Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fun and funky

Loving how you can just keep layering up the depth for added dimension

Loving the drips

Back to my childhood

Haven't yet decided what I'm doing with the top corners but I did know that I didn't want to take the crayons right to the edge so I had a little space left for some additional play

Monday, 1 February 2016

Who's bright idea???

Why do I have such great bright ideas then end up thinking who's bright idea was that!

Last weekend I managed to get an undercoat on the bathroom so on Saturday I decided to finish the job..  whoop de whoop..  The bathroom is now looking lovely and fresh (long overdue if I'm being honest). 

Anyway yesterday was clean up day and that's when the trouble began! 

I've got a bit of OCD but manage to keep it under control most of the time but yesterday it took hold and I didn't realise till it was too late..  NOT GOOD! 

Nine hours I had my hands in boiling water, bleach and flash so needless to say they're feeling a little tender today as is my back and knee.

Now for anyone who doesn't understand OCD or mocks it.. here's just a little something to help you know just how bad it can get. 

This was my cleaning process for my bathroom floor yesterday.

1.  Spray floor with flash
2.  Scrub floor with boiling water and a deck scrub
3.  Wipe with boiling water and a cloth
4.  Spray with more flash
5.  Scrub with dish scrubber (more detailed cleaning)
6.  Wipe with booking water and a cloth
7.  Spray with more flash
8.  Scrub with a tooth brush (even more detailed cleaning)
9.  Wipe with boiling water and a cloth

So folks there you go extreme I know but it's a demon I fight to keep at bay. 

So today I've decided to take it easy and do some paperwork,  washing and ironing to give my body a rest lol.

Toodles for now folks and enjoy a happy Monday.


P.s. The blind has still to be put up!