Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday peak

Late tonight folks as I've had a lot of chores and errands to catch up on today but just taken a break from work to eat dinner and thought I'd share a peak with you before I get back to the next project I'm currently working on..  peak of that can wait till daylight tomorrow.  Lol. 

Anyway, work is calling so will wish you all a happy weekend and hope you stop by tomorrow again. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine. Xxx

Friday, 30 August 2013

Concept time again

Last one of the night but know exactly where I'm going with it now and its going to be an easy but effective one.   Hope the inspiration keeps up like this tomorrow again.  

Hhmmm that makes me wonder what sneaky peaks may be in store for you on Saturday and Sunday!   Can't wait till later in the week when I can start to reveal everything I've been working on. 

Lorraine xxx

Inspiration peak

Alright folks here a wee peak of what's on my workspace just now and its the bits and pieces that gave me the inspiration for what will be my finished project.  

All elements from Kaiser Crafts, courtesy of Jones Crafts Nottingham in preparation for the upcoming Scottish Trade Show in Perth.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Quick peak whilst I'm on my lunch break

Monday, 26 August 2013

First of the day

Lots to do today folks..  washing & ironing, cut grass, order to dispatch, few emails and phone calls to make and most importantly the doctor.   This walking about the place feeling like I'm going to self ignite at times is ridiculous and combined with the rest of the symptoms its really infuriating and starting to drive me to despair.   Hopefully the doc can get me started on my new meds today and with any luck I won't need to wait too long before I start to feel normal again. 

Well I'm off to make a start on chores so catch you all later. 


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Another one

Can you see where the little tree has popped out from!  

Sorry for all the peak pictures but don't want to ruin the surprise too far in advance for those who will be attending my demo.   Some of them would hit me you know.  Lol. 




Friday, 23 August 2013

Sneaky peeks

Just a few sneaky peeks at some samples I'm working on just now. 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ping pong..

Evening all.. just a quickie from me tonight as I'm a little like a ping pong ball just now bouncing about all over the place.

Thursday saw the last of Brianna's wedding invites going put the door so its only the order of service to do now but those can wait a few weeks so I can focus on work again.  I'm currently prepping for a demo at Craft World and also a trade show so its a busy time on the old craft front and to add to the bizz my mums hubby has been hospitalized so going back and forth for visiting also. 

Had a lovely call yesterday to give me details of another shop I need to call to arrange a demo date and also to inform me that I may be popping down south for a show in a few weeks.   After that there's a couple of workshop dates arranged in the Manchester area so that another wee weekend away, followed by the SECC and the NEC.  

Well I'm gong to sign off again as I'm currently sitting here die cutting and working on some layouts.. every moment counts just now.  Lol. 

Happy crafting all
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Life has arrived

Well folks over the last week when I've not been working in the shop I've been focusing on Brianna's wedding stationery.   Day invites are complete and have been handed over to them for delivery and I'm working on the evening ones now.   Sorry can't post any pics of them yet but I will do once I know everyone's received them. 

Anyway, the latest stash to arrive at Craft World is Project Life..  just unpacked today are the albums and mini kits so thought I'd post a few pics just to let you see.   May have to purchase one of the wedding kits and an album for the kids.  Lol. 

Right, its time to wave bye bye again, get myself fed then make busy again on the invitations.   Hope you're all having a fun filled week. 

Lorraine.  Xxx

Friday, 9 August 2013

Sale tagged out!

Well folks its a quick one from me tonight as its 1am and I really need some chill time before bed.  Its been an exceptionally busy week in the shop but I managed to snap some pictures before opening this morning to give you an idea of the sale prices. 

Anyway, when I got home tonight after standing on my feet for 8 hours I then stood for another 4 stamping!   Needless to say I'm grateful to now be sitting on my bottom.  Lol.   With that said I am now off to pour myself a nice cool drink, watch some TV and do a few sudoku puzzles.  Tomorrow is another day. 

Happy crafting all
Lorraine xxx

One sale section

£2.50 set of stamps

£4.99 punches

£2.99 punches

Embossing folders

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Christmas bargains galore!!!

Right peeps if you're around Glasgow get in to Craft World quick pronto as we're unpacking Christmas bargains galore..  so many items reduced! 

More bargains

Monday, 5 August 2013

My little beauty

Well folks its been a fast week and I just realised I hadn't blogged since last Tuesday!   Decided to give you a bit of a run down with some pics below but there's more..   You know how I managed to get my dress for the wedding last weekend well I'm happy, happy, happy as I've now got the hat too!!  Not bad for a woman who can't stand shopping.  Lol. 

I've not been doing any commission cards lately as I simply don't have the time but this was such a special one I couldn't refuse and the fact I made the girls 18th card made it all the more fun to do her 21st so I've managed to squeeze that in this week too. 

Finally..  I've been enjoying myself painting some wooden stuff and deciding upon matching papers and embellishments for the lovely samples I'm making just now for Jones Crafts.   The boys there really are cruel as they send me so many delicious products to play with.  Lol.

Well I've got a bit more to finish off tonight before I can chill and I'm back in the shop tomorrow..  no idea if there will be any more mad bargains up for grabs this week so guess I better sign off, get the fingers to work and hopefully catch a relatively early to bed night. 

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Card with a difference

I had to create an unusual card for a friends daughters 21st birthday..   this is a small section just to give you a wee peek at it. 

Tatty Button

All the Tatty Button stamps were reduced to £1... 

Hot Diggity Dog

All these packs were only 50p

London line stuff was silly prices..

Toppers were 50p,  stamps and 6x6 paper pads were £1 and 12x12 paper pads were only £2. 

Bargains galore last week..

Last week in the shop (Craft World) saw even more products being reduced to silly prices to help clear space quick..  this section was all reduced to 50p!!!

Mad cat!

This is my little boy who looks so sweet and innocent but in reality is a right temperamental grumpy wee thing.