Monday, 8 January 2018

What a man!

Well I felt lucky to be one of the ones who got a ticket to attend the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry Live UK Edition but hey.. I thought I'd chance my luck and ask if he would be gracious enough to sign a little something for me that I could auction off to raise more funds for Macmillan cancer.   In true Tim fashion he agreed and signed not 1 but 2 items for me!   The auction of them helped raise an additional  £100 which was awesome.   

Fab weekend spent with my dear friends Hels, Michelle and Pauline.  Much laughter and memories made.  Awesome tuition from Tim and money raised for chariry.   What more could a girl ask for?   
Wonder what we can get up to in 2018 lol.  

Loz xxx 


When a group of friends get together in one hotel room the night before attending a Tim Holtz class and there's alcohol involved.. obviously one thing leads to another till it's just madness lol.   

Slap up lunch

Whilst Michelle and Pauline headed off to the shops to pick up something healthy for lunch..  Hels and I trotted down the  road to the local chip shop then sat back and enjoyed the scenery whilst enjoying lunch.   Nothing better than spending quality time with good friends.  

Creative Chemistry UK

Highlight of 2017 was attending Tim's class with my dear friends.   Having been fortunate enough to have attended one previously I knew I was in for a fast paced informative day and Tim did not let us down.   

Mad women on tour

Great group of fun loving nutters..  Michelle Webb (thank you for the hand made tutus),  Pauline Wheeler and Hels Sheridan.  

Enjoying Tim's class

Nothing better than spending time with a group of friends who happen to be as nutty as me lol.  

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The journey begins..

When you're getting ready to attend a Tim Holtz workshop and your friend makes you a special tutu to celebrate the occassion..  Just wait till you see the pictures that will start to follow tomorrow lol..  

Loz xx 

Gentleman Crafter

September saw John Bloodworth aka the Gentleman Crafter do a demonstration is the shop (Craft World Scotland) showing off his skills and the possibilities of using the Go Press & Foil machine.   So busy I sadly only managed to get these 2 pictures.   

Loz xx 

September Extravaganza

Right so it's basically been the best part of 6 months since my last post as last year just ended up going astray between one thing and another so New Year New opportunity.  Time to get back on track!   

To start off the quick catch up, here are some samples I made for the Craft World extravaganza in September.   

Bear with me over the next few days as I get up to date then let's see where the rest of the year takes us.   Hopefully to a world of crafting joy.. there was way too little of that in 2017.  

Love to all 
Lorraine xx