Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wedding outfit

Being as I am so not a girly girl the thought of dress shopping is nothing much less than a nightmare to me so when I tell you I've been to hell and back the last 2 days I truly mean it but it eventually proved fruitful. 

I've tried on long dresses, short dresses, 3 piece outfits..  you name it, I've had it on!!!   Sorry for the quality of the picture but this was a strong contender and I adored the plum and kiwi combination.  What won at the end of the day though was a delicate chiffon dress that as soon as I set sight on it, I knew that was the one for me.  I would love to share a picture but obviously I can't reveal it before the big day so you'll just have to wait till October.  Lol.  You can't imagine how relieved I am now and am actually looking forward to the next step which is the accessories.  I'm sure that will be a damn sight easier! 

Well its 2am and alarm is set for 7.30am so guess I better go get some beauty sleep.  Nighty night all. 

Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

New arrivals

Lots of new stash has arrived at Chez Robertson's including Kaiser Craft, Graphic 45 and Belle.   So excited I've started on samples already!

Missing Person in Kilmarnock

This is my friend Karen Gallacher and her daughter Katie Clark.   Katie has been reported as a missing person with Strathclyde Police as she has not been home since Tuesday and had no contact with her family either.  She has also had no activity on Facebook since Wednesday.   We are all trying to help Karen share this picture of her daughter in the hope that someone sees her and contacts the police or family member. 

Katie was last seen in Kilmarnock but also has family in Paisley.  If you see her please contact someone immediately to let her family know she is safe.  They are very worried about her well being and just want to know that nothing bad has happened. 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Anniversary celebration

Today hubby and I decided to take some time off work and away from home as we've both been working non stop lately and haven't had any quality time together, plus it was an excuse to celebrate our anniversary.  Lol. 

So.. off we toddled on a trip down to Ayrshire where we spent a little time on the beach..  its really not a place I would want to spend too long at, and we chilled with a relaxing meal at Scott's bar & restaurant looking out over the harbour.   Finally making our way back home with a nice leisurely drive. 

Hubby enjoyed being close to the sea again, well he did grow up just a few miles from the beach so understandable I guess..  shame I couldn't have supplied the California heat for him too but he said I did do pretty well considering we were in Scotland.  Lol.

Off to get a few things tidied up then it will be time for pj's and bed I think. 

Till tomorrow... Toodles!
Lorraine xxx

A busy wee Troon harbour

A beautiful hot sunny day yet the beach was empty apart from some folk walking dogs.   The local council really could do with cleaning if up a bit to help attract people to it as we even found a dead bird and trust me..  it hadn't only been lying there for a day or two. 

Hubby inspecting Troon beach..  not quite the standard he grew up with in Huntington Beach.  Lol.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Craft World

Well folks here's a few pics of the shop I get to work... Craft World in Glasgow.  Sorry I couldn't fit the whole shop in but I'm sure these will give you a good enough idea of the volume of stock we have enter and leave the building every day.  

Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days but have lots of freelance work on at the moment so after i finish in the shop I've been taking an hours break at night for dinner then been getting back to the crafting end of things.  Last two days have been exceptionally busy!  

Anyway, off to organise some dinner now so will catch you all later.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013

Who spotted it???

Ok folks..  I was singing a Christmas carol last night when I was posting.  In particular that good old song 'the holly and the ivy' and guess what.. oops I made a mistake.  My previous post said this was a Holly die when infact its Ivy!   Just slightly obvious to look at eh.   Lol.  Guess that's what I get for singing carols when the sun is shining in July.  Oh well back in summer mode today again. 

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Last ones.

Last of the night folks and although the sun is currently shining bright then length and breadth of the country, many of you have already made a start on those good old Christmas cards so here's the latest launches from Britannia..  a star die which also provides you with 5 miniature trees and a miniature star, then there's the must have Holly sprig.  

Well I'm signing off for the night as still got a few bits and bobs to do before bed and need a good sleep as its a heavy work schedule ahead tomorrow. 

Nighty night peeps
Lorraine xxx

Still going!

More new launches from Britannia.. this time around we have the new mini lattice edge die (perfect for DL sized cards), a filigree shoe and filigree lily. 

Even larger flowers

If you know Britannia dies then you're aware that there were previously 3 sets of flower dies in the range but this is 2 newly launched dies.  These larger dies are around 1.5" and 2" which makes them much better sized for using with felt and funky foam... Can't wait to get playing with these ones. 

More new word dies from Britannia

New Britannia dies

Friday, 19 July 2013

Painting in the sun

Half price goody bags.. now only £7.50

Now I've been saying on Facebook how busy we've been in the shop with lots of new products arriving and here's some proof.   The shop is not exactly small being as it is basically a 6,000 sq ft warehouse shop yet we are now in desperate need of space so there's lots of changes and rearranging afoot and basically..  its sale time!!!  These are some of the bargains up for grabs just now and in addition to this we also have lots of reduced price items and 50% off all wood mounted rubber stamps. 

All offers are in-store offers so if you live within driving distance of Glasgow its well worth a visit to Craft World in Hillington to see what bargains you can pick up.   Oh yeah...  Memory Box have also been added to the extensive range of dies available too and should be available online shortly as well as in store. 

Right I think that may well be enough for tonight, so time to sign off and make myself a nice hot chocolate with lashings of luscious cream on top. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

50p magazines

Bargains galore eh!

Another 50p sale basket!!!

Stamps, embossing folders, brads, bottle caps and more

50p sale basket!!!

3 for 2 on Molly Blooms stamps

3 for 2 on Wild Rose Studio stamps

3 for 2

DO Crafts demo

Well folks its been another busy week so here's the last of the DO samples below.  Thought I'd better get them uploaded as I'm off for the next 4 days which means I can get on with lots of other stuff..  not quite sure how the agenda is going to go though as it will be bits of this and bits of that as I'm working on quite a few things right now.   I've got samples to make for the shop, samples for a trade show, 2 all day workshops to plan and design,  samples for demos and Brianna's wedding stationery to make..  em.. think I've got my hands full for the next wee while eh!   

Well will end this post as have some more pics to upload of bargain deals currently on offer in the shop. 

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

More DO samples

Had a brilliant wee day in the shop today.   Lots of lovely customers, including my wee buddie Louis, and kids doing the drop in ceramic painting.   The day just seemed to fly in and it was time for home before I knew it.  Had a quick tidy up and bite of dinner so going to go spend a wee half hour or so in the garden tidying up and getting some fresh air.  

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Long week..

Yay.. I've made it back to blog land after one heck of a week.   5 days working on the shop floor, 1 evening visit to the hospital, 4 evenings making samples and 1 demo day..  all in all, a 6 day week totalling somewhere in the region of 70 hours.   Slept well the last 2 nights right enough.  Lol. 

Anyway, I had to step in and do a DO crafts demo at short notice so here's the first few pics of samples I made.  Have to say I've never bought one of their goody bags before so I was pleasantly surprised with the ones I was using which were the newly released Tilly Daydream and the Christmas ones.   Even managed to make some unrelated cards from the Christmas bag as there are a lot of non themed papers in it. 

Well its almost 2am and alarm is set for 7.30am so guess its time to get myself off to bed for some zzzzzz's.  

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pink to make me smile.

What a day it's been.  Up and off to work this morning (the 1st of 6 days) which was perfectly fine.  Lots of nice customers and plenty of laughter echoed the shop today.   Shame tonight wasn't every bit as nice.  Had to knock off work an hour early as I had to get home, showered and changed then back to Ross Hall hospital for a consultation.   Not been feeling quite right the last few months and after lots of blood tests and ultrasound I ended up with a referral.   Good thing was the consultant done my smear test I've been waiting to have done since Feb.   Bad thing was it hurt like hell.   I've never experienced a painful one in my puff so got a big shock tonight.  Then to add insult to injury the consultant told me he thinks he will probably recommend I get put on HRT as it would appear I am having pre symptoms of pre-menapause.  Never heard of it in my puff but apparently a small percentage of woman can feel symptoms of it years before it even happens.  Just my luck it looks like I'm one of those people!   However, he's going to contact the hospital first regarding the Oopherectomy I had 5 years ago as he thinks there may have been more to it than what I was told so just need to wait for him to email me now with the information he gets from them.   Not feeling the most cheerful about the thought of HRT but guess I will have to wait for the final outcome.   At least when I came home at 9pm and sat in the garden I had my beautiful pink tea roses to make me smile.   Well signing off now to nosey at the stash I have to create samples for this Saturdays demo at Craft World. 

Happy crafting all
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday sunshine.

Well folks, after working indoors for most of the weekend I was beginning to wonder if the sunshine rumours were true and guess what.. they were!!!   I finally headed outdoors about 4.30pm and I'm still there but honestly.. can you blame me when you look at the sun in these pictures.  Anyway, off to do a bit of weeding now before I head indoors.   Working in the shop all week so hope every night is like this so I can enjoy a wee citrus daiquiri or pina colada.   Can't beat a boozy slush puppy n a summers night.  Lol. 

Enjoy the sunshine everyone
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Taking flight.

Just one of the gorgeous Kaiser craft papers I'm using just now making samples for Jones Crafts.   Is it any wonder I love the boys when they send me such delicious goodies to play with.  Lol. 

Distressed sideboard

Love my new piece of furniture..  a beautiful sideboard that hubby took time to rejuvenate with a fabulous distressed appearance. 

Monday, 1 July 2013


Well folks its been one of those days but I've finally got time to sit down and play..  just happens to be work related.  Lol. 

Would love to say more but that would only hold me back from playing so instead what I'll do is post pictures at different stages so you can follow my progress. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx