Monday, 30 June 2014

The new Mr & Mrs MacKay

What a marvellous day we had at Mar Hall on Saturday for James & Kirsteen's wedding.   Upon arrival guests were greeted with a glass of champagne from very friendly, welcoming staff.  Next we were led to the ceremonial suite with its high architectural ceilings and amazing views through almost full length windows.  My favourite part of the day came next.. The look on the grooms face when he saw his radiant Bride.   Boy did his eyes light up and the love flowed from them.   Next up its picture time and during all of this guests were once again treated to champagne, accompanied by oysters, caviar, red onion bread & chicken liver pate many of which were enjoyed within the gardens as it was a pleasant weather day most of the time.  Finally we made our way to the marquee for the reception whilst the Bride & Groom were piped over from the main house by the Grooms cousin who plays with one of Scotland's top pipe bands.   Now that's what you call a family affair!   Speeches were fantastic and dinner was served before we headed in to an evening full of fun & laughter.   Many a conversation I will giggle about for a while to come.   Music was provided by a string quartet during the day and a jazz band for the first half of the reception and after the buffet was served it was followed through with a kaleigh.   

Thank you James & Kirsteen for a truly memorable day and I wish them both health & happiness for their future lives together.   I'm sure you'll agree they truly are a most radiant looking couple. 


Radiant Bride & Bridesmaids

Brides Mum & Gran

Scott, Jennifer & Donald

Grooms cousin, sister & father

Stacey, Joyce & John

Hubby looking a bit too at home

Plenty of Butler service on hand

Awaiting the newly weds arrival

View from the reception marquee

Father Son chat

Bride & Grooms first dance

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Quick week

Oh boy I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post.  Where does the time go? 

So what have I been up to.. hmm. .  Mum was away for a wee overnight so I was staying at hers last Friday & Saturday.   That was rather funny as although I often awake to a cat lying on my chest I'm not so used to opening my eyes and seeing a dogs head next to mine on the pillow and that's exactly what happened lol.  Sunday was a day of household chores so no excitement there!  Monday I had mum over for lunch during which the phone call came in that I've been waiting for.   Arrangements being made for my car to be collected.. Yay.    So there car is going on Friday which means it had to he valeted, washing, polished etc so there was me & mum out doing our cleaning chores and last night was spent trying to get insurance quotes to no avail as the car will not be registered until I collect it on Friday so have stayed with my current provider to make life easy.   Today was a work day and boy was it busy..  One member of staff off & another had to take off at lunchtime with toothache leaving only two of us on the shop floor.   Lots of customers, phones ringing & deliveries galore guarantees a non stop day at the end of which you're glad to take your shoes off lol.  After closing I had to head straight to the garage to sign my finance agreement etc and finally got home around 8pm.   In door, coffee made and straight on phone to insurance company..  finally after a lengthy call, again due to car not yet being registered, insurance sorted.  Result!   Then my nightly call to mum & finally dinner around 9.30pm.   Dishes done, kitchen cleaned, animals tended, work stuff organised and pj's on.. aahhhh that's better.  

Now on to the card which is a sample for the shop.   Here I've combined Graphic 45 papers with some Little Birdie flowers, chipboard butterfly and sentiment label.  Nice quick make and great for gentlemen who like to garden.  

Well that's it for tonight folks and it's time to chillax for a little before bed and only 3 more sleeps till I get my new car.  Woohoo I'm excited lol.   Toodles for now folks.

Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Airy Fairy

Not quite sure if I should say good evening or good morning being as it is just after 1.30am lol.  Guess that means it will be a quick post as need to head to bed and get some zzzzz's for work in the morning.  

Had a good wee day at work and spent time sorting and taking pictures of samples both my own and those created by other designers so we can start getting them uploaded to the shops Facebook page.

We are now stocking the gorgeous 'Little Birdie' range and I've got the pleasure of playing with it just now.   Damn I've got a tough job eh!  Lol.

This first one I thought would make a perfect card for a young one.   Chipboard fairy and flowers (some sparkly)..  now how much easier a card can you make?

Bed time now so good night, god bless and hope you have a crafty day ahead.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer loving

G day all I'm back!!!   Has taken a while for me to get back to crafting and posting but here we go, hopefully the first of many to come.

It's been a busy household taking care of hubby in his recovery period and on the days I've worked poor old mum has been roped in to be his taxi driver.   Glad to say though that he's returned to work now, albeit slightly shortened hours but he's doing good.   He's now able to wash in the shower without assistance and is building himself up day by day.  Only things he really can't do just yet is drive and lift any kind of weight but that will come in time.

Anyway, I had big plans for being a craftaholic whilst we were off work but boy, I underestimated just how much help he would need during those first 10 days so absolutely no crafting was done at all.   Now I've got a mahoosive list of samples that need to be made so I'll be busy for the foreseeable future lol.

What a glorious day it is outdoors so I'm off to finish the housework,  hang the washing up and my craft studio will be relocated to the garden for the rest of the day. 

Today's card is one I made last week but had to wait till the birthday girl received it before I posted a pic.   Background was inked and stamped and flowers, lace etc are all Little Birdie.

Right the sun is calling so toodles for now my lovelies.

Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Puff and the week has gone!

Well folks it's been a week already since my last post and I can't believe how quickly the time has passed so here's a quick run down on what been happening.

Wednesday - I had a normal work day at Craft World

Thursday - guess what.. another normal day at Craft World lol

Friday - Hubby toddled off to the lawyers with mum to sort out some legal stuff then he had to do some business in Strathaven so I tagged along with him and we managed to grab a wee cuppa and something to eat before having a quick walk around the village.  It was teatime before we got home but as I ended up chatting with my neighbours that I've hardly seen for months he headed off to do the weekly shop.  Nice es and by me lol.

Saturday - pulled a wee Saturday shift in craft world so one of the other girls could have the day off.

Sunday - well it was pre op day for hubby and I was trying to keep his mind occupied so I took him car shopping for me..  my car is 3 years old at the end of the month so it's time to make a decision on whether to MOT it or replace it.   After that we took off to the shops and I came back with 2 new pairs of shoes, 2 new tops and some underwear.  Hubby got 2 new pairs of trackies and 2 new tshirts.   Think it was about 7pm before we finally ventured home.

Monday - well today was hubby's operation day.  He toddled off to work bright and early whilst I set about cleaning & disinfecting the house.  Although he promised to be home for 11.30 it was going on noon before he showed face and after a quick check to make sure we had everything we then set off for Ross Hall hospital as check in was at 1pm.   What a warm welcome and having his own private room complete with satellite TV certainly made things a bit more homely.  After all his pre op checks etc he was finally taken to theatre at 3.30pm.   To keep occupied I pop down to the work as it's only a 5 minute drive away and had a wee cuppa and chat with the girls before returning to the hospital at 5 pm just in nice time for him being brought back to his room.   Obviously the next few hours were full of checks etc and he was finally discharged around 9.30pm.   Home for 10 pm, got him in to bed around 11.30 and I headed off around midnight.   Boy it had felt like a really long day! 

Tuesday - poor hubby didn't wake till around 11.30 am then we had to begin the task of getting him washed and dressed, made comfortable etc and everything within his reach where possible.   I was certainly kept active as he was in rather a lot of pain so I was back and forth helping him to move and getting him whatever he needed.  

Wednesday - Another day of playing nurse.  Normal routine of helping him when needed and I also managed to control my nausea so I could change his dressing.   Didn't manage to get creative as I hoped to do but I did manage to get a little email communication done regarding an upcoming demo in July.   Still have another one to get organised as well so hopefully that will be done within the next few days also. 

Well... That's been my week.  Sadly I have no crafty pics to share so thought I'd let you see what the view was like from Rob's hospital room.  Isn't that just beautiful! 

Right folks it's almost 2 am and I need to head to bed so I have energy in the morning so nighty night all and I'll try to get creative tomorrow.  

Lorraine xxx