Saturday, 30 June 2012

Brianna's New Blog

Brianna's Blog

Afternoon all, hope everyone is doing well and for those in the UK I hope you're all managing to avoid the floods as from what I've seen on tv recently they've been horrendous and terrible to think of the destruction that it's causing too..  Thankfully, although we've had lots of heavy rain we've managed to avoid any flooding in my area.

Anyway, it's been a whirlwind of a week that's gone by in the blink of an eye... my washing machine broke so I had to use a neighbours till the repair man arrived to fix mine..  my wee mummy finally retired on Thursday, well she's only 70 so still plenty life left in the old dog yet.. my back's been playing up on and off so every few days the bottom half is seizing.. hubby has kindly been manipulating it so hoping to be back to normal soon and my friends have now disappeared off to the sun for their holidays so it's going to be very quiet around here for the next few weeks.  Oh and I done some baking the other day too... Herman cakes and shortbread.. sadly I finished the shortbread this morning so will need to make more either today or tomorrow.

Now, as many of you will know my gorgeous step daughter graduated her BSc last year with 1st class Honours and is due to complete her Masters degree in September... well.... she has been accepted to start her PhD at Glasgow Uni in October too so we're very proud of her indeed.  She's such a determined, hard working young lady it's quite unbelievable at times.. She studies, she sings with the Uni choir, assists as a wedding co-ordinator at the Uni chapel, Sings with Glasgow Madrigirls, works as a co-ordinator with Capability Scotland, appears at concerts both in the UK and Europe, performs at weddings and runs a home on top of that too!  Now for a 23 year old I think that's rather impressive, don't you.  

To help raise her profile on the internet she has just started a new blog and she would love if you could become a follower of her and asks your friends to follow her too please.. the more the merrier as they always say.  So here's the link to her new page.

Brianna E Robertson - Lyrical Legacy     

Well I guess it's time to sign off again as I've just received some fab new stuff from Lynda Chapman at Cupcakecrafting for a new CD due to be released in a few weeks time so need to get my fingers busy on the old sample making front and all I can say is... I LOVE the images and will keep you updated on the launch date nearer the time.  In the meantime.. Happy crafting all and please stay safe if you're near the floods.

Love 'n' hugs

Friday, 22 June 2012

I've been MIA today

Evening all and sorry I've been missing all day but you know how you just have these wee days where nothing goes to plan.. That's been mine today but the nice part was that I got to spend time chatting to friends which made up for the lack of work. Lol. Thankfully hubby is working tomorrow which means I'll have some time to myself to get down and messy in the craft room so I will have something to share with you all.

Well I'm off to chill before bed so nighty night all.. Till tomorrow.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Full frontal

Evening all and how relieved am I to have had some time in the good old work room today getting back in the flow again.

Had a rummage to see what tickled my fancy and I happened to come upon this letter rack that I had actually based coated in black many months ago so with a feeling of guilt I decided to complete the project and here it is.

I'm not a person who like to follow conformity which you can possibly tell from the pic. After following straight lines etc for so long with work I just had to make something that in a respect was a little thrown together.

To begin I sprayed the entire project with 'Kiwi' perfect pearls mist, cut out some images from a Papermania bookprint paper pack which I coloured with shabby shutters and vintage photo distress inks and adhered using some multi medium. The whole rack was then covered in multi medium and some mica fragments were sprinkled on top before being finished off with another coat of multi medium to seal.

Well I suppose I should poddle downstairs and see what hubby's day at the office was like and I need to deliver a wee birthday present too. May be forced to base coat something else tonight though ready for tomorrow. Lol.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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2nd pic

View from the opposite side of the letter rack. Had to use the flash on this one

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1st pic

View from one side of the letter rack

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Inky fingers

Yay.. I'm in the craft room working away on a wee project trying to get back in creative mode again. This time around I'm working with a wooden letter rack, distress inks and some papermania papers. Boy does it feel good to be having a wee play all for myself.

Hope everyone's having a creative day too.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Memory book

Sorry but can't remember if I've posted a picture of the finished book or not so incase I haven't.. Here it is. Lol

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Birthday make

Evening all and I'm glad to say I've managed to get in the craft room for a brief period of time. Hubby returned to work so I've spent the day getting the house and paperwork back in order.

This is a wee card and posy box I made for someone's birthday tomorrow so that was priority over my other projects today.

It's been somewhat of a quiet day again as I've spent it indoors and mum only popped in for 5 mins on her way home from work. She does amaze me the way she zips about at 70yrs old. Thankfully she's decided that she's finally going to retire when the school break for the summer holidays as I was beginning to think she would be there till she dropped. Even the neighbours laugh at her as she's said for the last 5yrs she's retiring then next thing you know she's off to work again.

Well I've been hiding in the craft room since hubby came home so guess I really should go and be at least semi sociable eh! Oh and still got my washing to bring in off the line too. So loving the last few dry days as you can't beat fresh clothes that have been air dried. Cat is starting to demand my attention too so guess that means I've to sit and pet him for 10 mins till he's ready for another wee nap! I've truly got the laziest cat around as he sleeps for at least 18 hrs a day if not more.

Right, signing off now and will hopefully be back in the craft room tomorrow so toodles till then.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Look what I found.. A picture of the cardigan I knitted a few months ago and forgot to post. So here it is.. One hand knitted cardigan complete with buttons and pockets.

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Quiet wee day

Well it's another late one today folks as you can tell. Hubby's had another day at home trying to get over his bug but is determined that he's going in to the office tomorrow so we'll see what unfolds. Have to say that he didn't start the day too well but does appear to have picked up as the day has gone on so fingers crossed.

I managed to escape to the back garden for a few hours late afternoon in to early evening and enjoyed some of the lovely sun we've had today again. Here's hoping it's here to stay for a while as it's nice getting outdoors in the fresh air.

Then I decided to have a 'chippy' for dinner and no sooner was I back when my friends 2 kids appeared out front and as I was speaking with them out the window my friend appeared.. Well she sent the children home to their dad and came in for a wee natter and then my other friend appeared too so the 3 of us were sat of the sofa having a good old natter. After they left Rob laughed and said we were all chatting away that much that the walls were shaking. Lol. It's not very often that we get time to just sit and chat so I really enjoyed it.

Hubby's just took himself off to bed so I'm going to put my pj's on, make a wee cuppa and snuggle on the sofa to watch some tv seeing as I've got it all to myself now. Hopefully I'll get in to the craft room for a few hours tomorrow if he's back at work and see what I can have a play with.

Toodles for now and hope everyone's had a fab day.. Here's hoping it's sun on the forecast for tomorrow again.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Good and bad day

Evening all and as you can probably guess from the picture it's been a beautiful day here today. Plenty blue sky and some fluffy white clouds too.

Anyway, the weather has been the best part of my day I think. Hubby has been off work ill all day, slight temp, aching bones and nausea. Got him doped up on paracetamol and he's currently in bed sleeping just now. On top of that I've had a to-do with my phone and pc. Connected my phone to the pc to upgrade via blackberry desktop manager but I needed to upgrade the desktop which I attempted to do, only to receive a message telling me I needed to upgrade my pc to xp sp3. Took myself over to the microsoft website to install that and guess what happened.. Bloody computer crashed!!!! So basically I am now left with no pc and I've been unable to upgrade my phone so currently have no facebook or internet access on it. Hopefully I can get the pc repaired without them having to completely wipe the system clean as I've got so much work stuff stored on it that chaos would not be the word for it if I lose it all. Then if that all works out I can hopefully get my phone upgrade done too. Keep fingers crossed for me please as this is obviously going to be a rather trying few days coming up.

Finally, I popped to the cemetery with flowers for my Dad and brother and whilst there I noticed that the headstone of a girl I went to school with was damaged. Appears as though it's come loose from it's foundation so I cleaned the dirt and dry grass off to make it look presentable then popped in to tell her mum, who's one of my neighbours. Glad I did the right thing though as her mum didn't know so at least they were warned in advance of seeing it. They're off down the cemetery tonight to have a look at it so they can arrange the repair tomorrow.

Thank goodness the sun was shining today as it always helps us feel more positive and I've also managed to clear the washing basket and get it all dried out in the fresh air. Only thing left to do tonight is tend to my animals but before I do so I'm off to organise some dinner for myself.

Hope you've all had an awesome day.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Sunday, 17 June 2012


Evening all and sorry it's a late post tonight but wanted to wait till I could upload pics of my clear working space. Can hardly believe I have a nice clean area to work on again as it's been so long. Lol.

Although hidden from sight I will be truthful and tell you that there is still one box to be sorted out tomorrow then my job will be 100% complete but for tonight I'm happy to settle with 97%.

Now that's done I'm off to tend to my animals then chill for the rest of the night so I can get stuck in tomorrow. Got some invoicing and emails to tackle in the morning, a few errands to run then I'll see how long I can keep my desk tidy for. Hopefully the cleanliness will help on the old creativity front too.

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I'm off now to do chores, make a cuppa and sit down.

Nighty night
Lorraine. Xxx

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Even the computer desk is organised!!!

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Saturday, 16 June 2012


Now here is the good thing about having a good tidy up of the old work space.. I just opened a bag and found all these goodies inside it. Ooops I think I may have forgotten to unpack them! Best not tell the hubby eh. Lol.

Off to put them away now, continue the clearing and you never know.. There's every possibility I could find even more.

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What a mess

Afternoon all on what is a bit of a wet day here with no sunshine in sight.. So much for it being summer eh. Lol.

Well it's a bit of a strange day for me.. As many of you will know I had a brother who was 9 years older than me and who passed away 9 years ago today, but this morning I woke to the news that my god daughter has given birth to a beautiful new baby boy this morning.. Brought a lovely warm feeling to my heart.

Hubby is at work today and I've poddled around doing the housework but there's still one room that needs to be tackled and that's the all important craft room. As you can see from the picture it's a right old mess just now. Things were going at a fast pace in there but I had some time free from orders over the last week when I've tried to catch up with house related chores that had piled up. There's still a few things left on the list to be dealt with but work now demands that the craft room be brought back under control and seeing as I have the house to myself and it's raining outside what better time to start.. It may take me some time though and I may need you to say a wee prayer or two for me along the way. Lol.

Right I guess it's time to stop typing and start clearing so will wish you all a happy weekend and be on my merry way to the craft room.. Toodles for now my lovelies.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What a month it's been

Well I've finally found my way back to the old blog front after what has been one heck of a month here.

Won't bore you with all the details, just a brief outline.. Rob's been going through a switch over of his meds, I've had a viral infection and had to toddle off to the docs last week to get checked out as I've had a pain on and off in my left breast for about 6wks.. Thankfully the doc can't feel any lumps but due my mum's history and the fact I had and oopherectomy a few years back I'm being referred to the breast clinic to be on the safe side. Mum's husband Eric has also been bed ridden for the last month and they've been getting so much done at the house.. Stair lift has been installed, bed raiser, zimmer frames, wheel chairs, raiser chairs, commodes.. It's been all go and there's been so many health visitors etc too. Finally my back garden was so out of control with weeds and what not that I had to bring in a gardiner to get it back under control so that's finally done and another ton of stones has been laid down too so at least if the sun shines I can work outdoors without looking at Steptoe's back yard. Lol. Then I've had to work in all my orders too and think the smallest one I've had has been for 45 invites.. Everything else has been in the hundreds. Typical eh!

Anyway, things seem to be a bit more in order now and the chaos is subsiding so I'm slowly getting back to normal and hopefully that means I can resume my blogging too. Hope everyone's been having fun and behaving in my absence.. Then again.. You've probably all been naughty.

Right I've got a few more chores to get done today so best say bye for now and catch up with you again soon.

Love and hugs
Lorraine xxx

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