Monday, 8 June 2015

Bright and cheerful

Hubby finally finished painting and distressing my table so it was time to decorate the top and cheerful was the order of the day.  

Ken Oliver's papers fit the bill perfectly.

Now the table dimensions didn't allow for simple straight forward application so I had to find a way to fit them fit.   After some cutting and inking of many edges I finally set about adhering all my different shapes in place and this is the final outcome.   Still have to buy some new knobs for the drawers but so far I love it..  really cheerful and bright and attracts your attention the minute you walk in the room.  Next up is the wall art lol. 

Now on to today..  I've done nothing and I mean nothing..  somehow I've managed to totally knacker my back and have struggled to even as much as bend today never mind do anything else so I've basically had a day mostly in bed and eating pain killers.  It's been playing up for the last week or so but even after hot baths, ice packs, heat packs etc its still not eased off at all.. In fact it's gotten worse so have myself an appt booked for Sat to see the physio and hopefully he can do something to help.  It's bloody excruciating and I currently feel like someone has whacked me the length of my spine with a baseball bat.   With that said it's time for my next lot of meds and taking myself off to bed.  

Take care all

Strong Man

We went to watch some amazing Scottish Strong Men at the weekend..  6 events in 1 day!!! 

It's been a while!

Oops didn't realise it was so long since my last post!

Thoroughly enjoyed my week off week even if it did go by all too quickly.

Last week I was full time covering holidays and there were lots of deliveries including some lovely new products such as these Heidi Swapp illuminated letters.  Aren't they fab!