Thursday, 31 March 2016

A bit of spring Color

Yeah folks I disappeared again!

Lots going on at work with new launch products arriving and I've not been feeling 100% since I had a stomach bug a few weeks back.  Yesterday I was unfortunate enough to get a lovely migraine so by the time I got home it was at the unbearable stage so no dinner, couple of pain killers and asleep just after 8pm.. now I thought I'd have woken about 10pm but no.. it was after 1am, head still pounding so no food an back to sleep again.  How was it this morning?  Not convinced it wasn't worse!   Almost called in sick as balance wasn't right, eye was blood shot and actually watering with the pain.  Wouldn't have been fair though as one of the girls was on her day off so I'd have been leaving just one person in the shop.  So.. no make up, looking and feeling like crap off I went.  Thankfully a few pain killers down, a few hours gone by and by 2 pm the pain was starting to ease a bit and I wasn't wobbling when I bent down any more.. thank goodness!   Tonight it is more of a mild irritation and I'm just about to take another couple of pain killers and head off to bed for a good night's sleep.  Hopefully it will be fully gone by morning.

Anyway, thought I'd share a card I made a few weeks back.   Background is done using Ken Oliver Color Burst, then I stamped with versa mark and embossed using WOW powders.   Flowers are Tim Holtz wildflower.

Hope you're all doing well and being creative. 

Off to bed now so TTFN.


Thursday, 24 March 2016

where does the time go!

Sorry I've been AWOL again folks and I can't believe just how quickly time is moving just now.  Lots going on and throw a week of being ill in to the middle of the equation and you end two weeks down the line not having blogged!

Anyway, just a quick one this morning before I head off to work and will try post tonight again in a bid to catch up. 

Sadly a few weeks ago a chap I grew up with passed away and I was forced to make one of those dreaded sympathy cards..  it just didn't seem right for someone young and I instead ended up making a card with the saying cherish yesterday which I felt was much more appropriate.  It was basic white on white but I liked it that way.  

So folks off to finish getting organised for work and catch you all again later.  

Happy crafting

P.s. excuse any spelling mistakes I'm typing quick on my mobile lol

Friday, 11 March 2016

Bursting with color

This one reminds me of a carnival with all the bright color bursting over the page..  thank you Ken Oliver for such a wonderful product.  Combined with a Sweet Poppy Hat 2 stencil here is the positive image..

Alternative is to use the negative image

Not sure it's possible to make a quicker more fun card than this.  

Happy crafting 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Wonderful Wedding

Well the fun of the trade show may have passed but there was more fun on the agenda..  A Wedding!!!

One of my work colleagues Alan wed the love of his life on Friday 26th in Sherbrooke Castle Hotel.  Quite funny though as 10 years ago I wed the love of my life at the exact same place!

The new Mr & Mrs McLean

Lyndsey's dress was simply stunning!  And no that's not her headress sticking up in the air it's a decoration on the windowledge  behind.. just my bad photography lol.

The work crew with 'THE BOSS' in the middle.  We're some of the lucky ones who can socialise with our boss outside the office and enjoy ourselves.

The 'Motley Crew' from left to right..
Eileen, Ann, Alan, June and little old me.

A fabulous night spent with fabulous people!


A gift from Ken Oliver

A signed gift from one of my most favourite men..
Ken Oliver 

Metallic color burst looking fabulous alongside Ken's name!

Beautiful new piece of art to hang on the wall in my craft room.

Thank you Ken. 

Smiles from Sue Wilson & Julia Watts

Last day of the trade show I popped by the Creative Expressions stand as our shop customers are huge fans of Sue & Julia so I asked them both for a picture so I could post them on the shops Facebook page.  They graciously agreed especially as they've met so many of them in person in the store.

Sue Wilson

Julia Watts


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Ken, Hels, Pauline and me

As the trade show ends it's an annual requirement to have refreshments before we leave..  the selfies must be done and the laughs must be had.. this year poor Ken Oliver was roped in on the action too.

Yep I managed to photo bomb the selfie.. just look in the phone!  Lol 

Won't tell you the antics these two got up to taking selfies but there sure was a lot of giggling going on!

One looking all sweet and innocent whilst the other shows off her devilish side.  Nothing quite beats a day with my girls!

As for this one..  well I think it speaks for itself..  three wee monkies for sure lol

What is life without good friends..  it's dull it's boring it isn't much of a life at all!  

Toddles for now and happy crafting 

Monday, 7 March 2016

PaperArtsy workshop

Sorry I've not blogged for a few days folks but it's been a busy time..  Friday I had to pull a wee 5 hour shift at work as one of my colleagues was off poorly then it was a quick dash home, grab some lunch and in to the craft room to prep some samples for demo day.  Saturday was demo day so that flew by in a whirl and Sunday being Mothers Day I was off out with my wee mummy to treat her and spend some quality time as we haven't seen much of each other the past few weeks. 

Anyhow let's get on with matters in hand..  my last day at the trade show!  

Today we participated in the PaperArtsy workshop and what fun we had..  above is one of the variations (just happens to be the one I done) but there were other lovely ones done in blues and greens too. 

The naughty Pauline Wheeler managed to snap a picture of Hels and myself deep in concentration painting and stamping away..  can you believe we were both quiet!

Some of the lovely freebies we left with alongside paints too!

Now who was sitting with us???   The gorgeous Maria Simms!   Sadly I don't get to see Maria often enough so it was nice to spend time with her having a catch up and boy..  what a figure eh!  

Well that's it for the moment folks as back to work tomorrow so housework, washing and ironing is currently calling my name..  oh Mr Vacuum how I love you so..  NOT!  

Toddles for now and happy crafting

Friday, 4 March 2016

Kate Crane workshop!

Day 2 at the trade show began with a little breakfast to provide stamina for the day!  Best part of it was we took a picture and sent it to poor Pauline Wheeler who was working just to make her jealous lol.

Once the body was fully charged we made a start on the day..  turned out to be a major socialising day as we bumped in to one person after another after another.  Felt like we only ever took about 10 steps before we stopped again lol. 

We did however manage to grab a little time with Tim Holtz

Highlight of the day was our workshop with the fabulous Kate Crane.  Love the colours Kate chose for our project and what a fun time we had.

We also got some goodies to take home with us..  that's my collection grown even bigger then!  Lol.  Just love these paints so I do.

Anyway folks it's been a busy day in the shop today as not only did we have stock arriving for there but also for the show at the SECC which is running till Sunday.  Lots of products, lots of pricing and lots of fun.  Kids have been over for a visit tonight too so it's time to sit back and chill for a half hour before bed.  

Toddles for now and happy crafting 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Andy Skinner workshop & Award Time!!!

Well folks Saturday 21st came along and it was the first day of the trade show..  always exciting knowing you are going to meet up with friends, do workshops, see new products etc.

Now workshop of the day was with the fabulous Andy Skinner using DecoArt Media paints and a Tando kit.  You know the minute you walk through the door you're in for a fun time.

Oh and not to forget our lovely gift we got to take home too! 

Obviously we popped by to say Hi to the lovely Ken Oliver too and just look at these fabulous papers!

As I now manage the shops Facebook account I also managed to snap a picture of the lovely Sheena Douglas whilst we grabbed a quick chat with her so I could upload it to our page.

This year I also had the added bonus of being able to collect an Award on behalf of Craft World as my bosses weren't able to attend this year.. and not just any old Award but a 'Gold' one at that!!!  How proud did I feel knowing I'm a part of the team who helped achieve this..  it's awesome!

Catch up over for the day and time to head off to bed..  well I have managed to fall asleep on the sofa after painting my nails and oh what lovely smudges so a fresh coat of varnish has been drying as I typed this in the hope it doesn't look too bad in the morning!

Toddles for now and happy crafting 


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A day with Ken Oliver

Saturday 20th I got to spend the day with the lovely Ken Oliver at Daisy's Jewels and Crafts doing 2 classes..  you just know that means there was going to be a 'Burst' of Color!

We were lucky to have the gorgeous Pauline Wheeler join in the morning fun..  note her gloves as she was live on air in the afternoon so the priority was to keep her clean lol 

Lunchtime came along and we quite literally forced Ken to eat some chips as the bags we got were massive!  

The beautiful Hels light up with passion once she started sprinkling those gorgeous powders and there was no stopping her striking a pose once her apron had been signed by Ken 

The five cards above are ones we done in the afternoon class using different application techniques 

Absolutely love this one above using graphite!

A lovely 'Burst' of Color on one of my journal pages

Can you spot the area where I applied the Metallic 'Burst'

Finally.. a little personal note to myself from Ken inside my journal..  

Well folks that's another days update for you.. tune in tomorrow for a few details on the trade show.


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Made to feel at home

Sorry I've been AWOL folks.. been working hard and then my phone broke, had to wait on a new one and now my mobile blogger isn't working!

Anyway I'll try and do a catch up over the next few days on the events of the last week or two.

Friday 19th Feb I was up before dawn and heading to the airport at 5.30am destination Luton so I was off to stay with my dear friends Graham & Hels. 

Greeted at the station by the lovely Hels who informed me that Graham had treated me to a First Class train ticket..  oh my I felt really posh sitting in the carriage sipping coffee and nibbling my biscuits.

Then we were collected at the train station by Graham in his beautiful car.. gosh it's a darling to ride in.

My bedroom was all ready and waiting with specially selected soft towels and a beautiful card resting on my pillow from my dear friend Hels. 

As if that wasn't enough I was then given a beautiful vase of fresh daffodils from Graham.

Talk about feeling special!

After a relaxed catch up in the morning at home we headed out for some lunch (another treat from Graham!)

I know I was totally spoiled by both of them during my stay.

Lunch over stuffed to the gills and washed down with our favourite tipple we made our way home again to just relax and chill.

It was a relatively early night as we had all been up early and alarm was set for 7am Saturday morning as Hels and I were off to spend the day with the amazing Ken Oliver..  woohoo..  you need to wait till tomorrow though for the update on that!

Toddles  and happy crafting