Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  

Hope you all have a day filled with love, joy and cheer surrounded by family and friends.   

If you have an elderly neighbour or someone who lives alone nearby why not extend the hand of friendship and invite them over,  even just for a cuppa and cake.   You may well be their only Christmas cheer this year.  

Love to all

Festive cheer

A couple of quick samples I managed to make for the shop.  

Having a play with my phone lol 

Ho ho ho

Look who dropped in lol..  

Christmas hat for work..  defo got a few funny looks lol 

Oh oh

Naughty elf made an appearance in work in the run up to Christmas!  

Cheeky or what!

When you arrive at work and find this because your co-worker knows you've been up all night sick and only had 2 hours sleep lol.   


Not sure how many of you are aware of the missing airman Corrie McKeague who disappeared from Bury St Edmonds after a night out some 13 weeks ago.  

Sadly there have been a lot of missed opportunities on this case and the family are doing their best to raise funds to hire a private investigator and also to keep Corries name in the public name.   

I can't begin to imagine how a mother feels at any time knowing their child is missing and they will be in my mind even more so today with it being Christmas.   In support of their cause I decided to make a glass bauble for the tree which included some crystals for protection, jingle bells to guide him through the dark and a piece of lucky white heather as he's a fellow Scotsman.   

I hope and pray they receive a Christmas miracle today. 



When you take random pictures eating candy floss to send to absent friends lol

Finger licking good

When one of your besties come to stay and you pop to Pizza Hut for what turns out to be a two and a half hour meal session complete with a fantastic manager who came and sat down to have a conversation with us and a fun waitress who definitely decided we were completely bonkers by the time we left lol

Hubby enjoying the California view

When hubby sends you a picture from the pier to try and make you jealous lol 


Whilst hubby was off visiting family in the States I decided to revamp some furniture..  as they say.. whilst the cats away the mice will play lol 

My Boy

The beautiful face I wake to every morning.  Love my fur baby so much.  

Hector the House Mouse

My new addition to the family lol 

Catch up time!

Can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged!   Time has just gone so quickly but let me try and do a quick update now and hopefully get back on track.   

So this is from 6th November when we happened to bump in to a few relaxed reindeer.  Saving their energy for today I guess lol.