Tuesday, 29 April 2014


At work just now so not got time to write a proper post but here's a sneek peak at one of my Jones Crafts DT projects

Monday, 28 April 2014

Pretty as a flower

Another wee sneak peek for you all.   More wood & gorgeous papers made in to pretty little flowers & leaves..  oh yeah, theres a few metal embellishments too!

Anyway, it's my last day off work so trying to combine chores with designing  lol..  house has been cleaned, bed stripped, washed and blowing in the breeze along with the towels, shopping done and I'm now surrounded by some gorgeous Marion Smith papers working on a wee DT project for Jones Crafts.   Now't much else has happened today so that's it.. another Monday soon to be nothing but a memory  lol. 

Well it's time to get back to work..  lots of designing to do over the next few weeks so best get cutting and inking again.  Toodles for now.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cracking Up

Afternoon all..  had lots going on this week.   Work, mum, house, nails, broken phone which had to be replaced and working on samples.

I've got a 2 day demo coming up on the 10th & 11th of May at Craft World and ooohhh la la do I love what I have to use..  oh yes I do.. lol.

Sadly can't share full pics at the moment but here's a sneaky little peek in the meantime.  Wood, paint, crackle and gorgeous papers..  what more can a girl want!!! 

Well must dash as it's time to get organised and off to visit mum shortly as she has a 'To Do' list ready for hubby and I to start on..  oh the joys..  lol. 

Toodles for now.
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Welcome Mr Sunshine

Well folks its been a period of turmoil but am doing my best to get back on track as quickly as possible.  I returned to work last week which was great as it gave me some normality in my life and I had missed everyone.   Have been helping mum on my days off but also managed some time at home this weekend as she thought I needed a wee rest.  Poor old soul worrying about me!   Anyway, I decided to put the time to good use so the front garden is now under control and I've made a start on the back.   Thought I'd let you see just how sunny its been..  haven't we been lucky!   Oh and look what I found when cutting the grass..  so glad I spotted it and managed to lift it to the safety of a bush.   Couldn't resist taking a photo.  Lol. 

Anyway, I'm off to get on with more work..  lots of creating to do and the clock is ticking!   

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

P.s.  thank you for all your messages regarding my step fathers passing.  Xxx

Easter bouquet

Had a lovely surprise visit from my friends two children on Easter Sunday to give me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers.   Is it any wonder they're 2 of my 3 adopted children.  Lol. 

Fish & Chips

OMG..  mum found one of my favourite childhood snacks in the supermarket.   Wicked!  

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Flowers flowers everywhere

Well its been a while and tonight its fresh flowers I'm sharing instead of paper ones. 

A week past on Saturday my step dad was admitted to hospital and unfortunately took a turn for the worse two days later and we were called to his bedside.   There we were to stay until the early hours of Thursday morning when his body could fight no more and he sadly passed away.   Although it has been a relatively short period of time the last ten days have felt more like a month.   Tomorrow (Thursday) we will lay his body to rest and say our final goodbyes. 

We have been blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends who have provided an endless stream of support.   They have made me laugh and been there for me when I cried.  That is the kind of support which is hard to repay but I will always be there for them in years to come through thick and thin.  

Mums house is filled with the most gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers and this is one that a special friend got just for me to cheer me up as I've spent all my time either at the hospital or at mums so she thought I deserved a little something just for me. 

I'm also fortunate to be blessed with an amazing husband who hasn't once blinked an eye at my absence.   There were days when we didn't see each other at all and most other days we haven't seen each other for more than 30 minutes in the morning before he goes to work as he's been in bed by the time I came home.  

Well folks, that's it I guess and although my brain is ticking away at 100mph I need to try get some rest as we have a long day ahead tomorrow.   Hopefully next week will bring some normality along with it when it arrives.  

Love & hugs
Lorraine. Xxx