Monday, 28 December 2015

Santa has been and gone

Well folks that's it all by with for another year and hope you all had a marvellous time. 

Last week just seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye.. 
Tuesday I was out running about delivering cards and presents and visiting an old friend who's husband recently passed away. 
Wednesday I was at work and delivering some more cards in the evening as well as wrapping a few gifts. 
Thursday was a marvellous day with cooking and cleaning before my step daughter and her husband came over to celebrate Christmas.   We never have them on Christmas Day as it's too much to expect them to visit us, her Mum and stepdad, her husbands parents plus grandparents..  We always have them either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day and that helps ease the pressure on them.   Yes we miss out but hey ho..  We must put them before ourselves.  I have so much respect for my husband and his way of thinking.  He's only ever spent one full Christmas day with her and that's when she was 1 year old (she's 26 now) and we haven't seen her at all on Christmas day for the last decade.   That to me is a Father being totally selfless and putting his daughter before himself so she can enjoy her day just a little bit more by having less running around to do. 
Friday we had Mum over to help celebrate the big day.  Always nice to spend time with oldies as I tell her lol.
Saturday was a chill out day with a little cleaning up and emptying the washing basket.
Sunday was another chilled out day (almost) with a lovely walk in the park just before dusk.   This is my favourite picture of the day as it's simply lit my headlights from the car.   Now..  today my hairdryer decided it was gonna be it's last day of use as the motor decided to start whirring at me half way through the drying session so new one is on the agenda for me to pick up asap..  then just before 11pm a very panicked mother calls to say the water is running through her bedroom ceiling!!!  Great eh!   So the boots and coat were on and off I set..  Thankfully by the time I got there her neighbour was in and had managed to turn all the stopcocks off.  So we've stopped the flow, got buckets both in the attic and in the bedroom and towels everywhere on the floor.   Unfortunately she has no lighting up there so it's difficult to see what exactly is the problem but it could be the floaty ball thing in the water tank has broken and hasn't stopped the water flow.   Hopefully hubby can see the extent of it tomorrow once we have some daylight. 

So..  That's a rundown on my last week and on that note as it's almost 2am I'm off to chill for a half hour or so before bed.

Toodles for now

Still quite a lot of water flowing from the lake in Strathclyde Park in to the River Clyde.  There should be a large viaduct visible in this picture but it's still flowing so quickly it's completely submerged.

The River Clyde slowly going back down

Mum has a wee thing about snow babies so I decided to get a ceramic for her.  Covered the suit with snowtex and painted her cute little face.  Been a few years since I last done eyes but turned out not too bad I think. 

We dropped off a collection of food at Cats Protection on Christmas Eve and spent some time with the foster kitties..  This little one is gorgeous and mental!   Was going mad when hubby was playing with him and think he almost had a new home. . Only thing that put stop to it was the fact that mine is so old he wouldn't be able to cope with it. 

The presents were getting piled up during the wrapping process last week..  and here we are now.. another Christmas been and gone in the blink of an eye.

Hope everyone had a magical day.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Letter of thanks

Well folks it's been a day..  neighbours alarm went off in the middle of the night so didn't get much sleep.  At work today I managed to bash my hip and drop a wooden pallet on my foot..  In my defence I wasn't being clumsy, just a wet pallet and wet hands didn't agree with each other lol.  

Had a lovely evening with my wee mummy celebrating her birthday and upon opening my mail I found this lovely letter.

At the beginning of this week the first of the stuff I collected for the homeless was dropped off and this is a letter of thanks from them.  If only they knew I received all the thanks I need just by knowing I gave to them. 

To all those who donated to me for them..  hand crocheted blankets and hats, new and used clothes and footwear, toiletries and food I really can't thank you enough and I hope each one of you have a blessed Christmas.   I have such amazing friends.  My youngest and very first person to donate is only 15 years old.  I'm so very proud of her just as I know her Mum & Dad are too.  She's an exceptional young lady! 

Anyhow, off to catch up with some tv now so will bid you a fond farewell.


Sunday, 20 December 2015

My wee mummy

Well it's almost time to wish my wee mummy a Happy Birthday..  another half hour and she'll be another year older.

We often clash like chalk and cheese but over the years we have laughed together and cried together.  She's been a huge support to me through my life and still likes to take care of me to this day.  She gets annoyed if I won't let her wash my dishes or do my ironing etc and it's always a fight over who pays for lunch!  She may drive me mad just as I know I do to her but you know what..  you only get one mother and I've got one of the best. 

Happy Birthday Mum, love you loads and hope there's many more to come in the future.


My wee mummy as a teenager

My wee mummy as a baby sitting on my granny's knee

Winter wonderland..

Well folks I'm getting there but still a lot to do before the big day but at least then I can flop on the sofa and chill all day. 

It was a 4.30 am to bed this morning so hopefully there will not be a repeat of that tonight!

Managed to get the food shopping done yesterday so that's a major benefit even though there was a nut case in the market when we were there.  Everyone going about doing their shop then this lunatic makes a massive noise and starts shouting aloud.  To say the shop froze is an understatement.  It proved to me just how alert people are nowadays to the possibility of terrorism as after speaking with people in the store that appeared to have been most people's first thought was that something was going to happen.   Instead the stupid man was ranting about forgetting Christmas and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us and that terrorists are here walking among us..  what link there is between Jesus being crucified and terrorism I'm not quite sure.  People like this are just as radical in their own way and they don't even see it.!  Why can't we all just live in peace and harmony?  

Right times up..  my to do list awaits.


Saturday, 19 December 2015

Let there be light!

Well I seem to be behind everyone else but the tree is finally up and shining.  Thank goodness I seem to finally be catching up and getting organised.  

Yesterday with a little help from my BFF I managed to make the first drop off for the homeless and will do another next week again.  Can't believe how grateful these organisations are when you help are.   Second hand clothing goes to Simon Community and City Mission gets food and toiletry donations along with 50 Christmas gifts for those staying overnight on Christmas Eve and 160 Christmas Cards for those who will be lucky enough to get fed a Christmas dinner.  It may just be a card to us but to a homeless person it could be something that makes them smile just knowing someone, somewhere is thinking of them.

Last night I finished writing all my cards (with the exception of about a dozen special ones).

Today I've had a visit from the Alarm guy who was adjusting my CCTV and I've got the Christmas decorations up... along with the normal mundane household chores etc.

Tomorrow.. well.. The hubby is off so I'm sure he'll have things on his to do list just as I have so we'll sort the agenda in the morning. 

Off to chill a little now and pet the grumpy old kitty who's currently curled on my lap. 


Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Now that's hot!

Completed the wreath this morning so hung it up in the shop to get a quick snap shot..  Shame I didn't have time to add a few silver balls but hey ho..  there's still time before Christmas lol. 


Pretty in pink

Glad to say I had a nice productive day which was all about Christmas and spending some quality time with my wee mummy. 

Those who know what my sleep pattern is like will be shocked to hear I had a mammoth sleep off last night from 11pm to 9am,  waking only once!   So once I shook off the groggy after effect of the marathon I got the housework done and readied myself for an afternoon out with mum.   Off to the shops we popped on an errand to get the Christmas shopping done and we succeeded with the exception of a few nick naks which I'll pick up over the weekend.  Tonight I've written some of my cards, and made a start on a beautiful big 20" wreath which I'm decorating with pink tulle.   Such a fabulous way to add a touch of colour and the personal touch but better yet if I wish to next year I can simply remove the tulle and use the frame again for something different.   Now that's what I call cost efficient..  lol.

So it's time to toddle up the stairs and get some sleep before work in the morning so I'll will bid you farewell for now. 


P.s.  sorry about the picture quality but it was taken at 2.30am lol x

Monday, 14 December 2015

In a row...

Remember that old saying 3 wee crows sitting on a wall?  Well tonight I've got 50 wee snowman sitting in a row lol.

Where oh where does the time go?

Today seems to have flown by and I've not achieved as much as I wanted.  Cards are basically done and just to be written, still got shopping to do and there's no tree up!   Good thing was my BFF popped in for a quick visit and brought me a gorgeous Christmas cake.  Yum

Anyway it's almost bed time so Toodles for now.


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Ready to go..

Sorry I didn't manage a post before now.  Had a lovely lie in this morning which was amazing as I've had the week from hell as far as sleep goes..  ranging from 2 -4 hours a night..  Argh

Anyway once I shifted the groggy head I gave my bum a shake..  housework done, 5 loads of washing, sorted more stuff for the homeless, currently working on 35 Christmas cards and looks at this..   I've got 44 bags all ready to go to the homeless shelter for them to open on Christmas morning (still more to pack).  Each bag contains either a hat, scarf or a pair of gloves along with a Christmas card.   If I get enough time I will die cut a large snow flake to decorate the bags but will have to wait for the moment as still have so much to do. 

Anyway, time to get back to the card construction before I settle in front of the tv with my crochet hopefully around about midnight.  

Toodles for now

Friday, 11 December 2015

One step at a time..

Just a quick post tonight folks as it's been one of those days.. 

There are major roadworks where I live and before leaving this morning I heard on the radio that there was a breakdown in the contraflow so only one lane was open on the motorway..  so would you believe that by the time I left the house and got to that section of road, the breakdown was cleared but now there was another incident..  A 5 car accident!!  Yesterday morning it was a car turned on its side on the opposite side of the road and it doesn't end there..  tonight I had to detour on the way home as there had been a 2 car crash on another part of the motorway and one of the cars had turned in to a ball of fire and completely closed the motorway.    Arriving home in the region of 7.40pm I was obviously not in the best of moods but thankfully it sounds like no one was injured in the car fire.  

Needless to say I wasn't in the mood for sitting doing cards or anything so I've stitched some more pieces on to my wreath instead.   Sorry it's not a great photo but lighting sucks at 2am lol. 

Time for bed now in the hopes I sleep.. been really bad this week and last night I only managed a whopping 3 hrs so fingers crossed I can get my minimum 4 hrs tonight but 5 would be really nice. 

Toodles for now

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Holidays are coming..

Tis that time of year when we could all do with an extra few hours in the day I think.  

Got home from work tonight and after a chill out session, dinner and a quick clean up I decided to make a few wee samples for the shop.  

Products used:

Papier mache cones
Mod Podge
Distress Glitter
Liquid Pearls

It's always good to have some sparkle in your life at this time of year and what better way than through the use of glitter!  

Time to go pop some hats on my snowmen now lol.


Monday, 7 December 2015

One down..

Nineteen more to go then the first batch is finished and ready for posting.. 

Sorry I've been slightly awol but yesterday I took off to do a little Christmas shopping..  yes that's right I've actually bought my first pressies! 

It's going to be a busy old week and I'm hoping the roads clear up a little to make my commute to and from work easier.   This morning I was soaked through to the skin just going from the house to the car and was still damp when I arrived at work!   Tonight traffic was awful around the store so I held back before leaving and even when I did (6.30pm) it was no better.   Thankfully I managed to switch lane and instead of heading in the right direction I took off in the opposite and drove to Glasgow airport where I managed to get turned and back on to the motorway in the right direction.  As I drove past the Hillington cut off I looked down at the road below and the same bus and van was quite literally sitting in the same position as it was when I managed to jump lane!   Fingers crossed for a better commute tomorrow. 

Anyway back to my stitching so Toodles for now.


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Saturday morning crafting..

Well folks it's a rather unpleasant day outside again but I've got plenty to keep me occupied indoors so I'm not complaining.   Nothing nicer than feeling toasty when you know it's chilly out.

So I've kick started the day by having a little play making a sample for the shop.   We have these fabulous sacks in stock and when I saw them I immediately saw Santa and Rudolph..  they're just perfect for filling with pressies for the kids to open on Christmas morning. 

To begin I downloaded an image from Google (well actually I asked Alan in the work to do it for me lol) which I then cut out in sections and traced on to some bondaweb. 

Next I ironed the bondaweb on to some felt and cut around the shape.  As I collected all my elements I heat set them layer by layer ie I ironed the black on to the white of the eyes then on to the actual face.  I simply continued to do this until the image was complete. 

Now I have to be honest here and say I have NEVER used bondaweb before so I was going out on a limb and hoping for a positive outcome.  

My opinion..  not bad for a first attempt lol

Products used:

Sack bag
Google image
Hot iron
Grease proof paper (place this over your felt before ironing)

Time to jump in the shower now and try make myself as presentable as Rudolph.. 


Rudolph sack all ready to be filled with pressies... 

Chance to save some pennies


It's Frosty..

Well folks it's frosty outdoors, blowing a hooley and not quite sure how much more rain the sky can throw at us!

Needless to say it's been a bit of an indoors day which was fine as I have so much to do.  House cleaned, washing done, caught up on some paperwork but still quite a bit to go, sorted more stuff for the homeless that was kindly donated and have made a start on my own Christmas cards at long last.  Still got the presents to buy right enough lol. 

Tomorrow will be a day of finishing off the die cutting and then construction of 55 cards.  Sadly this year it will only be my family and close friends receiving a handmade card and the rest will be shop bought as I just have so many other things to do over the next few weeks.  Oh and the old mummy needs taking out to buy her stuff too. 

Time for me to go sit down and relax a bit now before bed although I'm not quite sure how good that will go as Mr Windy is rattling the letter box every now and then without warning.   Oh and I've been out chasing the rubbish from the paper bin as it got blown over in the wind even though it had a brick on top of it..  there's nothing quite like scrapping sodding wet kitchen roll off a tarmac road at 9.30pm in the howling wind and lashing rain!! 

Time for hot chocolate.. 


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Great idea

Sorry there's no wreath update folks as I popped my shoulder today and by the time I got home from work I had a horrible migraine and have basically lay and slept hence why I'm up at 4am lol. 

Anyway as I was doing a quick scroll of Facebook I happened upon this post which falls pretty much in line with one of my own ventures at the moment so thought I'd share in the hopes that many of you will follow this girls example.   It may be just one can of soup to us but it means so much more than that to a homeless person.  


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Under starters orders..

And we are off!!! 

Construction has begun but considering how many elements there are to attach this could take me a few evenings to complete! 

This is a close up of one flower before I attach it as no way I'll get a clear pic once it's in place. 

Anyway nothing much else to report I'm afraid.. had a hellish journey to work this morning but thankfully a better one coming home.  A good day at the shop, mum was here when I got home so saw her for a half hour before she left and caught up with some paperwork before settling down with my hook.  Now its time for bed. 

Tune in tomorrow again to see how far I progress. 


The first pieces have now been attached.. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Construction is due to start

Sorry I've not been around the last few days.  Saturday I was working, Sunday I had quite a lazy day (except for 5 loads of washing) so I managed to get the majority of the final bits finished for the wreath and got rid of all the tails.  I've decided to stitch them on separately rather than fight with bits and pieces.  Today..  well I've been domestic goddess for the day.  Over the three week period when I had that horrendous cold I kept the house going but there was no deep cleaning done, so today it got done from top to bottom followed by three hours of ironing!   Tonight my step daughter and her husband were over for a visit which was lovely as we were arranging what day we were having our Christmas meal.  It's always difficult when there's a split in the family and now she's married there's even more people to visit.   Poor kids now have to visit us, her mum and step dad, Gordon's mum and dad and two sets of grandparents!  To us that's too much of an ask so we always have them either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day so this year we fall on Christmas Eve.  

Now its back to work tomorrow and then I will make a start on stitching all my wreath together when I get home..  I'm desperate to get it finished not just to see what's it's like when it's all done but also because I've already got the next project lined up..  One that's very apt for Christmas Day! 

Always best get myself off to bed so please stay tuned. 


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Making progress..

Yes it looks messy with all the tails stocking out still but I will deal with them in the one go.  My priority just now is simply to get all my elements crocheted and do a rough lay out as it progresses.

Unfortunately I didn't have as much time today as I would have liked as we had to deal with some Home Office stuff for the old hubby which took several hours.  Followed by the weekly shop..  Low point of the week for me as I detest shopping lol. 

Now we did have one funny event occur.   We had security cameras installed this morning and upon checking the actioned alarms we noticed one of them was a delivery.  Now what's funny about that you ask?  Well as the delivery driver was leaving he stopped to take a picture of hubby's car (it's not a rare car!) on his mobile phone totally unknown to him that his action was caught and recorded on camera!!!   Needless to say he didn't smile for the birdie lol.   I would have to say I can highly recommend digital home security. 

Toodles for now and happy crafting.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Doodle time..

Great for the kids..  a blank canvas apron and some Tulip paint..  a gift to play with and then wear to keep them clean. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Black Friday Sale..


Hope you find some yummy craft stash!!! 

Click click..

Just a quick post folks.  Tonight I've managed to knit 2 scarves to add to my homeless box and crocheted some more leaves for my wreath and a couple of pine cones which aren't in the pic (sorry about the tails as I've left them long for attaching). 

Tomorrow night I need to get some stuff moved in the house as I've got the security man coming first thing Friday morning to install some new equipment.  Hopefully I'll still have time to get some needlework done though. 

Anyway I'm off to bed now as another busy day ahead in the shop tomorrow.. 


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Making a list..

It's full steam ahead here at the moment folks and I'm quickly losing my dining room to boxes.  

There's one for Cats Protection who we like to donate to, which is almost full of food and near ready for delivery to our local branch. 

Another has all the hand crocheted baby blankets donated to me by my work colleague June and a lovely customer called Amelia.  My role now is to crochet little hats, cardigans and booties then they will all be donated to the local hospital for those who find themselves in the position of having their baby prematurely.  You can see from the picture just how small they are in relation to the Sky remote control.  Poor little things bless them and their families too. 

Next we have a box currently being filled with food for the homeless. 

Another which is filling up nicely with donated gifts of hats, scarves and gloves both bought and hand made, which will be donated Christmas gifts for the homeless and each will also include a hand written Christmas card so they know that someone cares.  

Finally there is the one for good condition second hand clothing which will also be donated to the homeless to help keep them warm this winter. 

We are not always appreciative of just how fortunate we are in life and this year I have vowed to make a difference other people's lives.  

Tonight I have knitted 2 scarves and have a 3rd on the hooks at present which I will finish tomorrow night.

If you can do just one little thing to make another person's day better then do it.. 

Toodles for now

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Plush Bundled Snowman

Well folks I managed to have a quick play with one of my new dies, the Plush Bundled Snowman by Memory Box. 

I'm not one for stuffing and stitching so this one isn't perfect but I just had to share with you. 

After cutting 2 pieces of each segment I set about stitching and stuffing (note my lack of coloured thread so black had to suffice).  The pieces are really easy to stitch together as all the pieces have die cut holes just ready to be lined up well apart from the 2 scarf tail sections, nose and eyes which I simply glued in space.   There are no dies for the eyes and as hubby was in bed I didn't want to start rummaging for mini buttons so I simply used 2 of the black felt pieces that had been left over from the die cut holes..  and it worked..  Woohoo.  

Now although I have another one already die cut and awaiting construction I would like to say that this will also look fab on the front of cards.. imagine a cut little snowman with a poochie belly sitting on the mantle. 

So folks that's my latest make and as it's now time for bed I'll bid you all a fond farewell. 

Back soon!

I cut to pieces of each shape

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hels Sheridan & Pauline Wheeler Workshop

The lovely Hels & Pauline have just announced their first Ink Buds workshop! 

Bookings are being taken by Hels via private message on her Facebook account.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Birthday wishes

Well folks it's Friday again and another weekend is about to begin..  and we're another week closer to Christmas! 

I don't know about anyone else but I for one haven't bought a single present yet nor have I made any cards..  nothing unusual for me then lol. 

However, I did manage another card this time using Sizzix Graceful Flourish as the main feature, a basic text stamp for the background and Ken Olivers Pegz Stampz for the sentiment.  

Sadly the picture was taken late at night again so it's another jaunty angle one lol.

Hoping to make some more stuff at the weekend so fingers crossed there will be a few more posts.

Toodles for now

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Plain and simple

Just a quick post tonight folks as still have a few things to do before I can even think about bed. 

So here's a little plain and simple card I made using Memory Box Prim Poppy die.   Sorry it's at an angle but the lighting was poor. 


Monday, 16 November 2015

Taking it easy..

Sorry I've been AWOL folks but I've been really poorly the last 2 weeks.  Thankfully I saw the doctor on Friday and she's given me some antibiotics and linctus so fingers crossed I'll be back to normal soon.  

Due to lack of energy etc I've not been feeling in a mood to be creative but I've made a start on a little crochet wreath.   Trust me I ain't been getting anywhere quick cause the coughing and nose blowing has been getting in the way lol.  However..  I've managed to get the band made and attached to the polystyrene wreath in addition to a few leaves (never made these before) so just a pile more leaves, flowers etc to go before I can attach them..  am hoping to have it finished before Christmas!!!!  

Hopefully now I'm on my meds life will return to somewhat of normality (not that I have a lot of that in my life!) and I'll be back to blogging in a more timely fashion. 

Take care!

My beautiful old kitty having a snooze..  its been hard work looking after mummy when she's been unwell lol

Managed to get my hair cut and coloured and loving the fact I've finally managed to get the back taken up short.