Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wedding Day 6

Day 6 - Courtesy of James Solly Photography
Brianna giving each of her parents, step parents and grandfather a kiss before entering into her marriage

Gordon giving Brianna one final kiss on the forehead before she becomes his wife

Ceremonial rituals

First kiss as husband and wife

The Great Escape... They've done it!

A joint speech from the new Mr & Mrs Robertson-Kirkland

Easy to tell we were all over the moon that the gorgeous Stephanie caught the brides bouquet..  Hope she remembers my invite to the wedding.. lol

Gordon's Dad Stewart and I living it up on the dance floor yet again! 
I do hope you're enjoying your daily dose of wedding pictures.  I mean it's not every day that there's a family wedding is it and this after all to me was just like my very own daughter getting married.
Toodles for now

Monday, 30 December 2013

Wedding Day 5

Day 5 - Courtesy of James Solly Photographer
The giving of a ring from Gordon to Brianna

The giving of a ring from Brianna to Gordon

Very proud Dad & step Mum

Very proud Dad & step Mum again with our new Son In Law

Some of the candles that lit the evening reception.. I love these!

Poor Betty (Gordon's Mum) still tolerating Rob's bad dancing lol

Can you tell by my face just how very, very, proud I am of my gorgeous step daughter Brianna?

In true Romeo & Juliet style.. the newly married couple
Well folks, that's day 5 over with..  wonder what day 6 holds.. lol 
Love to you all

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wedding Day 4

Day 4..  Thanks to James Solly Photography
Mum, Brianna & Me

Parents in centre & step parents on the outside

Mum telling Brianna how beautiful her dress is

A striking pose from the Bride and Groom in the University gardens

Gordon and his mum Betty sharing a moment of love and laughter. 

My youngest dance partner..  Brianna's baby brother Cieran.  He may only be 12 but he took his role very seriously and done an amazing job.

True hubby style.. ripping the mickey out of my hat.  Suits you Sir! lol

My lovely new son in law Gordon being huckled by mum & I.  Thank god he's been around the family for 8 years now so he at least knew what he was getting in to before he put a ring on Brianna's finger lol

Okay, today's photo slide is finished for another day.. more tomorrow again..  no surprise there I hear you say..  eh!
Toodles for now

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Wedding Day 3

Day 3 = Double the pics!
Thought I'd better try and speed things up a little lol

Thanks again to James Solly Photography

The cheeky chappie in the centre is Brianna's step dad's father, with his daughter in law Nicola on one side and me on the other..  no wonder he's smiling eh with not one but two kisses heading his direction lol

How romantic!!!

Parents and step parents entering before the bride..  can you tell I missed the rehearsal due to working at the SECC!  Oh well I'm not exactly known for towing the line at the best of times am I.. lol 
Front is Brianna's step dad Andrew, followed by her mum Ann, a slight peek of her dad Rob can be seen behind her mum and oh yeah.. little old me standing out like a sore thumb!

Love this record of it being official

It was a bit of a wet and windy day but it allowed for Brianna to wear her gorgeous full length coat and just look at how the wind has caught her veil

Now I know you're probably all having a good laugh at my wee leg out to the side but I was having a right old shindig with Gordon's dad Stewart.  We were lost in the music and dancing the night away

Adore this picture too as the red of the sign portrays to me passion

This I think is awesome!   This just shows how their photographer James came in to his own on the day..  everyone else saw rain.. he saw the opportunity for a photo shoot  lol  
Hope I'm not boring anyone too much with the pics and I'll upload the next instalment tomorrow.
Love to all

Friday, 27 December 2013

Wedding Day 2

Ok peeps here goes with day 2 of the wedding pics.. a little later than planned I was catching up with some housework, washing etc and then we were out and about battling the wind and rain.  I'd have preferred to stay indoors but sadly some things just won't wait for better weather.
Anyway in no particular order, here are another few pics.
Brianna's entrance

Gordon & Brianna cutting the cake..  1 apple pie & 2 delicious cheesecakes
Well.. why have the traditional mix when you can't stand it..  think everyone was relieved!

You'd never guess it was feeding time eh! 

Now this picture I absolutely adore.  The coarseness of  the architectural brickwork against the silk of her dress is a perfect contrast.  The angle is just amazing too.
Oh well that's it for today folks as I'm off to schedule a few more posts and have quite a few emails I need to work through before it's Bailey's time..  well it is the festive season and all.   Lol
Catch ya tomorrow again

Thursday, 26 December 2013

I've done it!!!!

I'm dumbstruck... I've actually managed to downloaded some of the pictures from the disc so here goes..  don't want to bombard you with them all at the one time so I'll do them bit by bit.
Brianna's friend Stephanie and me.  Such a gorgeous girl in both looks and nature.

Gordon's mum Betty up dancing with Rob (felt sorry for her as he can't dance lol) but I think the look on his face shows how reality has struck that his wee baby girl is all grown up and married now.

Family group photo

My favourite pumpkin of the day.. the raven!
Ok.. I think that's enough for now but will upload some more tomorrow.   Off to have another wee nosey through them all again  lol

Official wedding pictures

Phew..  Christmas is over for another year.  Maybe I'll be better organised in 2014 instead of planning and organising it all within 4 days!  lol

Not sure about everyone else but I'm having a lazy day chilling out and am about to sit down and catch up with yesterdays Eastenders and Coronation Street.  Totally unexciting and unenergetic but I'm going to enjoy my wee day.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a link before I forget.  Gordon & Brianna brought us over a disc with all the official wedding photographs but their photographer also uploaded some of them on to his blog so thought you may like to have a glimpse. 

This is a photographer I'd recommend to everyone James Solly he's very professional, discreet and imaginative. 

If I can figure out how to upload any more off of the disc then I will..  it may take me some time though as I'm such a technophobic.  lol 

Well.. happy Boxing Day everyone.  Have a fun & love filled day.

Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Hubby thought he'd join in this year and use a gift bag to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas.  

We had a fab day yesterday as we were out delivering Christmas cards before heading home to cook dinner and wait on the kids arriving.   Feel sorry for them as they have three sets of parents to fit in every year!  Anyway, we had roast beef, roast potato, peas, carrots, green beans and sweetcorn followed by apple & blackberry pie and pumpkin pie.   Two cycles of the dishwasher and cleaning of the cooker, worktops etc and kitchen was back to normal.   Late last night I also finished stitching the stockings together and here's 2 of them today filled with sweets ready for delivery.  

No kids in this household so the morning began with a nice lie in, coffee made and then on to opening presents.   We're now at lunchtime so had a bite to eat and watched a wee Christmas movie..  well it had to be done didn't it.  Lol.    Next stage was a quick makeup application and out to deliver some presents to the neighbours, followed by my Christmas day trip to the cemetery to lay my Dads wreath and then up to visit Mum and Eric.   Presents exchanged,  a good old chat, a few laughs and home again as Eric was feeling a bit tired so we left him to rest.   Upon arrival home hubby called his Dad in sunny California whilst I set about finishing off dinner.   We decided upon something different for a change so instead of the normal turkey & trimmings, this year I made beef curry with chapatti & peshwari nan.   Very happy full tums now. 

Time to load the dishwasher again, clean the kitchen, pour a large glass of Bailey's, light a candle, then sit and chillax for the rest of the night.  

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas Day and remember those absent with love and happy memories. 

Merry Christmas
Rob & Lorraine

Monday, 23 December 2013

Stocking time

Well folks I'm hoovered, dusted and bleached out today and now its time to sit down and make start on the stockings.  

This is wee template I drew out last night and I managed to get all the felt cut too.. just got them all to HAND sew together now.   This could turn out to be an all nighter.  Lol. 

Off to go stitch, stitch, stitch so toodles for now. 


That's better.

Now its finally starting to look a lot like Christmas..  took my time about it but I got there.  Lol. 

Yesterday the tree, decorations, poinsettias, wreaths etc all came out of storage and are in their new home for the next 2 weeks. 

Oh yeah..  I've lost the white Santa Clause hairdo too.  Lol. 

Last night I got the felt out and drew myself a stocking pattern so the pieces are all cut ready to be pinned and sewn together.   Not convinced I won't need to sew all night as they're all being done by hand!   I may need to invest in a sewing machine next year. 

So what's on today's agenda?  Its the good old final hoovering & dusting the house from top to bottom, prepping the meat etc as we have the kids coming for Christmas dinner tomorrow, then I'm on to stocking sewing.   Keep fingers crossed for me please.   I'm a novice!

With that said I'm off to hot foot it up the stairs with my trusty duster whilst I have the house to myself.   You always get on so much better when the man of the household isn't around getting underfoot. 

Happy Christmas eve, eve everyone.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Warm hearts

Ok folks I know I've been quiet but I've been a busy wee bee.   Friday I got all the present and food shopping done..  yay!!!  

Yesterday I was handcrafting presents!!!

Today I've finally managed to put up the Christmas tree and decorations!!!

Now I'm off to put a dye in my hair as I'm beginning to look as white as Father Christmas and then I'm on to the big clean up so the place is sparkling ready for the big day.  Oh yeah..  I've still got 4 stockings to make too.  Lol. 

Toodles for now

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A stitch in time

Evening all..  well that's me officially on holiday now so let the mad dash begin! 

My wee mum turns 72 on Saturday so tonight I'm sitting sewing in the attempt to have a cushion completed on time for her big day.   Haven't sewn for years but I'm getting there.  So far I've managed to attach 3 hearts and 3 buttons.  Didn't do too bad a job so hoping I can manage the rest too.  Lol. 

I've got a doctor's appt first thing tomorrow and planning on heading out to do some present shopping after that.   All going well I may even have my tree up tomorrow night!   Nothing like doing everything at the last minute eh.  Lol. 

After the stormy night we had last night, which led to me having very little sleep (approx 3 hours), my eyes are feeling a little heavy so I'm off to make a cuppa and hopefully get another bit of sewing done before heading to bed.  

Catch you tomorrow and happy crafting. 

Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

More like a tropical storm

Don't quite know what the weather is like where you are but right now it's blowing a right old howler here so much so I'm not sure that I'm going to get too much sleep tonight again.

Managed to get some supplies for the wedding order, along with a few presents for my friends children whilst I was at work today so at last... I've finally got 2 Christmas presents bought.

Had a slight delay on the way home as yet again the main road next to the shop was at a standstill with bumper to bumper traffic and appeared to be caused by the mass hysteria to get to Braehead shopping centre.. seriously..  is there really any need for that kind of behaviour!

Anyway, finally got home and managed to retrieve my bin before the wind picked up too much so saved me from chasing it down the street.  Lol.  Had a wee chill out before hubby arrived home and we had dinner whilst watching tonight's episode of Strongman Giants Live.. required viewing in this household as we're both big fans.  Tended to the animals and for the last hour or so I've been fighting to keep an internet signal so I can browse the internet.  Obviously too much wind and cloud cover tonight and have to admit it's been more than a little irritating constantly watching the wee clock dial spin around and around on my screen.

So now I'm here, as you'll see in the picture above this is the stash sent to me by Jones Crafts to use within my December Project and I must tell you.. these papers are fab as are the stamps. 

We've got a super duper design team and if you're on facebook I would highly recommend that you 'Like' their page as every month there will be projects uploaded by all the designers and you will also be able to keep up to date with new product releases.  If you're unsure of your local stockist then simply tell them where you are based and they will be able to advise you.  In addition to all this there's also the odd 'Giveaway' including one that is running just now but due to close on Friday so you'll have to be quick if you want to stand a chance of winning.  Pretty generous it is too! 

Well folks I think that's about it from me for tonight as I've got a few gifts to make so want to try and make a wee start on them tonight, even if it's only for an hour so.  Some time is better than no time.. Right!  So keep your fingers crossed that this weather calms overnight so I can get some sleep and hopefully not be blown all over the road on my way to work in the morning.  Last day tomorrow then I'm off till the 31st..  Yay.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

DT December Project - Paradiso treasures

Well folks I'm keeping this post short and sweet as its 2am and I'm up for work in 5 hours but didn't want to delay any longer. 

For my project I have used the following items:

Wooden box frame
Papers are from the Paradiso collection by Kaiser Craft
Butteries were stamped using the clear 'Windsor' stamp by Kaiser Craft and cut out
Buttons by Jones Crafts
Net was made from the bag that the shells came in
Other items from my own stash.

Tomorrow night I will jump on the pc and provide you with links but unable to do it from my phone just now.  Sorry!   You'll want to have a nosey though and see what other DT members have been playing with and the fantastic projects they've created. 

Anyway..  sleep is calling so nighty night and catch you all tomorrow.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx