white carnations.
Housework got done eventually... it was interupted by my friend as she wanted me to pop to the shops with her and then we sat out her back garden basking in the sun for a wee hour or two... lol... a bit of lazyitis I think... now I'm trying to rummage up enough effort to finish off the craft room... there's not really that much left to do but I just don't have the motivation today.. will keep pushing ahead though and worst coming to worst... it can wait till tomorrow.
Catch you all later when the sun will hopefully still be shining... hope you're all enjoying it like me.
Lorraine xxx

Taking it easy

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day... Words from a song my daddy used to sing to me all the time and the words just seemed so apt this morning... That's exactly what Smithy is thinking just now as he lies soaking up the morning glory.

I'm glad it's such a nice day as it's my brothers anniversary (7 years now) so need to pop down the cemetery with mum. Whilst there I promised my friend I'd send a balloon up to the sky in memory of her wee boy who was only 7 days old when he passed away... An angel taken to heaven.

Well, off to get dressed now & run hubby to work... His car went into the garage yesterday & hopefully he will get it back today then we'll be back to business as usual with 2 functioning cars... Yippee.

Ok, time to say toodles for now & catch you all later.

Lorraine xxx
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Poor shredder

Well here is some proof that I'm working hard... All that junk mail etc all been through the shredder & ready for recycling... Well I do like to be environmentally friendly :-)

L xxx
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Not a good sight

Can you tell that I'm still in the process of gutting my craft room & seeing what all I can put in to storage... And that the top of my work desk is being used as a dumping ground in the meantime !!!

Can't believe it's a scorcher of a day outside and I'm stuck in here doing this... Sadly needs must and I don't have any time for delays so onwards and upwards as the saying goes... Lol

Least I won't have to worry about sunburn and hopefully I'll be able to dine alfresco this evening so there's some consolation.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx
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Monday, 14 June 2010

Penny Black Challenge

Morning folks and hope you're all looking forward to a wonderful craft filled week ahead.
Decided to start the week off with a new challenge card... this one is my Penny Black entry where we have a lovely sketch to work with.
For this one I decided to go all kind of summery with my colours... well... there is a large bowl of cherries to be eaten isn't there... but, not by me as I can't stand the things... yuck... lol.
Well, I'm off now to get the housework done before I start tackling my craft room... I'm packing a load of it up to put into storage... you know... all the things that have lay around for years and haven't been used but that you just can't bear to part with... wish me luck... storage cartons are ready to hand.
Catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sugar bowl challenge

Evening folks... Please excuse me posting this from my phone but still feeling yucky and honestly can't be bothered using the camera or computer.

Wanted to share my entry though for the challenge over at www.sugarbowlblog.blogspot.com where there is a lovely sketch to follow if you so desire... I did... And can you tell I've been playing with my distress inks again... Sorry :-). No I ain't really as I'm having fun with them... Lol

Well, I'm off for a wee bite to eat now & no doubt another wee snooze on the sofa after that.

Catch you all tomorrow again.

Lorraine xxx
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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Just been told there's rain forecast for tomorrow !!! I'm not a happy bunny... Xxx
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Oh so simple....

Oh yes it's me bright and early this morning with another little creation from my personal play time... lol
I've used the same colour distress inks on this card as I did yesterday and the same set of stamps... just in a different manner... well that is what playing is all about is it not...
Decided to make this one as an easel card which allowed me to throw my new Martha Stewart punch into play as well... wonder why I feel that I am going to be another one of those to join the Martha Stewart fan club... lol.
Must admit... I'm so glad I bought this set of stamps as I'm having a ball playing with them and at the moment I can't quite tell which is my favourite from the set yet... perhaps time will tell or it may just be that it's all dependent upon my mood... makes no odd to me though as currently I love them all.
Hope you all have a fabby dabby doo weekend.
Lorraine xxx

Friday, 11 June 2010

I'm feeling so yucky tonight... Think I've got a wee summer cold starting so blasting it with paracetamol & hope I'm fine tomorrow.
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Play time

Now did I or did I not tell you all that I was going to sit and have a little me time last night... well I did and here is the result of my play...
This is the first time I've really taken time to play with my distress inks the way that I should do and combined with some new stamps I bought last weekend, it was a very relaxing evening indeed.
I have to admit that the thing that probably amazes me the most is just how quickly these cards come together... a little bit of buffing on the card then some direct stamping and voila you're done... I could quite happily have a wee production line going if I were doing stuff like this all the time... lol
Well, just thought I'd share my newest creation with you all before I get myself off out to the shops for some food shopping then I may sit in the garden for a little while if it's not too windy.
Catch you all later & hope that your crafting is as enjoyable as mine is at the moment.
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hougie Board verdict

Evening folks, as promised last night I'm here to give you my verdict on the Hougie Board.

I first saw Kay's board at the Stitches show in Feb but sadly didn't have time to watch her demo it... After that I was left wondering just how useful a board it would be... Until the other week when I was trying to do something and it came to mind that a Hougie Board would have made the job so much simpler.

Fortunately I met Kay again at the Artstamps show last weekend and back to the house I came with my Hougie Board... Well once Rob popped off to bed for the evening out came my new toy to have a play with...

The verdict... Oh what a joy.

After making a stepper card in about 30 seconds I then wondered if it would be possible to make a diamond spring card... Spent a few minutes thinking about the dimensions then off I went... No problem at all... Made one on my first attempt.

As this board contains nothing more than centimetres on one end and inches on the other it's amazing just how speedy crafting can be when using it.

Kay can be seen on Create & Craft as well as at demonstrations around the country, and she also has a website www.hougiecrafts.co.uk

Well, that's all from me tonight folks... I'm off to have a wee play with some more goodies now.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx
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Still only 1 car

What a day it was as far as the car goes... The fault appears to be something with the throttle thing that sorts out the fuel being sent to the engine... Would you believe... Yes we bought an extended warranty to cover things like this... Now we have been told that although it is a main component it is not covered under warranty !!!

Needless to say, Warranties Direct have been told where they can now stuff their extended warranty which was setting us back £60 a month and we now need to foot a lovely large bill ourselves.

On a positive note... Mum's car passed it's MOT today so at least she's happy.

Ended up with a migraine tonight so popped a couple of very strong pain killers and fell asleep for a few hours and after I mail this posting I'm off to bed.

Hope that tomorrow runs a little smoother then perhaps I can play with my goodies I bought at the weekend.

Will also give my opinion of the Hougie Board...

Nighty night
Lorraine xxx
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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Run Around

Remember the program Run Around that was on the tv in the 70's & early 80's... Well I think I'm a contestant today... Lol

Got up & dressed this morning, ran hubby to work & returned home. Jumped in shower, dried hair etc, arranged service for car, phoned friend to tell her that her rear light was out on her car (saw it last night), then mum phoned to say her car is going for a pre MOT check tonight, hubby's car has an engine light on so car is parked up in drive, but garage called to say to take it in for them to look at. Left house went back to office, picked hubby up, returned home so he could get his car then I had to follow him to the garage, left his car there & I drove him back to work then came home again. Now I have to dash around the housework as I have a massive pile of samples to get through before leaving at 4pm to go collect mum after she drops her car off & on the way back need to pick Rob up again at the office, drop mum off at her house, come home & make the dinner... Still with me??? Lol

Obviously it's gonna be one of those days.

Right off to put my skates on now & will catch you all again soon.

Lorraine xxx
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Monday, 7 June 2010

Ideal World today

Today on Ideal World from 2-4pm, tune in to see PYOP & more great products from Sakura.
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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Final buy of the day

A necessity this one so can't class it as a treat... Lol... It's now a basic requirement in the kit box :-)

Well, that's what I brought home with me folks so thought I better share.

All in all, had a lovely day, a good catch up with Gayle, some lovely homemade cupcakes which we both enjoyed enormously and bumped into some other buddies as well.

Right, the sun is starting to rapidly drop now so need to make the most of the final rays on my face before having to head indoors.

Catch you all tomorrow
Lorraine xxx
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6th buy of the day

This little bird sang a merry song to me which began with 'buy me, buy me, buy me'... Well that's what it sounded like to me... Lol... Could I do anything other than oblige??? No way, I didn't want to offend now did I...
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5th buy of the day

Could not resist these gorgeous stamps from 7gypsies... 15 stamps in total so they worked out at least than a pound a stamp being as they were £13.99.
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4th buy of the day

Beautiful flourish stamps by Prima... A bargain at £6.20
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3rd buy of the day

Well being as I have 8 real bunnies in my life... How could I possibly resist this little cutie...
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2nd buy of the day

Sorry if the pictures suck but I'm taking them on my mobile out in the garden... If this is the last day of sunshine for a while then I'm making the most of it.

Would you believe that this is the 1st Martha Stewart punch I've bought so no doubt I'll be punching away a lot in the near future... Lol
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1st buy of the day

100 sheets of card, 300gsm for £9.99... Buy one get one free...
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Friday, 4 June 2010

Artstamps show

Well folks, it's been a day full of running around, zipping about here there & everywhere but I am looking forward to tomorrow now.

Due to pick Gayle up just after 9am so we can head up to the corn exchange for the artstamps show. A good chance to catch up and what a change for me to be able to just browse around. Hope I see something nice to buy.

Jackie, if you read this before heading off to the show then please send me an email so we can arrange to meet up. Even if it's in the morning I'll get it on my phone.

Well, off to feed my bunnies now and catch you all tomorrow again.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sharing the love

Afternoon folks... and this is gonna be another short & sweet posting from me again... right in the middle of a 48 hours rush job so little time to spare for leisurely visits to blogland at the moment.
This is a little something I made quickly the other night but like the simplicity of it... I'm pretty much into the plain aspect of things at the moment I think.
What I used...
Papers - DCWV
Images - Penny Black
Ribbon etc from stash
Image coloured using Bruynzeel water colour pencils
Doodling done with a brown Sakura pigma micron pen. (Love the new colours)
Right I'm off to attack my acetate now... lol
Catch you all soon
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Penny Black Challenge

OMG.... the day is running away from me again so decided I best hurry up and get today's challenge card posted else it may never happen... lol... this time around it's my entry to this week's Penny Black challenge which has a title of 'In the garden' so decided I'd go with the big flower theme...
At the weekend I bought a new paper stack by DCWV called Mango Frost and I must admit it made this card so easy as paper had all the right colours for my needs. Onto my card I then layered some large flowers... well we can never have enough of them can we... then I stamped my image onto white card and coloured using Bruynzeel water colour pencils before layering onto a strip of green card, again from my new DCWV pad. Finally it was attached on top of the flowers using some silicone.
Right, must dash now as need to go deliver an invoice and pick up some new products for more samples... no rest for the wicked as they say eh !!!!
Catch you all later...
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Where did the day go...

Gosh, I can't quite believe how quickly the day has gone by today... I did manage to make a few cards this morning but never quite got around to booting up the computer to post them on my blog... Hmmm best put that on the agenda for tomorrow morning eh... Lol

Yes, I really should do it just now I know, but sitting on the sofa with hubby watching CSI, well, I'm enjoying that :-)

Hopefully there will be a bit more free time tomorrow for some play.

Catch you all then
Lorraine xxx
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