Monday, 3 July 2017

Wedding season arrives

This weekend I was asked to make a wedding card for a special daughter.   The wedding is not till next Saturday so I'll refrain from uploading it all just now but this is how the inside of it looked.  

With that said.. that's my up to date.   As you can see very little has been happening on the craft front due to so much going on with the personal stuff but hopefully that's on the cusp of change now as things are starting to fall back in to place a little.  

Today sees me with a list of 12 'MUST DO' chores so as I've only completed 7 so far I guess I better push ahead and get myself moving again.  

Toodles for now. 
Loz  xxx

Blooming time

As the rains started to push the sun away again I had to make a quick cut from my Peony bush before I lost all my gorgeous flowers to the elements.   What a marvellous aroma filled the house that week.   My favourite bush yet sadly they don't last long enough.   


A big 40!

Second birthday of June saw one of my work colleagues turn 40 and he's often a cheeky monster in work hence I thought I'd use one of the fab PaperArtsy stamps as the focus of his card.   

Glad to report that he absolutely loved it.  

June birthday

June saw a very dear friends birthday and as she is an avid kitty lover I decided to make her this one.   Absolutely love the quote as she truly is a fabulous person. 


Yay.. sunshine

Start of June we actually had some sunshine for a change..   today is back to normal overcast lol. 

Always nice to be able to catch a few sunrays in the garden on a day off. 


It's all going too fast!!!

Where oh where is the time going..  I can't believe it's been so long since I posted so will try and do a few quick posts to get back up to date.   

At the end of May we were fortunate enough to have Leandra from PaperArtsy visit the shop for a demo day..  such energy and inspiration that she makes you want to get crafting before you even get home lol.