Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Gordon & Brianna's wedding.

Just a few quick pics of the wedding.   Will upload more tomorrow when I get home from work. 


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wedding countdown!

What a week..  3 days in shop, 3 days at SECC (last one being tomorrow) and then the grand finale..  the wedding!!! 

This is the last picture I have of Gordon & Brianna taken at Glasgow University on her BA graduation day in 2011.   The wedding seemed such a long way off then and so much has happened.  She graduated her Masters and commenced her PhD in 2012..  now she is in her 2nd year and the wedding is only 36 hours away!  

At 2pm on Sunday 27th October our wee Brianna will become Mrs Brianna Robertson-Kirkland as they are united in holy matrimony at Glasgow University and the next picture I have of the happy couple will be that of the Bride & Groom. 

Although not everyone is able to attend,  they will thankfully still be able to watch the service via the live web feed which is totally awesome.   Thank goodness the relatives in the USA are early risers as their viewing time is 6am.  Lol. 

Well.. its 1.30am so guess I better get to bed..  busy day ahead tomorrow between the show and then coming home to get everything organised for Sunday.  Toodles for now. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hobbycrafts | 24-27 October 2013, SECC, Glasgow


The link above will take you straight to the list of exhibitors at the show. 
I'm on Hougiecrafts stand C14 and Craft World (my day job) are on E32.   Please stop by and say hello if you go. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Busy busy busy

Well folks its all go this week.  Was working in the shop today and in again tomorrow and Wednesday.  Then I'm working at the SECC on Thurs, Fri & Sat.   Sunday however will be the best day of all as its my beautiful step daughter Brianna's wedding day.  

Last Friday I popped along to the hair dresser for a last minute trim and trial.  Saturday I was at the beautician getting some prep done as I have no time this week so had to work in advance.   Dyed my hair Sat night.. well I don't want the greys showing do I.  Lol.   Sunday, I popped out for the last minute bits & Bob's before retiring to bed early as I felt awful.  Still got the lingering effects of my respiratory infection so trying to rest easy at nights so I'm fit for Sunday. 

With that said, I'm off to bed as busy day ahead tomorrow sorting stock for the SECC but wanted to share a pic of my nails so you could share in the pre wedding prep.  Lol. 

Nighty night all.
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Exciting news

Had the best news tonight..  my gorgeous niece Hannah has got engaged.   Have always thought that her & Ross looked the perfect match as they always look at each other with love in their eyes.   Can't express enough how happy I am for them and I wish them all the most wonderful things in life.  I'm one very happy aunt.  

Monday, 14 October 2013

Today's delivery..

It's been a mixed few days here..  done some wedding shopping yesterday for the hubby so he's all suited and booted now, I'm glad to say my shoes and bag were delivered today so I'm only waiting on one more thing to arrive tomorrow then my wedding outfit will be complete too.   On the final phase with the Order of Service now too..  all the inserts have been put together and I just need to attach them to the outer card now.   Will make a start on them tonight and finish them off tomorrow. 

As all I can share with you just now is sneaky peeks, here's one of my shoes.   Lol. 

Off to make a wee coffee now and get back to work on the stationery. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Today's job...

Well Brianna's wedding isn't that far off now..  my shoes & bag are apparently in the Glasgow depot awaiting delivery on Monday, tomorrow we're off shopping for the final bits & bobs and today I've been working away on the Order of Service again.   Sorry I can't share them with you yet but thought I'd show you that I have been die cutting all day.   Thank goodness for my Britannia die as its certainly done the job for me..  sorry its back to front but left the letters in the die for the picture.  Lol. 

Well..  time to get back to them again, so toodles for now.

Happy crafting
Lorraine. Xxx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blooming Christmas

Finally I just had to share my Christmas Poinsettia with you all.   Here I've used all 3 sizes in the range (they're so cheap) which means I can cut them all at the same time.   Lol. 

Dies are by Britannia and come in small, medium & large. 

Well I'm signing off again folks as lots of work to get through tonight which means break time is over sadly. 

Toodles for now
Lorraine. Xxx

From Glasgow to Google

Yesterday I had to do a special commission for a friends nephew who will shortly be commencing new employment with Google in Canada.  The end result was a story book tracking his way through life. 

This is just a sneaky peek at a section of one of the pages. 

Wedding shopping

Monday & Tuesday were spent in Glasgow city centre with my mum searching for a pair of shoes and a handbag for Brianna's wedding..  2 whole days and still no joy as I really did not want a pair of platform soles with a 6 inch heel which by the time I have my hat on would make me look about 7 foot tall.. gave in last night and ordered online from one of my favourite shoe companies so just need to keep fingers crossed they fit and I like when they arrive.   

In the meantime..  this is a wee sneaky peek at part of my outfit.  Lol. 


Just my luck..  I ended up with a burst blood vessel in my hand on Saturday afternoon which made break down a slightly painful experience.  Lol. 

Saturday 5th

Picture of some of the happy smiling ladies who participated in one of last Saturdays Make & Takes at the Ross Papercraft show in Edinburgh where we were having fun with some of the Britannia dies and learning just how quick and easy they are to use. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sat 5th Oct in Edinburgh

Hope to see lots of lovely friendly faces there on the day.  Xxx

My wee BooBoo

Well folks its been a few days since my last posting for a few reasons..  first up I was very poorly all weekend and into this week.  Intact, today was the first I could even say I felt some what human.   Thankfully, even though it was really tough I managed to make it through work yesterday and today was easier so fingers crossed tomorrow goes as well. 

Sadly though on Monday, my oldest bunny BooBoo who I've had for 10 years finally passed away in my arms.   He was such a little darling and I literally broke my heart the whole day.  Its still very raw but we have laid him to rest and hope he's now hopping around over rainbow bridge. 

Tonight I've sat doing a stock take of products I'm taking to the Ross Papercraft show in Edinburgh this coming Saturday so will post details of the venue etc on here tomorrow so if any of you make it along be sure to drop by and say hi. 

Well its time to sign off, brush my teeth etc and go get some beauty sleep. 

Toodles for now.
Lorraine. Xxx