Monday, 31 May 2010

Bright but distressed....

Here's a little card that kind of expresses how I'm feeling today... a little bit bright but at the same time a little distressed...
It's lovely and sunny outside, not that I've managed to see any of the sun yet as I've been stuck on this computer trying to sort out bank accounts and direct debits... had to change my bank account last week and as per usual... nothing ever goes blooming well straight forward and easy does it !!!!
Got details of my new account, a cheque book and new pin number... do I have a new card to use with the pin... don't be silly.... in addition to that my old account has been closed so I can't even use those cards .....
How the dickens are you expected to pay for anything when the only option you have is to pay by cheque... not very convenient in today's modern living is it.
Right, now that I've aired my views a little... glad you can't see the steam that is in actual fact billowing from my entire body at this moment in time... I'm off to sit in the sun for a while and try to cool my jets a little.
Maybe in an hour or so when I feel a light more light hearted I'll tackle a wee challenge card.
Apologies for my grumpyness and I'll be more cheerful later.
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Who is this ???

Just had to share this picture with you of a very wonderful lady...

This is Pauline from Burns & Harris who runs around like a nutter all day every day and who takes such good care of me every time I visit Dundee.

Now I know that if she see's this picture on my blog she's gonna kill me as she hates the picture... But hey ho... She's special & I had to share her.

No matter what I need, how large or small Pauline is always there... My lunch is always organised for me, my table ready to sit my bum down at & most important, hugs aplenty.

Sadly I didn't get a picture of all the craft group 'The Crafty Dodgers' so need to make sure I do on my next visit. They are the most wonderful group of crafters and are never short of a laugh or two.

Hubby sends special thanks for the most delicious scones he has ever tasted which I was given too... Think he's planning to put an order in next time I'm going up. He's a bit of critic so he is, but his description is that these are the most moist scones he has ever tasted... Not the normal dry tacky stick to your mouth... With a lovely delicate hint of butter too.

Well... Guess I better make a move as we're off out for a few hours this afternoon and then I want to get some crafting done for myself later on.

Catch you all soon
Lorraine xxx
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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Feet up...

Well that's me back home for a few days relaxing with hubby and am currently slouched along the sofa with my feet up resting now.

Have had me tea but may need a wee ice cream float later on, just as a wee treat... Lol. Got 2 demo kits to unpack and then may possibly have a little nosey around the challenge blogs as I'll need to get back to them next week again.

Will have a wee seat here for another 5 or 10 mins then it will be time to feed all the animals & close them up for the night.

Be back tomorrow again.

Lorraine xxx
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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Home again

Well that's me back home again & boy did I need to skoot from the shop to the train station tonight... Couldn't quite believe it when the thunder started !!! Then when I reached Glasgow I had to drive home via some hail stones... Now I'm in, it's shoes off & feet up for a wee hour before making sure I have everything ready to go in the morning again.

Hope you've all had a fab day & looking forward to the holiday weekend.

Happy crafty hugs
Lorraine xxx
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Off to Dundee

Morning folks... Well that's my train just pulled away from the platform at a rather pleasant & mild Queen Street station, and all I can do now for the next hour and a bit is sit back, relax & enjoy the world going by. Hope the weather is as mild in Dundee... Packed my hooded jacket though just incase... Lol

Catch ya all later...
Lorraine xxx
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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Run around...

Morning all.... I've defo got one of those mad days ahead... sure will sleep tonight by the time i get everything done.
Once I finish this posting, I'll be doing the mad run around tidy up of the house, then need to finish some more samples.. need to pick up train tickets from the station fo tomorrow's journey to Dundee (beautiful trip on the train you know), then need to take Eric (mum's husband) to the hospital for his appointment. Drop him off at home again then back here to finish more samples for Fri & Sat demo's at Ink Spot... iron clothes so I'm all organised, pack both demo kits, pluck eyebrows, paint nails... etc. etc. etc... lol
You may well see some samples popping up on my blog throughout the day now that I know how to mobile blog...
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Create & Craft

Just a quick note for anyone out there who may never have seen 'Paint Your Own Picture' before.
If you haven't then set your recorders for today's live show on Create & Craft.... due to air at 11am.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sleepy Old Me....

Sorry I haven't posted anything today folks...
One of my deadlines was brought forward by a few days only at tea time last night... what did that mean.... well.... I never made it to bed last night... it was an all nighter.
Needless to say, I'm not quite as young as I used to be and the old body doesn't quite handle the all nighter, through the next day thing anymore, so once my duties were complete this morning... home I came, had some lunch and thought I would have a snooze on the sofa for a wee hour... just to tide me by... well as you can see it's now closer to tea time again and I've only just awoken... thank goodness I did as I need to pick hubby up from work at 5pm so best get my skates on.
More sample making on the agenda tonight before what will obviously be a very early night in bed...
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 24 May 2010

Bev's Goody Bag

Well.... I may have my computer back... but as usual all of my original settings and such like are all completely lost somewhere within it's deep black hole... different bar status up top now and where the dickens my picture editing system has gone I have no idea... just need to keep searching I guess. In the meantime I guess I'll just have to stick with cropping my images on 'Paint'... don't like doing it this way at all... guess I get used to my routine way of doing things and when they don't work it throws me all a wobbler... lol
Finally after a weekend of working in the sun and cursing the computer a little... here is my final card that I produced with the delicious goodies sent to me by the ever so talented Bev... the aim... to produce a card just like hers... well I done my best but ended up with my image slightly more to the right of the card than her's was... lol
For anyone who's ever adored the flowers that Bev uses but wondered about buying them... trust me... these are stunning flowers and exceptionally well made... soon as I get a minute... next week the way my schedule is... I think I'll have to pop over to Wild Orchid Crafts and make a little purchase myself... lol
Well... time to go again... samples to be getting on with (including some painting)... but need to dash around with the hoover and duster first... looks like I'll be working in the garden today again... oh yes... glorious blue sky and plenty of sunshine... just the way I like it.
Catch ya all later.
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

What am I up to?

Well what else could I do on such a lovely day but sit in the garden crafting...

No time to rest, got samples to do for C&C which need to be delivered on Wednesday, as well as Thursday's demo to prep for.

Now I sure can't complain about doing all that in the sun can I... Lol

Happy sun filled crafting to all
Lorraine xxx
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Guess what's for dinner

Well that really isn't hard to answer is it... BBQ of course... What else would we have on such a beautiful day.

Hope your weather is as good as ours.

Lorraine xxx

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Friday, 21 May 2010


Well am I jumping about with joy today or what...... I'm back on my computer.... can't believe how much I miss it when it's not here... Blackberry is fine for certain things but it's not like being on the computer.
In addition to that... Mr Postie just rang the doorbell a few minutes again with not 1 but 2 yummy bags for me to delve into.. one is from the lovely Bev... I know what's in that already but it doesn't stop me getting excited about actually getting the stuff in my hands... and the other one... hmmm... well that's anybody's guess... it's from Burns & Harris for next weeks demo... can't wait to see what goodies I'm going to be playing with this time.
I will take photos and post them later... but right now.... I'm off to rip the envelopes apart and get my hands on the gorgeous goodies... lol
Toodles for now but catch you all in a few hours again.. once I've calmed down..
Crafty hugs
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Burns & Harris

Hi All,

The lovely Jackie asked me a question about next week's demo, so thought I would confirm the details.

In the morning I will be demonstrating at the local craft group 'The Crafty Dodgers' and afterwards I will be in the shop from 1pm - 5pm.

If you happen to be in the area it would be lovely if you popped along to say hi & join in the fun... Just me... It's always a mega fun day at Burns & Harris.

Lorraine xxx
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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Evening all... Just out closing bunnies up for the night so thought I'd show you all a picture of my nuttiest bunny ever.

We adopted her a few months ago and she is so mad, I decided to call her Doris after Doris Day. She hates being lifted but loves nothing more than masses of pets and for you to talk to her all the time.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my wee bunny and depending on when I get my computer back, you could possibly see a few more.

Catch you all later.

Lorraine xxx
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Well... It's obviously just one of those days...

Hard drive is now in the computer repair centre & won't get it back till some point tomorrow.

Rob's car has got a red warning light came on today!

Mum's away on holiday so I've had to go visit her husband to make sure he's had his medication and had something to eat and one of her friends died so need to sort a card & flowers on her behalf.

See... Told you it was one of those days, so sitting here right now having some hula hoops, a Fry's chocolate cream & a bottle of Limeade :-).

Thankfully all is not lost due to me having my phone so you may have to put up with some mobile posts just till I get my computer back. Something's better than nothing I guess.

Off to enjoy indulging in my snack... Lol

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx
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No Internet

Typical of my day... Computer performed one of it's automatic updates yesterday and low and behold... Just spent the last 2 hours fiddling with computer but to no avail... No internet connection at all. No option now other than to take it down to my local pc repair centre.

Thank goodness I learned how to post from my phone eh!!!

Hopefully I'll make it back on my pc later today.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Pink Elephant Challenge

Morning folks... thought I'd start the day off with a little challenge card... this time for The Pink Elephant Challenge.... hoping I can get to enter right enough, as every time I go on the blog the server doesn't respond and I end up having to send an error report... keep fingers crossed...
This is one of my new stamps I got last week so thought I'd have some fun playing with this one for the challenge. Followed the sketch to perfection... but then at the last minute... just had to add a wee bit of bling with my gold sequin flower... lol.
What did I use...
Image : 'Birdhouse' by Swiss Pixies, puchased from Funky Kits
Stamped with 'Coffee' archival ink
Coloured using Bruynzeel water colour pencils
Papers are 'Fresh Anthropology collection - Sydney by Making Memories
The green background paper was plain.. so I stamped over it using a stamp from Time to Sow 'Stylized flowers and butterflies'
Sequin flower by Prima
Pearls from Hobby House
Well the sun is shining here so must dash... housework, shopping etc, then I'll be in the garden again for the rest of the day... managed to get another huge lot of the clearance done yesterday so want to finish as soon as possible so I can get a skip and get rid of all these dead plants and trees. Good excuse to spend the day in the sun right enough and hubby can't complain as I really am working hard.
Might have a wee sneeky peek for another challenge to tackle tonight right enough once the sun has set and I've put my feet up... lol
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 17 May 2010

Penny Black Challenge

Yippee... managed to make something for this weeks Penny Black challenge... and it's a first for me also making a never ending card... rather enjoyable actually once I got into it... watch this space for more to come in the future...
Anyway... back to business... the challenge this week over at Penny Black is flowers... so what better excuse to get my most favourite stamp ever, out of the drawer and all inked up.
I was so amazed at the fact I managed to make one of these never ending cards that I just had to upload a pile of photos so you could see it all... lol

Here is a second view... just to prove that it really does stand up on it's own...

This is the 1st page of the card

Which flips to this 2nd page

Then to this 3rd page

And finally onto the 4th page...
One of the things that amazed me most about making this card... I simply watched the demonstration video on the LOTV website... made up my own dimensions for my card... and off I went... no template to work to or anything. Now that's why I had to share all this pictures with you... lol
Right... off to upload my entry now and will catch up with you all later on again.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Winner of Sakura Pens

Hi again folks... again without any further delay... here is the winner of the Sakura Pens candy giveaway...
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:7
Timestamp: 2010-05-17 11:25:35 UTC
This time around the winner is....
If you can drop me an email please with your address, I'll get your pens in the post to you asap.
Right... off again... this time to upload my entry into this weeks Penny Black challenge...
Lorraine xxx

Winner of 8 x 8 Album

Good day everyone and my sincere apologies as I completely forgot to draw the candy winners over the weekend..naughty me just wasn't on the computer.. oops.
Alas without futher delay... here is the winner of the 8x8 Laura Ashley Album...
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:1
Timestamp: 2010-05-17 11:21:37 UTC
Well that made things easy didn't it... lol.... the winner is:
Tany Sol
If you can drop me an email with your address please, I will get your album in the post to you asap.
Right... off to draw the winner of the Sakura pens now.
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 15 May 2010

New Penny Black's

Evening folks... Hope you've all had a fab Saturday... I have... Been out and about with hubby today and now I'm having a nice relaxing evening colouring in my new Penny Black stamps. I'm working on a card just now so may upload later tonight if I can get a decent picture or may have to wait till morning... Time will tell.

Well just thought I'd drop a quick note on for you all and I'll be back soon.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

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Friday, 14 May 2010

Lazy Day

Evening all, I've been a bit of a naughty girl and just had a right lazy day today... Twisted my knee somehow & it's a little swollen so have kept the weight off it today hoping it will be back to normal tomorrow. Now that it's evening I'm feeling guilty that I haven't even crafted so will need to get my new stamps out now and see what I come up with.

Business as usual tomorrow again.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx
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Thursday, 13 May 2010


My daddy has had a fab birthday today, loved his presents and we had visitors tonight... Banners, streamers, balloons... Oh it's just all too much for a wee kitty like me so I'm very much in need of a nice nap on the sofa. In the meantime, mummy is trying to post this message via her mobile so I sure hope it works then you can all see my wee worn out body...

Big purrs (and snores)
Smithy Cat xxx
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A card for Rob...

Now I was a bit short of time for making a card for my dear hubby's birthday so thought I'd use my digital scrapbooker to help speed things up a little... thankfully they have an American theme (which is free to download) and they have one basic page all made up ready for you to just add a picture.
Well I used the original page layout but I adjusted the layout a little and added a few more things... then what picture to use... this one is just perfect for him believe it or not... The house in the background, well what you can see of it anyway, is the one that Rob grew up in and his father & step mum still live there, so now you all know where I reside when we take trips to America... and the truck... well... Rob's dad bought this truck new in the 1960's and just wouldn't part with it until approx 3 years ago... it was like his 3rd son and was nicknamed 'Big Blue'. Everyone in the family loved this big truck (including me) and we were all very sad when the day came to finally bid it a fond farewell... life moves on though I suppose, but we still have our pictures and memories of this big beast.
Right, time to go eat some pizza & cake now...
Catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

I cannot believe it...

Now can you guess by this wonderful picture why I'm so happy today... oh yes... I was the lucky winner of the gorgeous goodies that the very talented Bev was giving away on Tuesday.
Apart from my early morning browse yesterday I wasn't near the computer for the rest of the day... too busy sorting out cakes and presents as it's darling hubby's birthday today... so in the wee early hours of this morning I was having another nosey around blogland when I noticed I had won.
I'm so excited and can't wait for my goodies to arrive.. bet my finished card still doesn't look anything near as good as Bev's though... lol...
Will pop back later with a picture of hubby's card & might even share with you all the gorgeous stamps that arrived in my goody bag from Funky Kits.
Off to check on my workies now... my cooker burnt out so have had to replace it and fortunately it's being installed today, otherwise, I was going to have to bake my cake in a neighbours oven... lol.
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sugar Nellie Goody Bag 2010

OMG... feeling the need for a little boost earlier on today, I decided to treat myself to some new stamps... hmmm... what to choose... Sugar Nellie me thought as they always bring a smile to my face... off to the Funky Kits website I wandered to make the tough decision on what to buy... now some wee Penny Blacks just happened to fall into my basket whilst I was perusing the shelves and then I stumbled upon this....
Goody Bag 2010..... wait for this....
4 Sugar Nellie stamps plus a small selection of accessories...
That means that each stamp is only working out to be £2.49. Well that's a great bargain but I just thought this was the perfect pick me up today... buy a bag and then have to wait for Mr Postie to deliver before I actually know what I've got... make the treat to myself just that little bit better.
If you love Sugar Nellie, need to build your collection or have never tried them but would love to... this is the perfect purchase for anyone. Now all I have to do is wait for Mr Postie to arrive... lol
Nighty night
Lorraine xxx

A wee change..

Mroning folks... hope you've all got a little bit of sunshine this morning like I have... doesn't it so help to cheer you up when you awake to sun instead of rain. I was especially glad to see it this morning as this my Dad's Anniversary today... can't believe it's been 13 years since I last seen him and I still miss him every bit as much today as I did at the time when I lost him... Needless to say, you can probably guess what's on my agenda today... a trip down the cemetary, some lovely bright flowers and wee clean of his stone. Thankfully he's in a lovely bit of the cemetary and on a pleasant day like today it's a little sunny bit. I am one of those people right enough who enjoys spending time there as I always find it very peaceful and tranquil and a great place to go if I need to clear my head a bit.

Anyway, didn't much feel like a lot of crafting yesterday so I decided to make a wee start on my new book that I picked up at the weekend... I think these are such a bargain at only £2.99 from my local garden centre, fab little chipboard books by Papermania. Great for inking etc but I decided that I'm going down the paper route so out came a paper pad, glue, craft knife and pokey tool.

Just what the doctor ordered for a nice bit of crafting when I didn't really feel like it... undone the book rings and then worked my way through the pages. Placed one of my pages down flat, covered in glue then simply layered on my paper. Placed to the side and moved on to the next one. By the time I had finished papering the pages I was able to go back to the first one and start trimming up... also used my pokey tool to pierce through the holes. I did only do one side last night right enough so if the sun keeps up for another few hours, think I'll have to retire to the garden this afternoon and get the other side done... only got one problem at the moment... not quite sure if I'm going to use it for pictures or just some coloured images... guess that only time will tell on that front... lol

Well, off now to get myself organised, down to the supermarket then on to the cemetary before heading back home for some me time....

Toodles for now and catch you all later.

Lorraine xxx

Monday, 10 May 2010

She's back....

Yippee... I have just noticed that we have an old blogger returned back to our crafty superland after having a few months away to give her attention to her gorgeous new daughter.
Oh yes, the wonderful Gayle has made a grande announcement this morning that she is returning to the flock, complete with cute pic of baby Maya and a stunning card too. Why don't you pop over to her blog and leave a wee comment so she knows just how much we've all missed her.
Crafty hugs
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Candy Time...

Evening folks... here I am again with another Candy giveaway as promised.
This time around it's a pack of Sakura Gold Shadow pens that are up for grabs... Now I know that many of you have never really used the shadow pens but they truly are amazing to play with... simply write with them to obtain a two tone shadow effect... use them on the back of acetate and the colour will drop so the front of the acetate maintains the colour or water colour for the most amazing colours.
If you fancy a chance at winning these beauties then simply follow the rules:
1. You must have an active blog
2. Place a link on your blog
3. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you use to colour your images
Winner will be announced next Sunday 16th May and good luck to all who enter.
Toodles for now and catch you all again in the morning.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx
Afternoon folks... just a quick note as am rushing to head out the door just now to a car show with my dear hubby... well I did abandon him yesterday so I could go play with some craft toys so need to share my time a little today...
Anyhow, I'll be back later as I have another little candy giveaway to upload...
Hope you all have a fab day whatever you're up to.
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Morning folks... thought I'd start the weekend off with another little giveaway... that combined with the fact that I'm relying on Mr Blogger this morning to upload my post... fingers crossed it worked.
Okay... up for grabs this time is an 8 x 8 Laura Ashley album... if you fancy a chance at winning then simply follow the rules.
1. You must have an active blog
2. Leave a comment on this post
3. Place a link on your blog
Winner will be announced next Saturday 15th May.... Good luck to all.
Right time to sign off as I'm typing this at 11.51pm and my alarm is due to go off at 5am... me thinks I'd better try and get a few hours sleep now.
Catch you all again on Sunday
Lorraine xxx

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Sugar Bowl Challenge

Woohoo.... would you believe that I've managed another challenge this week... can't remember the last time I managed to even join in a challenge let alone 3 in one week... let's hope the routine sticks now... lol.
Now as you could guess from the title, today card is for The Sugar Bowl where they have a wonderful sketch for you to work to.
What did I use to complete my challenge card...
K&Co papers
Sweet & Sassy Image
Card Candy
My image was coloured using Sakura Metallics.
Well I'm off for a wee jaunt to the supermarket now then want to get another hour or two in the garden... later is maintenance time in preparation for tomorrow's demo... you know make sure eyebrows are neat & trimmed, nails painted etc etc... I'll be out the door about 6.15 in the morning so will have to rely on Mr Blogger to schedule my posting for tomorrow... fingers crossed that he's nice to me again.
Toodles for now...
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Winner of Candy No 9

Evening folks... thought it was time for me to draw the winner of the next blog candy that was up for grabs....
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:2
Timestamp: 2010-05-06 15:22:32 UTC
Yet again, a big high number I had to count to... lol... all the way to number 2 and who's name is attached to the number....
Big congrats to Amanda and if you can drop me an email with your address I'll get your goodies off in the post to you asap.
Please keep an eye on my blog as I will be having more giveaways over the coming weeks as I work my way through my craft stock.
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Papertake Weekly Challenge

Morning folks... thought I'd start the day off with a little challenge card to join in the fun over at Papertake Weekly.
I did have a card to make for a young girl (early 20's) who is going through an operation today. We met in hospital almost 2 years ago and the poor soul has had somewhere in the region of 8 operations during that time... we are so hoping that this will be the final one for her. Her health has been really bad during this time and she was laid off of work last year due to the fact that there was no signs of her being able to return to work in the forseeable future. Now there was something nice came from it all.... we have maintained our friendship.... and..... during this time she has taken up card making and even sells her cards in a friends shop. I'm so very proud of her as when I first spoke to her about card making she thought I was bonkers... now there's no stopping her.
Anyway, best get on with busines eh! This is a little card for her but I didn't want to make it a 'Get Well' so decided upon 'For someone special' instead. Also tried to use some brighter colours to cheer her up, without it being too bright.
What did I use:
Papers are Basic Grey - Eva (French Lace) and Urban Prairie (Hayfield and Morning Glory)
Dovecraft textured cardstock
Personal Impressions stamp - Image & sentiment
Prima flowers
Card candy from Craftwork Cards
Hat pins, pearl button & gems all from Hobby House
Fiskars paper punch - Apron Lace
Image was coloured using Sakura Metallic & Stardust Pens
Guess I better get my insert done now and post this off to my dear friend before bashing on... housework to do... think I may need to squeeze in a visit to my local craft shop... need to organise some stuff for my demo and would be nice if I can tend to another bit of the garden too...keep fingers crossed.... lol
Catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Winner of candy no 8

Evening folks and sorry it's so late in the day before I got around to announcing today's winner.... had a few visitors this morning and then got a little carried away in the garden again with my saw... having a huge collection at the moment of all the dead plants and trees then I'll hire a skip and get rid of it all at the one time making my life much easier rather than constant runs back and forth to the local dump....
Anyway, time to announce today's winner as chosen at random.....
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:5
Timestamp: 2010-05-05 19:33:11 UTC
So I've checked the entries and the winner is.....
Well done Nikki and if you drop me an email with your address I'll get your goodies in the post to you asap.
Right I'm off now to get my wee bunnies fed, water and locked up safe and sound for the night then I can sit myself back and do some more colouring in.
Nighty night peeps.... see you all in the morning again.
Lorraine xxx

Sweet fancy

Here's little bunny poking his head out of this delicious plant pot again... surprised there are any flowers still surviving after his munching session... lol
Ready for another quickie folks...
What did I do...
Started out with a white base card.... took some coloured cardstock and cut out 8 squares which I then attached to my base card and added some doodling using a white gelly roll pen. Next I cut 2 scalloped circles using my nesties, 1 in pale blue, the other in white. Stamped my image on the white circles and coloured before finishing with a coat of clear glaze on the plant pot. Layered my white circle onto the blue and attached to the front of my base card using foam pads... then added a few gems to finish.
What did I use...
Image - Penny Black
Sakura Pens I used:
Moonlight # 420, #427, #436
Clear Glaze # 800
Gelly Roll - White - #50
Koi water brush
Dovecraft textured cardstock
Now I know it's not clear in my picture my this is one of the fabulous things about a clear glaze pen is that you can go over things just to add that glaze effect exactly where you want it... here I used it to create a glazed plant pot but it's also wonderful for creating rain drops falling from the sky or lying on leaves etc... hmm... puddles, oceans etc, etc, the list really is endles... this to me is definately a must have in your craft box.
Oh almost forgot... it's also the clear glaze pen you need if you want to use your other Sakura pens on non-porous surfaces.. simply apply your clear glaze then add your other pen to the glaze (such as stardust).... once the glaze dries, it will hold your alternative pen colour in place just like magic...
Right... best get on with the day, finishing up some prep for Saturday's demo and got some shopping to do aswell... hope you all have a fab day crafting and catch up with you again soon.
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Winner of Candy No 7

Afternoon folks... time for a little candy winner I thought... this time it's Nos 7.
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:10
Timestamp: 2010-05-04 12:31:12 UTC
So who was nos 10 in the list of entries... a few seconds and quick count later...
Congratulations Janette and if you can drop me an email please with your addy, I'll get your goodies in the post to you asap.
Off to do a few tedious tasks now like the asda run... then may put my feet up for a while later on... spent about 6 hours in the garden yesterday cutting down trees, removing dead plants etc so I'm feeling the effects today a little... thoroughly enjoyed it at the time yesterday though and the garden does look a lot better now.... shame there's still lots to be done before I can sit back, relax and enjoy it... lol
Toodles for now and catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

How cool...

Morning folks... thought I'd share my cool little skater dude with you all today... I love this little chappie as he just has a slight look of mischief about him... don't you agree...
What did I do...
Started with a white basecard, cut a piece of patterned paper, inked the edges then attached. Next took some coloured cardstock, distressed it around the edges and also by crumpling before sanding and attached to the base card. Finally took some white cardstock, inked the edges, added some doodling and stamped my image in the centre, coloured image and attached to base card. Hand wrote my sentiment and attached a star to the corner.... finished...
What did I use...
Image - Dimension Fourth
Coloured using the following Sakura pens:
Metallic # 551
Stardust # 709, # 749
Moonlight # 424, # 427, #436
Koi water brush
Pigma Micron Pen - Black size 03
Dovecraft textured cardstock
Paper - Basic Grey 'Urban Prairie - Hayfield'
Right... time to get down to business now... hubby is back at work so time to get some serious housework done again so the place is in ship shape order... catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 3 May 2010

Hidden Beauty

Mroning folks... thought I'd start the day off with my cute little bunny rabbit... always makes me smile and I hope that it makes you smile too... I just love how it is peek a booing from inside the flower pot...
This is such a quick card to make.. first up start off with a blank cardstock, take a piece of green cardstock slightly smaller than your basecard, ink the edges and attach. Cut a piece of white cardstock into a smaller square, again ink the edges and attach to base card. Using nestabilities, cut two scalloped circles, one in lilac, the other in white. mount the lilac circle inside of your smallest white square then on your white circle stamp your image. Now the fun part... colour your image and attach within the lilac circle. Attach a few pins, flowers and gems... voila one complete card.... see I told you it was quick didn't I.... lol
Image - Penny Black
Coloured using the following Sakura Moonlight pens:
Moonlight # 403, # 419, # 424, # 427
Koi water brush
Dovecraft textured cardstock
Prima E-line flowers (green)
Paper Roses (inked)
Pearl embellishments
Hat pins
One of the main things I love about my Sakura pens is the variety of colours that they have, the difference in appearance between the different ranges and how they mix and match together beautifully. I have tried other pens on the market that are proving to be extremely popular at the moment yet I forever return to my beloved Sakura... why... my main thing is that they don't bleed through my stamped image or through the back of my cardstock like other pens out there on the market and that is of utmost importance to me... I hate nothing more than seeing something bleed...
Well, I guess I should stop rabbiting on now and get on with some housework before going to enjoy a day out with hubby... catch you all later.
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Candy giveaway No 9

Just a quickie folks as I'm trying to work between the kitchen making dinner, the garden pulling out dead plants and chopping down trees and also making samples so a little busy busy bee I am...
Anyway, here's another little giveaway for you to chance your luck with if you so desire... there is a set of stamps which came free in one of the craft magazines (never used) and also a pack of fabric flowers (never opened)...
I'm having to be rather ruthless at the moment as my craft room is simply way too over filled and I'm finding it pretty hard to find room for any new products which is never a good sign... too much buying and not enough making me thinks.... will need to see how I can resolve that problem... I need more time to craft... any chance of a 34 hour day instead of 24... lol
Well off to get on with all the other duties that await my attention but will catch you all in the morning again.
Oh almost forgot... to enter the giveaway...
1. You must have an active blog
2. Leave a comment on this post
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Stamp Something Challenge

Morning folks... well I hope that you haven't all fainted in disbelief at the fact I've actually managed to do a challenge card... lol... I know it's been so long that even I can't remember the last time I joined in the fun with any challenge and did I have great fun with this one over at Stamp Something.
First time back for a while so I decided to go with some nice bright colours in the hopes that they help blow the yucky grey skies away and bring some sunshine our way.
I started out with a white base card, onto which I layered a piece of textured cardstock which I had distressed around the edges. Next up I inked around the edges of some blue cardstock and layered onto some white card, then onto the right hand side of the base card. Then some more blue paper inked around the edge, this time layered onto pink cardstock and attached to the bottom of the base card. Some pretty paper was then cut and layered onto some blue cardstock, inked around the edge, layered onto a strip of white card and placed onto the right hand side of the card. Cut a large scalloped circled from pink cardstock, a plain circle from my pretty paper then another plain circle from basic white cardstock. Inked around the edges of the two plain circles and stamped my image onto the plain white one. Water coloured my image then layered all my circles together and mounted onto the base card using foam pads. To finish off I used a combination of Prima e-line flowers and paper roses along with a sentiment.
Image coloured using the following:
Sakura Metallic # 551
Sakura Stardust # 709, #719, #736, #749
Sakura Moonlight #403, #421, #427
Koi water brush
Image - Sugar Nellie
Dovecraft textured cardstock
Paper - Crafts House 'Cupcakes - Mini Fancies'
Prima e-line flowers (Fuschia)
Paper roses
Craftwork Cards sentiment
Hope you're all having a fab bank holiday weekend and getting up to lots of mischief in your craft rooms... perhaps we should all be grateful that the weather isn't so good... great excuse to lock ourselves indoors and play.. lol.
Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Candy Giveaway No 8

Well... hello again folks and here is yet another candy giveaway for you to enter if you wish...this time around it's a selection of unmounted stamps which includes, a floral scroll, a love heart shape with a floral design, a 'best wishes' sentiment, a 'let's party' sentiment, a cute teddy holding a smaller teddy, a bunny rabbit and finally a flower. That's 7 stamps in total.
If you fancy a chance at winning these goodies then simply follow the rules...
1. You must have an active blog
2. Leave a comment on this posting
Winner will be announced on Wednesday 5th May
Not quite sure what hubby and I will get up to today as the weather here is a bit on the miserable side of life... heavy grey clouds filling the sky and not exactly what you would call mild... I'm sure we'll find something to keep us occupied though... Firstly I better get all my goodies packed up and in the post to yesterday's winners... don't want them waiting too long for Mr Postie to arrive do I...
Toodles for now and catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx