Thursday, 30 April 2009

K&Co Glass Coasters

Okay folks, here are my K&Co glass coasters as promised to you earlier... and boy I know they're not the best photos but no way I could use a flash on these babies so had to use natural daylight & take a picture directly above them to avoid reflections...
All the pictures I have used were taken on my wedding day and you will see they are all wearing my mother's hat as they were actually ripping the p*** out of her.
My opinion on this set is at the bottom of this posting.
Here is my wee mammy acting the proud mother of the bride

This is my nephew William... mums only grandson

This is my neice Hannah-Louise... mums only grand-daughter

This is my step-daughter Brianna... mums adopted grand-daughter

Now the pictures above are not very clear so here is the one I have used of my mum posing on the day

Here is William, my nephew.. think it was actually him who started ripping it out of my mum over her hat and the girls decided to join in the fun...
William was the true gentleman on the day even although he was only 15 at the time.. due to the fact that both my Dad and Brother are dead... I asked William if he would do me the honour of walking me down the aisle & giving me away which he agreed to. He carried out his duty with 1st class style & made us all very proud of him.

This little beauty is my darling neice Hannah whom I never get enough time with.. love having our girly days out shopping when we are together.
On my big day Hannah was 17 and very kindly agreed to act as my Matron of Honour & witness. Like her brother we were all very proud of her & must admit she stole the limelight as she is so camera perfect that everyone was taking snaps of her... always the poser is my darling neice.

Last but by no means least is my wonderfully talented step daughter Brianna.
As you are probably aware by now, Brianna is setting her sights on being an international opera singer & never refuses the opportunity to perform so on our big day she agreed to not only sing during the service but also stood in as best man for her Dad and also witness.
We have a strange way of doing things I know but as Rob's family are all in America & my Dad & Brother are no longer with us we decided that the most precious thing to us would be if we had the blessing of all the children in our family on our day.
Well now that I've shared this with you.. what did I think of the coaster kit...
I would have to say that although this project was quick & easy to complete there are a few flaws that I would like to see ironed out... the first being that the size of the pictures has to be so small.. as you can see the photos within the coasters are not very big at all. Secondly.. when you are attaching your coaster to the sticky felt undermat, you have to judge where the centre is as there are no markings.. this is fine when you are an every day crafter & used to centering but if you chose to do this as a one off then it would not be so easy. Fianlly I would like to see a much better quality of glass being used for the coasters themselves.. you will see in the pictures above that the images are not very clear.. this is not my photography but is infact caused by the glass which also had quite a few bubbles in it.
A nice project to complete and my mother will be over the moon with them but would I invest in more... questionable... think they would have to at least make the glass to higher standards.
Well I at least hope you enjoyed browsing through the pictures & that my review of the project is somewhat helpful to you.
See you all again soon
Love & hugs

How time flies

Golly gosh I so cannot believe how this week is passing me by... think it might be because of all the clearing out I have been doing as opposed to crafting...
Obviously I am feeling a little deprived now so have to solve that problem today & for that purpose I have decided to work on my K&Co coaster set that I purchased a while back but have never gotten around to doing.
Apart from that.. all went as well as could be yesterday at the hospital... I have to keep up my physio exercises & try to build some muscle around the shoulder then with any luck it will at least stay the way it is rather than deteriorate any more & they will not have to operate.
But oh yuck... I have the dentist today for more fillings... hard to believe I was a dental nurse for 10 years eh... but like everything else it's always the profession you worked in that you dread the most... I know only too well what everything is & the problems that can occur. Sadly after my operation my system was so run down & combined with my medication that my teeth paid the price. Apparently my gums are still not back to normal so fingers crossed they pick up soon.
Alas I must part from you now as I want to try & finish the coasters before I go get half my mouth numbed... possibly a good excuse to craft more upon my return.
Back with you all later.
Happy crafting

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cubby Hole

Yesterday contained a mixture of chores so I really didn't manage to get much done in the old craft room... also had a late start to the day as it was another night of sleeping for around 10 hours which I'm not complaining about... body must be needing it.
Anyway, when I did get on the go I had the mid week Asda run to do & Rob asked me to get some cat litter for the bunnies.. well I couldn't believe the weight in the bag.. before my op I was always lifting these bags no problem at all but yesterday... golly gosh... I felt such a weakling. Well when Rob got home last night we discovered why... I had bought clay litter instead of wood... silly old cow that I am... but in my defence there is nothing on the bag to say what kind it is & I had just presumed it was wood... may have to write to Asda asking them to label their products better.
After that I popped to the cemetary to put some lovely bright flowers down for my Dad & Brother as I feel as though they have been so neglected over the last 6 months.. I'm sure they understand that kneeling to tend to gravestones was not exactly something I could do.. apart from the workmen who were there it was lovely.. slightly breezy but the sun was shining & I love the peace & tranquility that can be found in cemetary's.
Next up came the cleaning of a dirty Rabbits bum... oh yes my beautiful albino had decided to get her bum caked in dirt so into the bathtub she had to go. She is a wee rescue bunny we got about 2 years ago.. found in a park by a vet walking her own dogs.. and she was distraught to find that someone had dumped this poor bunny who had also been attacked by a dog. Thankfully this was a very kind hearted vet who took the bunny into her surgery & she had to operate to fix her rear legs.. she can still put them at very strange angles & she can't really run & jump as they go everywhere... then low & behold the wee thing gave birth to babies which the vet managed to home through her clients & little mummy came to live with us... Well bathtime is fun... I have the big old marigolds on along with my apron otherwise I end up covered from head to toe in crap & soaking wet into the bargain... she was rather good though & behaved herself.
I will try & get a picture of her for you to see in the next few days.
Finally I managed to get some clearing out done in the craft room.. not much I may add as it was more organising rather than anything else... and if you could see the next part I have to deal with you wouldn't believe the difference... too ashamed to show it though so you will just have to wait & see the finished pictures.

This is a fab unit I got from the childrens section of Ikea... very sturdy indeed & perfect for storage... on top I have my cd's glitters, side kick etc and in the drawers starting from top left are
drawer 1 : christmas products drawer 1 : unmounted stamps
drawer 2 : embellishments drawer 2 : mounted stamps
drawer 3 : acetate, vellum etc drawer 3 : pre-scored cards & envelopes
drawer 4 : A4 coloured cardstock drawer 4 : more pre-scored cards & envelopes
drawer 5 : full of scrap card drawer 5 : gorgeous 300 weight white card from Anne
some papers & stickers K&Co christmas ornament book
Well I think I'm now about half way there in the organising of my craft room so fingers crossed it will be finished by the weekend & next week I can get stuck in to some real crafting again as I'm feeling rather deprived at the moment, but needs must I'm afraid.
Time to go get myself sorted now... a little housework to do then into the shower & scrubbed well as I have a hospital appointment at 2am to see the bone specialist again about my shoulder. My appointment couldn't be at a worse time either as there is afternoon visiting on a Wednesday & no where near enough parking spaces so I'll have to head out around 1pm in the hopes of getting parked & in on time for my appointment... then we have to see how long it actually takes... last time I saw him I was there for almost 3 hours!
Will try & pop back later again & catch up with some more blog hopping.
Hope you're all having a fantastic week.
Love & hugs

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Award Time

Shame on me...
Can you believe I was given this gorgeous award on April 15th and that's me only just getting around to uploading it...
Well now that I have I would like to forward it on to everyone who visits my blog as a way of saying thank you for all the support you have given me in the past, present & hopefully the future too.

This was awarded to me by the fabulous JanJ and I'm sure you would enjoy a visit to her blog.

Huge hugs & here's to lots of happy crafting


Here is a little something I have to giveaway at the moment...
Included are 2 Fiskars shape templates..
1 builds up into a box & the other is a collection of shapes.
Also included is a 6 in 1 muilti tool taxi which includes an embossing stylus, tweezers, craft blade, rub-on stylus, glue reservoir & an eraser.

Rules of entry:
1. You must have an active blog.
2. Leave a comment in this posting.
This giveaway will remain open until 12 noon (GMT) next Tuesday 5th May.


Seeing as I am in the middle of clearing out my room, I have come across a few items that I have no requirement for as they are duplicates, so if you check back later today I will hopefully have them posted as a candy giveaway.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Cubby hole 2

Here is the next part of the clean up which is now complete... boy did it take me hours as there was so much stuff piled high.
This is my fabby notice board which has now been cleared of all it's junk & at the moment is showcasing my gorgeous Leanne Ellis print until I find a suitable frame for it... the pic of the kitty is very precious to us as this was little Carissa. Rob actually brought her over from America with him & she was an American Curl breed, chocolate brown in colour. She was such a little darling who we sadly lost a few years back due to tumours. She will always be in our hearts though.

Now this is a real trove of goodies here... books & magazine, peel offs, ink pads, sprays, templates & embossing boards, matts & layers, sentiments, papers (all sizes), flowers, brads, buttons etc. As you may be able to tell it is infact an old tv stand but is better utilised for storage in my opinion, as it holds to much.
Hoping that Mr Blogger uploads this for me as by this time I am hoping to be sat on the sofa watching tv with hubby & probably doing some more water colouring.
Be back tomorrow again.

My cubby hole

Righty ho folks, I've decided to share my little cubby hole with you as I progress with my cleaning & tidying up of the area, so here goes for the first preview.

Here is my nice clean & tidy computer desk complete with Kangaroo mascot to help me through my crafting day.

This view show my computer desk in the background with my crafting desk closest.. arranged like this so I can just swivel around in my seat without actually getting up... you know efficiency and all that jazz.... if you look closely at the bottom left hand side of the picture you will see my cheeky little kitty who decided he wanted to be in the picture too.
Now if I just keep posting pics of my clean up as it progresses then I will feel the obligation to push ahead with it as quickly as possible then all will be arranged sooner rather than later.
Happy crafting

Back to work

Can you believe it's Monday again.... where are all the weeks going... it's so true what they say that the older you get the quicker time goes... any chance of a few extra hours being thrown into the day?
Most of yesterday was spent between blog hopping (if I haven't visited you already I will be there soon) and sorting out some more of my craft room... I so don't know where everything has come from & some of it I can't even remember getting.. so sad that isn't it. I did spend last night sitting on the sofa watching tv so thought that would be the perfect time to do some water colouring.. I had all these images already stamped so sat there with my pencils & water brush just colouring away all night... it was so relaxing. No actual cards made yet so for that I apologise, hopefully I will have time later on today to get something made & uploaded.
This afternoon I'm planning on sorting out more of the craft room so I can operate properly in this place as I have some fun projects to do including a book, coasters & altering a soap powder box into storage.. just need to get a clear working space. Also need to fit in some more blog hopping & not sure if mum's friend is coming up to do the ironing (normally does on Monday).
Oh and I just have to tell you... I'm not normally the best of sleepers, averaging about 6 hours a night but for the last 3 nights I have slept for the best part of 10 hours each night.. guess my body just reached a stage where it decided that more sleep was required.. with any luck that will sort itself out & I would be quite happy with around 8 hours a night.. hmmm wonder if this too is down to getting older... lol
Hope you all have a fabby day

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Rose tinted...

Here is a card made using one of the flower stamps from the Flower Fairies "Rose" collection.
I used Versa Fine to stamp it onto some handmade paper & then water coloured it using Sakura Glaze pens. I like using water colour on this paper as you obtain a natural buckling of the paper which adds to the depth of the image. I then inked the edges & layered onto a piece of white card using a few spots of silicone so as not to lose the buckling effect & again inked the edges. Using another darker shade of handmade paper I inked the edges & wrapped some ribbon around before attaching to a white base card. To finish it all off I again used a Sakura Glaze pen for some faux stitching, added some card candy & the sentiment was originally a handbag but I had to chop the handle off... wanted to use a round tag but I've used all my white sentiments & only had cream left so had to improvise.

Image : Flower Fairies "Rose" collection
Glaze pens : Sakura
Sentiment & Card Candy : Craftwork Cards
I'm off to tidy up some more crafting goodies as they are scattered around the office at the present so want to get organised then hopefully I'll have time to come back later with another little something... also have to fit in some more blog hopping as I'm so behind with all the crap that's been happening.
Hope you're all having a fab weekend.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Let's celebrate

Okay... I know I said it was going to be a girly day today, but I just had to include this celebration box... afterall, part of the celebration could be for a girl.
This is definately a favourite of mine, very clean lines to cut around so makes for quick work & the ice actually does have a glassy appearance to it.
There is a small secondary box inside the larger one & it would be the perfect size to contain a ring box should a gent wish to propose in an unusual way.
Exterior view of the box

Internal view of the box with lid still on the small box

Internal view with both boxes open
Time to go again but will be back with another little something later & this time I promise it will definately be feminine... hmmm perhaps some more pink.
Hope you're all having a fab weekend.
Love & hugs

Pink to make the boys wink...

Right here is the first of today's postings & as promised we're going girly today... so what better way to accomplish that than starting off with this lovely pink dress.
The longest part of making this card was waiting for the silicone to set.
Took a piece of paper & attached to the front of the card & then done some doodling around the edge. Next up I took the base layer of the pyrimage & attached it to some black card stock to compliment the doodling & coathanger... then built up the layers. Once the silicone was set I then glue this to the centre of the card.

See I told you it was quick & simple again.

The paper & image were both free with the latest edition of Making Cards...

Wonder what else I can come up with for ladies today... hmmmm... you'll just have to wait & see I'm afraid so I'll be back again in a few hours but until then...

Happy crafting

Friday, 24 April 2009

Put the boot in...

Here is another box that I have created from the Picture box collection by Stephanie Weightman... this time we're looking to please the football fans in our lives...
Unlike the golf box, there is no smaller internal box with the footy one which does allow you to enclose a larger gift for the recipient.
Completed exterior view

Internal view which you could easily decorate further including personalising.

Now it's been all about men today so think I'll have to turn that around tomorrow & make it all feminine again.... must admit though I have had fun making today stuff as I'm not really one who makes a lot for males so it was rather a nice change for me.

Right ho... off to watch some tv now before dropping into bed for a good nights sleep..

See you all tomorrow again.


For my Hubby

This is a pyrimage design of a Chrysler Crossfire which when I saw it, I just had to get... you see this was the last car that my darling hubby had & he loved it to bits... sadly due to his spondylitis it was not the best car for him to be travelling around in so it had to go... he still misses it to this day so I thought I would build this version of it for him where although he cannot drive it, he can at least still see his little treasure every day. Instead of making it into a card, I opted for a stand on the back so it can sit on a shelf at work or something.

Here is the rear mounting that I used.
Well have been pottering around cutting out etc & still have stuff that has been made over previous days, so will be back again later with another little something...
Lorraine xxx

For the golfer in your life.

Okay folks, let's see if I can operate a little better today than I have been of late...
Here goes with number 1 posting of the day & this is a little box made from the picture box designs by Stephanie Weightman. Everything for the box comes on 2 sheets & all you have to do is cut them out & build the box...

Here is the outside of the box

This is the lid of the box

The inside of the box with the lid still on the internal box

Here is the lid off of the inside box & the space provided is just perfect for enclosing a gift such as a personalised golf ball...
Well that's the first of today's postings & I'll be back in an hour or two with another.
Happy crafting

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Credit card fraud.............

Morning everyone, this is just a quickie as I am off to the physio in an hour & still have the housework to finish.... want to get that done so I can do some blogging when I get. Already have a few projects ready but just not got around to uploading them yet...
More importantly...
I'm sure my household is not the only one to ignore those 0845 ........ numbers when they call.... we all suspect the same that it is some flaming company trying to sell you something & you may well be like me & just don't bother to pick up the phone. Well that's exactly what happened yesterday & the call went to answer phone... well the message that was left was to alert us to possible credit card fraud.
Obviously we called the credit card company back to check on this further & would you believe it but yes there had been fraudulent use of our credit card details... there had been several attempts made which had been declined including 14p to a pet store in America, along with around £600 to a British retailer... now the shocking one is what was authorised... just under £50 authorised payment to a restaurant in Britain... now how the dickens did someone manage to pay for a meal in a restaurant when they don't have our cards...
Needless to say the cards have now been cut up & cancelled by the card company and we now await receipt of their replacements.
For all of you lovelies out there who are using your credit cards please remember to be extra vigilant as I think this is something we are going to see a huge increase on due to the current economic climate.
Perhaps we should all start taking those 0845 calls... just incase.
Off to ready myself for physio now but will be back online around 2pm...
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wednesday already....

Golly gosh, I can hardly believe it is Wednesday already & I haven't managed a single challenge card this week between one thing & another... it's just not good enough.
Yesterday I had planned to get a pile of crafting done in the afternoon but what did I go & do in the morning... silly old me... having been working so hard in the garden & not suffering too bad, well, yesterday I decided to fill in a hole that our local badger had decided to dig in my front garden right next to my gas meter. Out came the bags of stones (small ones so that I was able to lift them) and in the hole they went... now the hole was under the box, so I had to use the handle of a broom to push them all into place, then a big spade to cover all the stones with muck... well... cocky old me was just getting stuck in & forgetting to be careful of how I moved... I now naturally protect my stomach muscles & tend to use my back, so I ended up twisting a muscle in my back. Now my back was sore enough but to top that off, it gave me the headache from hell... felt like it was going to explode. Most of the afternoon ended up being spent lying on the sofa. Poor hubby felt I was in such a state last night that he ended up giving me a big massage & boy did I get into trouble from him for the states I had gotten my muscles in to. Alas it is feeling a little better today so fingers crossed if I'm careful for the rest of the day I'll be fighting fit tomorrow again before I see the physio. No doubt she'll have a go at me aswell.
Once I finish this posting I'm off to get ready & pay a surprise visit to hubby's last remaining shop where my friend works. As you may have read previously we have a bit of a problem going on with a member of staff at present (too complex to go into online) and today I'm off to find out if my friend of 35 years has actually been involved in the whole thing & quite literally stuck a knife in my back before twisting it... I certainly hope that I am proved wrong but my gutt instinct at the moment tells me that she has....
Well I think that's more than enough babbling from me for the moment being so I'm off now to get on with the day...
I do apologise that I haven't been blog hopping of late but with everything that's been going on I really haven't had much time to spend on either crafting or blogging... hopefully things will turn around this week & I can get back to normal as I'm so missing seeing all your wonderful creations.
Huge hugs from me to you

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Making Cards

Good morning again & would you believe that half an hour ago it was a lovely morning & now as I am sat here typing this, the heavens have opened.... oh well.... perhaps the sun will return this afternoon with any luck.
Another something I got at the weekend was a magazine called Making Cards which is only available in craft shops. I've never purchased the mag before so thought I would give it a try as the ladies in the shop love it.
It's a pretty good mag filled with card ideas and in the centre you get papers & toppers along with suggested makes which is super for those people just starting out with card making.
There was also a free gift this month which included more papers & toppers so I thought I'd have a little play with them.

Here I placed some of the background paper on white card then took another matt of white card & attached one of the toppers which I then built up the decoupage on. To finish off I matted one of the sentiments onto another piece of white card & attached to the card.

A very simple make even for a beginner.

I'm off to jump in a nice hot bath now to ease my sore bones as I was in the garden most of yesterday again. Successfully cut back more bushes, cleaned all the bonoblock on the driveway & even gave my wee car a wash... this is the first it has been washed since I took ill last year so you can image the scrubbing that it got... yuck 8 months of dirt on a silver car... well at least she is gleaming now & I used some turtle wax on her too so just now the rain is simply rolling off of her... next thing I'll need to do is give the inside another good clean then she'll be like new.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Quick is not the word

Another glorious day again here folks and long may it continue... so loving being able to get outside and work getting the garden all under control again.
Now whilst I was visiting at Ashby Designs on Saturday I picked up some Kanban stuff... never used any of their products before & thought I would see exactly what it was like.
I must admit I was rather impressed as the card quality is pretty good & being as this is a larger size A4 card, many of which just collapse, I can confirm that this is not the case with Kanban.
Here I used 1 of 4 cards that come in a pack complete with patterned inserts & envelopes. Next I popped out the image & sentiment, attached double side foam tape to the back of them & placed them on the front of the card. Stuck the insert inside & voila card complete. It took all of 2 minutes from start to finish.

This is the purple version and also in the packs are red, blue & green so will be making those up later... gosh I will be exhausted by the end of that 5 minutes won't I... pop & stick, lol.

Well I'm off to Tesco now as we never done the shopping yesterday as it was just too nice but yuck that means I have to do it all on my own now.

Back later with another little something as I'm going to be crafting in the garden today.

Happy crafting

Sunday, 19 April 2009

What a Day...

Well folks I so cannot believe that it is after 9pm already and I haven't posted a thing all day.
That I'm afraid is due to the weather... it was so gorgeous today that we have spent the full day in the back garden... well apart from this morning when I done all my household chores.
Here's hoping that tomorrow is another glorious day again as it is so nice to be able to get out in the garden again after such a long winter, lovely fresh air & sun rays beating down on... just what the doctor would order on prescription if they could... oh if only...
Obviously I haven't done any crafting today but now that I am back indoors with an hour or two before bed time, I'm sure I can rattle a little something up which I will post in the morning.
Hoping you've all had as good a day as I have.
Heaps of hugs

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Nighty Night...

Well I'm just about ready to be falling into my bed now within about the next hour so we just though that we'd drop by to say nighty night to all....
Have you all guessed that Buddy loves his daddy?
Lorraine xxx

5 Today

This is a fun little wallet card I have created using not a lot.
This is the front. Made uing some double sided paper which was folded, ribbon was attached to the back which can then be tied at the front. The image was coloured using Sakura Identi pens as was the 5 today which was simply hand done & then highlighted using a pigma micron pen. A little doodling to finish & attached to another piece of paper just to add a bit of a blue border.

Part of the inside. Attached a blue matt to the card & added some doodling for the edging. Then coloured 2 images with Sakura Identi pens again and this time cut out some of the image to create a decoupage effect.

The other part of the inside. Here I matted 2 layers of paper on the card, added some doodling around the edges then hand wrote my message with Sakura Identi pens & highlighted the edges with a pigma micron pen. To finish off I cut out some star shapes, doodled around the edges & then attached to the card using a Quickie Glue Pen.

To view the full range of Sakura Products click HERE

Hope you've all had a marvelous day so far.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Troops Ahead

Here's another few cards that I have managed to make for the troops.
The papers were all free with the latest edition of Simply Cards & Papercraft.
Now I know that I will be having fun at this particular moment in time & hope that you are too.
Back again later.
Lorraine xxx

Pretty in pink

Here's a little cutie I have prepared for today... believe it or not... as you are ready this I am heading out the door to go do a Sakura demo with some lovely ladies at Ashby Designs in Musselburgh.
This is one I have prepared for the demo. For the background squares, I used a pigma micron pen to draw around a stencil and then coloured both that & the image using my Souffle pens. All the sections then had a silver border drawn around using a Calligraphy pen.
I actually love the brightness of this little beauty & it was very easy to achieve.
Well if Mr Blogger is nice to me today he will upload another little something for you later on again.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Friday, 17 April 2009

By means of apology

I'm so sorry for not having posted today at all until now & never managed to get any actual creations uploaded yesterday either, but I have been busy helping my hubby deal with some rather urgent legal matters... thankfully things now seem to be heading in the right direction again so will just have to keep fingers crossed now...
May I just add... nothing he's done wrong but it was infact the actions of an employee who left last week that we've been dealing with... taking some very important information with her.
So as a way of saying sorry to you all, I thought I would share some bunny pictures with you.
Here is buddy lying in his daddy's arms like a big baby getting a belly rub.

And here he is chilling out on the floor with his favourite jacket & toy...
Kath hide your eyes... no you are not seeing a teddy bear...
Well I hope these pictures go some way to making up for my being missing & hopefully normal service will now be resumed.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Product of the hour

I just so love this fabulous collection from Buzzcraft
This is just a sample but there are other ranges to choose from
The sets contain 2 Sheets A4 Icon Card 8 A4 Sheets of coordinating paper
Printed on Acid and Lignen free quality card and paper.
All this for only £4.35
To purchase this product CLICK HERE and remember to use CODE LR10 at the checkout.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Product of the hour

This is a fantastic set of 14 clear acrylic stamps for only £7.99

Perfect for the romantic occassions we all have to cater for.

To purchase this product CLICK HERE and remember to enter CODE LR10 at the checkout.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Product of the hour

Here is my product of the hour
Beautiful handmade paper
Currently you can get a stack each of Blue, Pink & Ivory for only £5.99.... normally when purchased seperately they would cost you £10.50.
Perfect for those who love their handmade paper.
To order CLICK HERE and remember to enter code LR10 at the checkout.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Amazing HALF PRICE....

Can you believe the price on these
Only available until Friday 17th April though so you better hurry if you want to get some.
Happy shopping if you decide to buy...
Lorraine xxx

You may be interested....

Just had to jump on to give you a little bit of info...
The lovely Riva Ullman who owns Cardology is just about ready to start on a rebuild of her property which means that they will temporarily have to close down to business...
So if you are looking for anything from glue & tapes to rubber stamps it may be worth your while popping over now & have a look at the whole site... there really are a lot of hidden gems available for you to purchase... sets of rubber stamps for only £7.99 etc...
You basically have until close of play on Friday to get your orders in before the doors close until the new construction is ready to go...
If you do make a purchase please use the following code upon checkout
This way Riva will know that you are a blogging buddy of mine.
Happy browsing & crafting
Lorraine xxx

Pink Elephant Challenge

Well a very good morning to all you lovelies out there in blogland... new & old alike.

Hopefully things will start to return to a bit of normality this week again & I will be back in challenge mode again... fingers crossed anyway.
To get the ball rolling again I opted to start with this weeks challenge over at
A colour scheme of pink, green & yellow so that was quick & easy to accomplish.

Here I done some doodling around the base card with a black Pigma Micron pen, then attached some self adhesive ribbon for the stalks of the flowers. Next up used some cream flower heads which I coloured pink using a ink pad. When dry again some doodling was added. Some yellow card candy for the flower sentiments & rub-on sentiment to finish.

Pigma micron pen : Sakura

Self adhesive ribbon : Cardology

Flower heads & card candy : Craftwork Cards

Rub On's : Doodlebug

Okay folks that's it for the moment although I will be back later, but right now I have to dash as I've got a dental appointment at 10.30. Poor me...

Oh yes & forgot to say... our water has been yucky brown since last night as apparently there was a burst mains water pipe.... ran all the taps last night for an hour & still dirty... this morning I'm running the bath full steam ahead... yuck.... still more dirt....
Thankfully we had a few bottles of water which we've been able to use but think I'd better pop into the supermarket on the way home & buy some more.

See you all soon

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Candy Winner Announcement

Well folks I'm sorry it's so late in the day before announcing the winner of my Easter Monday Candy draw but due to recent events within my hubby's business, we had some very urgent business to deal with today that has taken priority.
This is a picture of the candy which includes, 12 x 12 papers, handbag cards & envelopes, chipboard book & pages, 15 scalloped edge frames, 2 sheets of sentiments, variety of ribbons & card candy.
I have used Random Integer for the draw & the result is as follows:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:42
Timestamp: 2009-04-14 13:10:41 UTC

Now after counting through the entries.... the winner of the candy is.....
Well done honey & if you can drop me an email I will get your candy in the post to you asap.
Thank you all for entering & even if you didn't win this time... you never know when another surprise 24 hour candy will appear on my blog so make sure you keep a daily eye on it so you don't miss out.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 13 April 2009


Okay folks there are now only 4 hours left for you to enter my Easter Monday Candy.
So if you've not already entered you better do so now...... Good Luck.....
Lorraine xxx

Easter Monday Candy

Hurry.... Hurry.... Hurry.....
You now have 24 hours to enter my surprise candy giveaway...
No clue as to what it will be
Rules are simple
1. Leave a comment here...
2. Put a link on your blog... mind to tell them it is a quickie
3. Make sure you enter before midnight tonight... (GMT)
Are you still reading?????
Naughty... you should be commenting... time is short.
Lorraine xxx
P.s. Good luck to everyone

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Nighty Night...

Just on my way to bed now & wanted to say what a fab day I've had & hope you all have had a good one too... here's to Easter Monday now...
Lorraine xxx

Just Because

Here I have wrapped some red spotted ribbon around some green cardstock & then attached to the base card. This was completed with some card candy & doodling using a white Sakura glaze pen. The decoupage was then mounted on the card with a little "Just Because" sentiment.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Blue as the sky

Two strips of blue gingham ribbon on either side, complete with some card candy.... decoupage laid in the centre & completed with a little "Thinking of You" sentiment.
I so love the swirly effect you get from this flower.
Lorraine xxx

A touch of spring

A strip of blue vellum trimmed with yellow ribbon & card candy of course. Decoupage image mounted to the left of the card & a sentiment tag saying "Thinking of You".
Lorraine xxx

Happy Easter

Our little "Buddy" rabbit has been nominated to act as spokesperson for the Robertson household today, to wish each & every one of you a very Happy Easter.
The sun is shining here today although there are some clouds in the sky.. hopefully though we will be able to spark up the barbeque later & have a lovely old sit down in the garden.
What are the bunnies up to.... chilling out of course... when the sun shines they all want to do nothing more than lie on their side with the legs kicked out.
Hope you all have a wonderful day full of sunshine & joy...
See you all later
The Robertsons