Monday, 30 November 2009

Sparkle & Shine

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture of this but I've had the sun shining in the window & no matter what way I put the card I keep catching it... not complaining though as at least it means the rain gone for the moment being...
Here I simply added 3 glitter stripes to the base card, mounted the baubles using silicone, silver peel offs for the string & some gems to finish.
Can you see how my card pile is beginning to grow... at least my neighbours will now still be receiving hand made cards this year instead of shop bought.
Happy crafting

Plain & Simple

I'm challenging myself to see how many cards I can make without adding too many extras apart from the toppers themselves.... so here is a plain & simple one... sorry about the quality of the photo but I've not quite gotten to grips with this new edit program I have yet.
3 bauble toppers mounted using silicone, some peel offs for the string & self adhesive gems... voila another card to add to my pile... yippee
Card Base : Craftwork Cards
Baubles : Kanban kit from QVC
Gems : Stash
Back with another later but right now I'm off to do some housework then get the head back in the books again... oh & I have my Tesco delivery due between 12 - 2pm... getting quite into this being delivered to the door so I am... lol
Happy crafting

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Evening All....

Well I've been out & about for most of the day with my dear hubby who also treated me to a delicious lunch at Nando's.... yummy....
I've just put through my Tesco order for delivery tomorrow so that's that & now it's time to put my head in the books again as I have my next phone tutorial tomorrow evening for my OU course... hmmmm.... wonder how that will go...
I am ashamed to say that I did infact make 5 cards last night but never got around to taking pics today & it's rather dark now so I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to share them.
Hope you've all had a fab weekend.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

My 2nd Christmas make...

Now I know that my flash has caught a lot of the gold on this one... but I thought it was quite cute as it gives a slight illusion that the tree is lit with fairy lights...
This card & the one I posted earlier today were both taken from the one Kanban sheet & all I had to provide was the 2 base cards... now you really can't ask for easier than that can you....
Think I will add a few gems to this one though just to finish off as it's slightly bland looking at the moment.
Hmmm wonder what my next make will be from my box of goodies...
Happy crafting

Quick Kanban make for Christmas

Here is a wee quickie card I made using my Kanban kit... couldn't believe just how easy they have made it for people to make their cards this year... thank goodness for that as I just don't have the time right now to dedicate to making cards for all my neighbours... My close family & friends will of course receive cards that I have taken time on but the fact that I can make these easy ones for neighbours allows me the time to make those extra special ones.
Although it's not a very good picture there is quite a bit of decoupage on the image all die cut of course so even that was a doddle.... lol
Well I can't share my whopping 2 great makes with you all at the same time so I'll post my other one this evening.
Have a fab weekend filled with lots of lovely crafting

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Up to 60% off sale

I was having a wee nosey around some sites earlier & couldn't believe it when I happened upon one that has up to 60% off.
What an awesome deal on stamps etc...
Pop over & have a nosey for yourself at the lovely Wendie Rhodes website... you never you... you may decide to pick up a bargain or two... lol

I am still alive...

Morning folks... I so can't believe it's been a whole week since I was last on my blog... time has just been flying by.
What have I been up to in my absense... well, I'm in the middle of making up samples for 4 different shops so battering on the old brain cells there.... helping Rob with his admin work at the office..... had another xray taken on Fri at the hospital & as always need to wait for 10 days before I get the results from my GP.... and finally I've had my wee head stuck in my OU course work also.
I'm so loving my Psychology course & it's actually very addictive... the other night I found myself sitting on the sofa at 3am practising my mind maps... oh yeah... never worked with them before in my puff but my tutor recommended that I give it a go as I've also used Linear Notes in the past but she finds them to be rather lengthy & time consuming... well I must admit I think she has a very good point there & the mind maps seem to be working super duper for me at the moment. I only have another few weeks though before I have to start working on my first assignment which is a 1000 word essay... hmmmm... this could be the tricky part as I haven't written an essay for over 20 years... just have to stay calm & do the best I can.
How many of my Christmas cards do I have made.... well let me see... all of 2 me thinks... it's been a bit of a whirlwind in this old house of late so I must admit that the other week I gave in & purchased a set from QVC.... something I don't use is Kanban but it makes for quick & easy cards so that will work wonders this year... I do have to admit that the quality is super, designs are lovely & I'll be able to batter 100 cards out in no time (once I get a day to do it that is).... lol.
Righty ho.... I'm off now to do some more work but I promise I will come back later & post a picture or two...
Hope everyone is having a fab time in blogland at the moment & looking forward to the very quickly approaching Christmas... oh I bought a new tree too so will let you have a wee nosey at that later on too.
Big crafty hugs to one & all

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Before I dash out the door

Oh yes getting ready to dash out the door for yet another doctors appointment but very quickly before I leave here is a simple little card I made for my niece... it depicts her to a tee.... plain & simple but bright & vibrant all at the same time....
Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I had a very ill bunny that sadly passed away so my mood was not the best, even though I know she is no longer suffering now.
Okay folks... that's all for now.
Happy crafting

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hello again.....

Yes I know... I disappeared off the face of the earth again.... sorry about that but last week could have been a much better week than it turned out to be.
My pneumonia hasn't cleared... so back on another course of anti-biotics & as I am typing this... every time I breathe in... all I can feel is like bubbles in my lung.... I have to get another xray carried out on Friday to see how much fluid is still lying in my lungs, so I am hoping that it has gone down considerably. Then I have to attend the doctors 10 days after that to get my lung checked again & see what the result of the xray is... Fingers crossed that I get the all clear then as I was so disappointed last week to be told that it hadn't cleared.

In addition to that, Rob's medication has been changed & is not working properly so we need to get him back to the docs to see what can be done... he is back to being up half the night again so not a lot of sleep being obtained in this house at the moment & I had a fight with the hospital over his appointment with the specialist... wait for this... they changed his medication in June & she wanted to review him in 3 months to ensure it was working (which it's not) but the earliest appointment they had was October... ok it's only an extra month.... well that appointment was cancelled & changed to December... hmmmmm.... ok try & go with the flow as these things sometimes happen.... well low & behold we received another letter cancelling this appointment & putting him back to March.... I don't think so!!!!! On the phone I went & did I throw a wobbler or did I throw a wobbler.... believe it or not... all these appointments are being cancelled due to the specialist being on annual leave.... how lucky is she to be able to holiday every 2-3 months during a credit crunch!!! Not my problem I said & as far as I was concerned this was now turning into a case of patient neglect.... well.... the outcome is that he now has an appointment in January.... so we shall just have to wait & see what happens.
The nice thing that did happen though was that the lovely Kat presented me with this award.

Apparently I have to answer the following list of questions... so here goes
1. Where is your cell phone? Right in front of me on the desk
2. Your hair? Dyed & will be from now on... used to be mousy brown but now a lot of grey...
3. Your mother? Probably munching on breakfast at present
4. Your father? Heaven as of May 1997
5. Your favourite food? Chicken Satay (must be Cantonese style though)
6. Your dream last night? Wasn't asleep long enough to dream
7. Your favourite drink? Coffee
8. Your dream/goal? To obtain a degree in Psychology & help others to find happiness
9. What room are you in? Craft
10. Your hobby? Crafting
11. Your fear? Spiders
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Living a happy, healthy life with my loved ones around me
13. Where were you last night? Sat on the sofa studying
14. Something that you aren't? Liar
15. Muffins? Only when the mood takes me
16. Wish list items? Health & happiness.... as they say... the best things in life are free
17. Where did you grow up? Same place as I live now
18. Last thing you did? Poured a coffee
19. What are you wearing? Still in pj's
20. Your tv? Living room & one in craft room but it's hardly ever on
21. Your pets? 1 cat, 1 guinea pig, 2 mini hamsters & 7 rescue rabbits
22. Your friends? True to me as I don't like pretend mates....
23. Your life? Well I could do with the credit crunch disappearing quickly & some really good health for both my hubby & myself....
24. Your mood? Always strive to be optomistic
25. Missing somone? My dad & brother every day... both deceased
26. Vehicle? "Aggie" the Aygo... shame she's not as clean as Aggie McKenzie though... lol
27. Something you're not wearing? Underwear.... not yet anyway....
28. Your favourite store? Craft wise it would have to be the Markingworld (Sakura) warehouse where I get to rummage to my hearts content... as for clothes... hmmmm.... toss up between Jane Norman & Zara....
29. Your favourite colour? Red... always sure to brighten a dark day
30. When was the last time you laughed? Last night watching tv
31. Last time you cried? When I got told I had pneumonia... the pain was so so bad
32. Your best friend? Like a sister to me
33. One place I go to over and over? The flaming supermarket!!!!
34. Facebook? Not enough time in my day...
35. Favourite place to eat? My local Cantonese restaurant
Golly gosh.... felt like I was never going to reach the end of that list... well I know I'm supposed to pass it on but most people probably have it by now seeing as I'm running so far behind... thus I will not list anyone by name but... please feel free to lift the award for your own blog if you've not already got it.
Okay.... time to get my bum in gear... shower, dress & on with the day ahead... hopefully I will get back later with a little something that I've already made a start on.... please keep fingers crossed for me... lol
Missing you all heaps & as soon as time & health allows I will be popping over to your blogs for a visit.
Happy crafting

Saturday, 7 November 2009


A very good morning to all you lovelies out there in blogland... hope your weather is a bit like mine today... yes there may well be a nip in the air but at least there is a little sun shining through which is helping to make the house so nice, light & bright, never mind heating it all up... oh I so love days like this.
Well I didn't manage to make anything last night as I decided to try & get the old brain cells functioning again... it's been very difficult to concentrate this week so I hadn't managed to get any studying done... alas... last night I managed to screw the old brain back in place a little & squeezed in a few hours with the old Psychology study... don't want to fall behind... especially when the course has just started.
It may well have done me the world of good too as I've just had the best nights sleep... even though I was sat upright... believe it or not... I managed to get about 6 hours all in... amazing!!!
Just been online & put through my weekly shopping order to Tesco... I used this system last week as I'm locked in the house.... and boy was it fabulous. Delivery driver brought it straight into the kitchen, helped Rob to unpack it & even took away my old carrier bags... what a first class service they provide.
I'm also hoping that Mr Postie may arrive today as I placed an order with QVC during the week & it was dispatched yesterday... wishful thinking I'm sure as it probably won't arrive until Monday... but hey ho I can only live in hope for today...
Well I guess it's time to sign off now... get cleaned up & see what my old brain can come up with on the card front today... I also have a sympathy card to make... hard enough at the best of times but when there is no mojo in play... it will probably take me all day to come up with a design for this one...
Back to see you all again a little later
Happy crafting

Friday, 6 November 2009

What a stunning card I received

Now if this is not what you call a truly professional handmade card that is simply stunning to the eye then I don't know what is...
I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened this little beauty & believe you me... my picture does it no justice... this is truly perfection.
Who is the sender of such a gorgeous creation... none other than Kim Piggott.... oh yes... now you all know why it is so stunning don't you.... I'm just so proud to have been the recipient of this little beauty which now has pride of place on my mantle for all my visitors to see.
Happy crafting


WOOHOO...... Not perfect yet I know but I'm managing to find my way around the picture cropping issue a little so hopefully things will get back to normal over the next few days... as they say... practice makes perfect...
Well it's another basic card from me again, but some form of card is better than no card at all... right...
This one is for the challenge over at The Sugar Bowl where there is a wonderful sketch to work with & the theme being Thanks.... be it thanking someone or giving thanks....
Papers I used are all K&Co... some were distressed & inked a little whilst others were left alone... just so they were a little different.
Image was coloured using ColorBox inks.
Sentiment is from Craftwork Cards.
Ribbon, flowers & gems from stash.
Let's hope that by the time next week comes my old mojo starts to rejuvenate itself & I can perhaps stretch myself to something a little more involved, but for now, I'm just happy to be crafting again.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Morning folks... I've finally managed to make a wee card...
Apologies in advance for the state of the pictures but since my computer was repaired I haven't been able to sort out my editing yet but hey ho... better with a crap picture than no picture at all.
This little card is for this weeks Papertake Weekly Challenge. Well I wanted to start off easy again & decided that this was a good place to start as I was open to use any elements I wanted so I could keep it simple for myself.
Here I have used some beautiful papers from K&Co, ribbon from my stash and the owl image, sentiment & card candy are all from Craftwork Cards.
To colour my owl I simply used a Koi water brush along with some ColorBox inks.
Well hopefully this is the start of me getting back to normal again... thank you so much for all your lovely well wishes & I am happy to say that although progress is slow... I am starting to feel better now... worse part of it is still the having to sleep in an upright position but I'll survive...
Happy crafting hugs to all