Friday, 16 November 2012

Staying warm.

Evening all and just a quick post from me tonight...  Had a wee chilled out morning with hubby today, followed by a nice lunch out and visit to an antique store, then we done the weekly shopping and tonight I'm sitting knitting.   I had a whole batch of scarves knitted up ready to sell and I have sold out in less than 2 weeks!   Needless to say the needles were clicking away like mad last night and they are doing the same tonight again.. so far I've got 1 done and am just about to make a start on the 2nd and with any luck will manage to squeeze a 3rd in too.   Why oh why does everyone think its easy making a living as a crafter... It's non stop.  Lol. 

Well that's me for now folks but will be back tomorrow again.. hope you're all stating warm and taking care of yourselves... Till tomorrow.. toodles.

Happy crafting
Lorraine. Xxx

Thursday, 15 November 2012

A little PanPastel fun

Fwd: NEC

Morning all.. sorry I didn't get a chance to post from the NEC but its always non stop when we are there.  So busy intact that these are the only pictures I managed I managed to take and they were done on set up day.  Most days start at 7am with a shower then we depart the hotel at 8am to head to the venue where we do a quick tidy up and prep before doors open...  Then once the doors close we restock to somewhere around 8pm after which we head straight to a restaurant for dinner and finally we return to the hotel around 10.30pm when it's time to get things organised for the morning...  Well I did say we don't have much free time when we are there.  Lol. 

Anyway, these few pictures show our almost empty van and a few different views of the stand whilst we were still organising it so there are a few odd boxes and spinners lying in stray places.  It all paid off though as we had such positive feedback from the customers. 

We had a slight panic on the Thursday morning when my back decided to pop on the walk to the venue when I stopped to take my scarf out of my bag.. bent down, went to come back up and boy did the pain shoot through me.  Thankfully Amanda Bateman who is a trained nurse was on the stand next to us so she had a good feel at it and got me sat down and propped up for 10 mins to try and ease it.  Debbi Moore quickly followed through by giving me a few really strong pain killers and back to our stand I went.   Thankfully with the help of some BioFreeze from Gaynor, hot showers every morning and eating 400mg ibuprofen I managed to take the pace and make it through the entire show.  Over he last few days I've been very careful and got an appointment with he physio yesterday afternoon... Boy did that man work wonders on me and although a little tender from all the work he done on my back I feel so much better and have managed to stop eating painkillers. 

Right folks... I'm off to have a play with some PanPastels before making a start on samples so toodles for now and catch up with you all again later. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

The section immediately behind my demo table... Including my beloved Kaiser Craft advent calenders.. well the red one is hiding behind some stock.  Lol.

Obviously still part of set up day with boxes still to be unpacked, ladders to climb for samples to be attached up top etc. 

Part of the stand on set up day hence why the spinners are just dumped.  Lol.

Van almost empty...

Monday, 5 November 2012

Number 2

It's another day and another wreath folks... Same kit but different flowers.   These have been such fun to make.. made all the more pleasurable by the fact that all the flowers were die cut and I didn't have to sit punching or cutting. 

So.. I've chilled out over the last few days and spent some quality time with hubby as I won't see him for the next week but need to get the finger out today.. got a meeting with Scottish power today in an attempt to stop cable wireless taking a chunk out of our embankment to join cables..  nothing quite like big companies not giving a toss if they cause land instability!   Also need to decide what clothes I'm taking to the NEC, then iron them and pack my suitcase.. always amazes me how much I manage to squeeze in the tiny wee case I take.  Lol.  Need to empty the washing basket and clean the house before setting off on the road trip to Birmingham tomorrow.. so can't wait to feel the enthusiasm and catch up with all the lovely folks I've met over the years doing the shows... To be honest it's more like a holiday than work.  Lol. 

Well I'm going to sign off for now and go get myself ready for the day ahead... Stay warm and safe everyone. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ribbon and flowers

Evening all.. hope you've all been enjoying your weekend even if its been as chilly with you as its been here... Bbrrr the fluffy socks and jumpers are a daily requirement now eh! 

Well I had a wee relaxing day yesterday.. some craft play whilst hubby was at work, followed by an evening chilling in front of the tv with my beloved.. only thing that ruined the day was the clowns setting off the fireworks last night and they've already started tonight again...  I'd quite happily make it illegal for the public to use them.. would save the NHS a fortune and a lot of poor people and animals distress.   Anyway, I had a mega lie in today, tuned in to watch Formula 1.. what a race for Sebastian Vettel, and so unfortunate for Jenson Button... Glad no one was injured in any of the accidents though.   After that it was time for a cheeky Costa coffee followed by the weekly shop.  Back home and whilst I put the shopping away hubby got changed and is now currently at the gym.. Me???   I've made some coffee, turned on an episode of CSI Miami and am off to get on with making another wee,wreath... Here's one that I've already glued together but still have some sparkle to add which I will do when they are all complete.  These are fab little kits but as I like my flowers quite full I did feel I fell a little short of what I would have liked but even with that said I would still say it was value for money for what I bought it for at the SECC...  May buy the flower pad and rings separately next time so I can make some fuller flowers though.   All round a pleasant kit to play with and pretty gifts at the end. 

Well I'm off to make a start on the next one and watch Horatio in action on the screen.  Stay warm everyone. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Time to rest...

Really sorry I've not been around folks but that's how life goes at times I guess..  there's never much spare time when I'm working the SECC and the last week I've been catching up with orders, housework and my wee mammy...  She misses me so much when I'm not just at the other end of the phone and she'll be even worse next week when I'm at the NEC.. being as she's hitting on 71 I need to pamper her a wee bit more nowadays.  Lol.

Anyway, I've ran round and got all the housework done early today, animals have been tended and hubby is at work so I'm going to take some time out for myself now and have a wee play with one of the gorgeous craftwork cards wreaths..  popped out all my die cut flowers last night so I'm ready to start..  let's just hope nothing unexpected pops up to spoil my fun.   Oh and I'm going to catch up on the last 6 episodes of eastenders whilst I'm at it and may even move on to coronation street after that.  Lol.  See I really have been busy..

Right I'm off to play so toodles for now and hope all are well. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx