Monday, 3 July 2017

Wedding season arrives

This weekend I was asked to make a wedding card for a special daughter.   The wedding is not till next Saturday so I'll refrain from uploading it all just now but this is how the inside of it looked.  

With that said.. that's my up to date.   As you can see very little has been happening on the craft front due to so much going on with the personal stuff but hopefully that's on the cusp of change now as things are starting to fall back in to place a little.  

Today sees me with a list of 12 'MUST DO' chores so as I've only completed 7 so far I guess I better push ahead and get myself moving again.  

Toodles for now. 
Loz  xxx

Blooming time

As the rains started to push the sun away again I had to make a quick cut from my Peony bush before I lost all my gorgeous flowers to the elements.   What a marvellous aroma filled the house that week.   My favourite bush yet sadly they don't last long enough.   


A big 40!

Second birthday of June saw one of my work colleagues turn 40 and he's often a cheeky monster in work hence I thought I'd use one of the fab PaperArtsy stamps as the focus of his card.   

Glad to report that he absolutely loved it.  

June birthday

June saw a very dear friends birthday and as she is an avid kitty lover I decided to make her this one.   Absolutely love the quote as she truly is a fabulous person. 


Yay.. sunshine

Start of June we actually had some sunshine for a change..   today is back to normal overcast lol. 

Always nice to be able to catch a few sunrays in the garden on a day off. 


It's all going too fast!!!

Where oh where is the time going..  I can't believe it's been so long since I posted so will try and do a few quick posts to get back up to date.   

At the end of May we were fortunate enough to have Leandra from PaperArtsy visit the shop for a demo day..  such energy and inspiration that she makes you want to get crafting before you even get home lol. 


Monday, 22 May 2017

Period style

Yesterday we had a trip down to the coast to watch Brianna during a performance at Culzean Castle in period attire.  Here she is on the right of the picture as you look at it.   Many a tune she sung whilst filling in some of the history of the precious residents of the castle.   Afterwards we had a little bite to eat and a catch up with her, Gordon her husband and Betty her MIL.   We eventually parted ways as they made an earlier departure than us to head home whilst we had a little wander around the grounds and stroll along the beach and explored the rock pools.   Weather was a mix from being blown on top of the hillside to sheltered on the beach so my jacket was on and off as quick as I was blinking at times lol.  Good thing is that it's such a large estate we still have plenty more areas to explore so there will be a few trips down throughout the summer months.  

Finally arrived home about 8pm so it was a late tea for us then another relaxing evening on the sofa.  For those who know me well you'll no doubt find that odd I've actually sat down 2 evenings in a row.. I know it's so not like me!  lol.  

Alas today is playing catch up, well after a visit from my friend Gail as we had coffee and caught up on how Saturday went.   This afternoon is housework, washing, paperwork and placing orders whilst doing some batch cooking. 

With that said it's time to sign off and get moving again so will bid you all farewell for now but will try and do another post later this evening.  

Loz xxx 

Communion Saturday

Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days folks but it's been a busy fun filled weekend.   

Saturday saw my friends little girl make her First Holy Communion.   Sadly the heavens opened just after the service finished so all her pictures had to be taken inside but we weren't complaining as that meant the ovens were on and the food was cooking.   Although she's my friend we have been like sisters since we met some 30 years ago so we're a part of each other's family and that meant we all had a fabulous family day.  Lots of chatting, fun and laughter and kids running in and out from the bouncy castle.   As the day drew to a close and the party came to a close we ended up with only 3 of us left..  well that I think became a party in its own right.  I ended up so relaxed I even forgot I was wearing a dress (I'm a jeans girl) that when I dropped Aimee and her boys off at their house I climbed out the car in good old tomboy fashion and ripped my dress right up my bum lol.   

Anyway, a fab day was had by all and after 9 hours of socialising I enjoyed a few hours on the sofa before bed.  


Thursday, 18 May 2017

You're a life saver

A combination of Sue Wilson and Lisa Horton work great for this card I think.  

A sentiment we express so often so why not gift a card to make that life saver feel special and know just how much you appreciate them.  

Products used 

Sea scene background paper 
Island Paradise - CED21009 
Anchors Aweigh - CER013
Set Sail - CEC814
Distress Ink
Clear Micro Beads 
White Signo pen 

Back tomorrow again.

Loz xxx 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Succulent variety

Time for another post..  seems like only a few hours since the last one not a whole day lol..

Well today had a little excitement in it when I had to apprehend a shop lifter at work.  The bare faced cheek of some people who will happily stand at a till and smile at you whilst asking how you are doing yet all the time know they are in the process of attempting to shop lift!!   How dumb are folk when they don't realise this is the equivalent of stealing my wage direct from my hand so I take it very personal!   Happy to say their sticky fingers will not be entering our shop ever again.   

Anyway, on to more pleasant things like another sample I created using the fabulous new Sue Wilson range.  This is such a quick and easy card to make and would work in any colour too.  

Products used are as follows.. 

Birthday Wishes - CED5426
Dandelion Posies - CED1482
Succulent Garden - CED1476
Shaded Succulents - UMS787
Distress Ink
Self Adhesive Pearls 

Products are available to purchase in store and online at

Check back tomorrow again for the next instalment.

Toodles for now 
Loz xxx 

#suewilson #creativeexpressions #craftworldscotland

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Message In A Bottle

Sorry it's a quick post but almost bedtime as alarm is looming in the morning.  

Products used are as follows 

Message In A Bottle CED21008
Island Paradise CED21009
On The Beach CED21010 
Tropical Hibiscus CED1477
Distress Ink
Sea shells 

All products are available to buy In store and some are available to buy online at 

Loz xxx 

Monday, 15 May 2017

New Arrival

Afternoon folks just a quick post today as lots to do and the clock is ticking.  

Just love these new bottle dies as they can be adapted for just about any and every occasion.

Products used are as follows.

Message In A Bottle CED21008
Little Treasures CED9308
Bubble Burst Mini Stencil CEMSBUBBLE
Mini Crystals 
Distress Ink
Self Adhesive Bows

All products are available in store and some are available online at 

Time to push ahead with the rest of the to do list so will post again soon.  

Toodles for now 
Loz xxx 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Old and relaxed

Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days but it's been a little busy.  

Thursday was my Dads 20th Anniversary so just kept myself busy and got through the day.  

Friday I had the hairdresser in the morning then after receiving a surprise message I got to spend a few hours in the afternoon with one of my old mates and his friend and we were slightly naughty and arranged to meet at mum's house without telling her lol.   Two amazing War Veterans whom I have the utmost respect for.   Unfortunately the day ended with a massive migraine.

Saturday saw me awaken at 6am with a downgrade to an intense headache but thankfully not quite at the stage where the room rattled when my head moved lol.   Caught up with the Masterchef final of which I was disappointed with the outcome followed by some work.  Early afternoon I headed off to the care home with mum to visit my step daughters gran.   Home again to do some more chores before the kids came to visit as it was the old hubbys birthday.   

Wonder what Sunday has in store lol.  

Anyway, on to another one of my samples and have to say it's one of my favourites.   I just wanted the feeling of that old wooden shack bar nestled somewhere on the beach where the locals pop in for a cool beer to quench their thirst.  

Products used are as follows..

Message In A Bottle CED21008
Bottle Treat Cups CETREATBOTT 
Island Paradise CED21009
On The Beach CED21010
Knotted Woodgrain UMS780 
DecoArt Media paint 
Crackle glaze 
Corrugated card 

All products are available In Store at Craft World and stamps and dies are available online at 

Off to watch Great British Menu now so TTFN for now.  

Loz xxx 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Super excited

I'm whoop whoop whooping today at the news that Leandra is coming to demo at the shop.

For anyone local looking to attend you can book your free place either in-store or online

Guess that will be more new stock arriving shortly too lol.  

Loz xxx 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Island Paradise

Just a quick post tonight folks as I'm hoping to catch a quick 15 mins in the evening sun before preparing dinner.   

These dies from Creative Expressions are fab for covering a range of occasions.   Here I have used it for a birthday card but it could just as easily be a retirement one.  Oh the thought of spending long days lazing in the sun on a hammock..  if only!  Then again I'd probably be more likely to want a table in the shade that I could sit and craft at lol.  
Anyway, products used for today's card are as follows.. 

Island Paradise - CED21009
Happy Birthday - CED5426

Forget what the paper was but will try to remember to check and update you on tomorrow's post.  

Loz   xxx

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Tropical Hibiscus

A little something colourful to match the lovely blue sky and sun we've had lately.  

I've missed most of the sun being indoors working but boy is it nice driving home in the home.  Well apart from all the numpties who insist on hogging the middle lane and those who don't wear sunglasses and cut lane because they don't see you for the sun glinting.   Makes me wonder how a lot of them even passed a driving test.

Anyway, we're busy in the shop this week checking and reordering stock after our fab weekend of in-store demos so no doubt we'll be busy with lots of deliveries next week.  

Now on to today's card..  can you guess I was working mostly with Creative Expressions lol..  so love this range.  

Products used are as follows..

Tropical Hibiscus CED1477
Memory Box Delicate Sea Fan 99744
Message In A Bottle (sentiment) CED21008
Set Sail Stamp Set (crab) CEC814
Bubble Burst Mini Stencil CEMSBUBBLE
Gabi's Butterflies Are Free (honeycomb used as my set with fish net didn't arrive in time) GP-4611
Distress Ink 

Some of the above products are available online at 

If you're looking for an item not listed on it then feel free to call the shop on 0141 883 6855.  

Off to make myself a wee cuppa now and relax with some yarn..  I'm in the process of crocheting a granny blanket for my step daughters gran to go along with the 4 shoulder shawls I've made her.  She's a wonderful 91 year old lady who has recently gone in to a care home and as she's fully lucid she is finding it a little hard to adapt to her new surroundings so thought these would help make her feel a little more comfortable.   

Ok I'm gone.. toodles.

Loz xx

Monday, 8 May 2017


Another sample from my Craft World demo.  

Products used as follows 

Island Paradise - CED21009
On The Beach - CED21010
Distress Ink
Silver micro beads 
White signo pen 

All products are available IN-STORE and some are available online at 

More to follow tomorrow but toodles for now.  

Loz xx

#craftworldscotland #creativeexpressions #suewilson

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Beach hut time

Had another fantastic day at Craft World today.  Extravaganza time is always my favourite as it's two whole days of fun.  

So here is another of my samples created for the event.  Much fun making this using lovely bright colours.  

Products used are as follows.

Island Paradise - CED21009
On The Beach - CED21010 
By the sea beach huts 
DecoArt Media paint 
Texture paste 
Distress Ink 
Silver micro beads 

All products are available IN-STORE and some are on the Craft World website

Time now to relax and look forward to coffee with a friend tomorrow as well as the mundane household chores lol.  


Saturday, 6 May 2017

Beach Birthday

It's been a busy few months between work and personal life so there's not been much time for crafting but this weekend's extravaganza in the shop has forced me to make time to craft in order to prepare my samples.  Now the question is..   Just how much fun can a girl have playing with palm trees and buckets and spades?    LOTS is my reply!

Quite a few to upload so I'll get them uploaded daily.  

This first one was brought about from an ATC I made and what a fab way to keep a stash of card toppers the fit well on to a DL card.  

Products used are from Creative Expressions as follows.. 

On The Beach - CED21010 
Island Paradise - CED21009
Birthday Wishes - CED5426
Distress Ink 

Lots more to follow including Fillables bottles used for a few different occasions not used a message in a bottle.  

It's nice to be back but toodles for now.

Lorraine xx 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Workshop fun

Sunday I shared a fun afternoon with eighteen lovely ladies tutoring at a three hour workshop getting inky.  

I would say they were all well behaved but there was a naughty one or two and they know who they are lol.  

Cake did someone say cake.. OMG did I get treated to the most amazing home baking ever!  So good actually that I got caught sneaking back for more lol.  

Think there was probably a few sneaking in the house with all their purchases from the pop up shop and now.. well now I get to look forward to doing a pre Christmas workshop with them later in the year so thinking cap is on.  


John Lockwood

We had the lovely John Lockwood demonstrating in the shop for two days last week and what a fabulous time we had.  

Such a lovely, genuine person oozing to share his hints, tips and inspiration with everyone.   

Group picture taken at the end of two very busy days so we look a little tired.  


Long haul

My amazing step daughter is currently half way round the world in the land of Oz conducting research on 18th century music.   What a job eh!   

So relieved there are things such as WhatsApp and video chat to help us keep in touch along with a daily read of her blog which she's updating daily in relation to her research.  

So proud of her. 

Picture taken on her first day there outside Sydney Opera House.


Lots of cheer

Lots of fabulous new products have arrived in store including stamps and the beautiful glitter kiss.


My birthday

Can you believe what they done to me in work on my birthday!!!  

Yep they made me wear a huge badge the whole day and forced me to eat cake.. Lots of cake lol.  

Oh and they gave me some beautiful presents too so I had to forgive them.  


Crafty besties

February saw the annual trade show in Birmingham which also means it's time for me to pack my bags and go stay with my wee buddy Hels Sheridan.  

Obviously we behaved.. NOT!   

We had a few fabulous days at the show catching up with friends, browsing new products and assisting in assisting few workshops..  I need to take a picture of the fabulous t-shirt I made using the new Screen Sensation.  What a fab product that allows you to design on different surfaces.   

Lots of giggles, delicious Sunday roast with all the trimmings thanks to her lovely hubby and my dear friend Graham, sofa days watching Pretty Woman whilst eating candy floss, crisps and sweets.   

What wonderful friends I have!  


It's been a while!

Well folks it's been a month since I last posted and can't believe how quickly that time has gone so I will try and upload a few pictures and some updates of what's happened during that time.  


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Corrie McKeague

Corrie is a missing British Military Serviceman who disappeared mysteriously after a night out in Bury St Edmonds in September 2016.  

Neither Corrie, his phone or his wallet have ever been found. 

Tonight from 8-10 pm UK time there is a tweet storm.  If you can please tweet to keep Corrie in the headlines and also to raise awareness as there are still people out there unaware of his disappearance. 

Tonight's hashtag is #letsfindcorrie 

Thank you 

Monday, 16 January 2017

Party time..

Well yesterday was a new experience for me as I helped my neighbour with her sons 9th birthday party.   A Hummer limo ride for an hour complete with 15 kids, followed by food and party games.   All I can say was clean up was fun but the kiddies had a superb day and that's what it's all about.   Oh and when a 9 year old puts his arms around you and gives you a kisses several times throughout the day then says thank you for helping mum with my party..  awe bless my heart melted every time.   Love that boy to bits.  


Well we were threatened with snow last week and it sure felt like the baltic so it was time for the fur lined boots at work.  #snugasabug all day.  Happy girl.  


Operation 'zone tidy' has begun and I've only just realised exactly how much stuff I have stored over the years..  it's going!!!

Chill time..

Hogmanay shopping done I treated the old man to dinner at Pizza Hut.   Just love their cream soda!