Thursday, 4 November 2010

Can you help?

Now I'm sure if you have any kind of a heart that you will be touched by the pictures in this poster just like I was... and sometimes we can easily forget just how fortunate we are.
Charlie has raised over £280,000 in the past 10 years for children in Dundee and the surrounding areas. They are children who are suffering from cancer, leukaemia, disabled or underprivileged.
Here is an article from the Courier verifying his authenticity, and here is another giving an example of the kind of work that he does for Ninewells Hospital.
He puts on a party for 3,000 children and would like to collect enough presents to give each child a gift from Santa. These children range in age from 0-16 years and are of both sexes... this year there are more boys than girls.
If you feel that you could help him makes just one child happy for one day of their life by contributing either a small gift or donation, it would be very helpful. Even if your gift is just a pack of colouring pens or a book it will all be gratefully received.
If you live in the Tayside region and click on the poster you will see a list of all the local companies who are working alongside Charlie and using their stores as collection points... alternatively if you wish to forward anything to me, please feel free to drop me an email, I will give you my address to ship your gift to and I will then forward these on to Burns & Harris Art Shop on your behalf.
I know it is a big thing to ask as we are all watching our pennies this year... but think of it this way... some of the children who have been invited to the party, may not actually live long enough to attend... some may only live another day or two.
My personal thanks to you all for simply taking the time to read this and I hope that you can contribute even just a small thing, as it would make such a difference.
Love 'n' hugs to you all
Lorraine xxx

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Anne said...

Hi Lorraine , would like to give something --- Kath has my email . Was great to meet you at the SECC --- hope to see you again soon
Anne xxx