Sunday, 26 January 2014

DT February kit

Ooooo look what's arrived from Jones Crafts..  a lovely big box of goodies for my DT February project.   Not that the boss has put any pressure on or anything but all our projects this month need to be finished and back with them ready for display at the NEC trade show in a few weeks time.   He's lucky we all love him.   Lol  

Obviously I'm not revealing all to you just now but if you look hard enough I'm sure you'll spy one of my favourite brand names in there along with something that requires a little construction.   I've already had a dry run at the build and was VERY impressed!   Good quality material, well cut and very accurate easy to fit grooves and knotches.   Can't wait to share this one.  

So, whats been happening with me the last few days..  Friday night we had the kids over for a visit.   Friday and Saturday I worked on invites.  Not exactly an exciting weekend but hey ho.. work calls and I'm trying to clear this order in the hope that I can have more free time this year than I did last.   Today, I've stepped away from it as I worked all of last weekend too and needed a little down time.   Nice lie in, followed by brunch, a little me time then off out with the old hubster for a few hours.   Now home and going to chill till bed time then start afresh in the morning.   Sometimes you really do just need to stop and smell the roses.  

Hope you've all had a fab weekend. 

Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Is beginning with attaching bows to invitations.


Comprised of constructing 110 double wrap bows

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Talented new blogger

Evening all...  its been a busy, eventful few days in the shop with lots of deliveries and the construction of a new facebook page to name just a few and I will post more details on this tomorrow but tonight I wanted to introduce you to a very talented crafter who has been hiding her work from public view for far too long thinking that it was nothing special...  but trust me.. it is.


I love her descriptions of where she obtained her inspiration and the process used to create each of her projects and I know she'd just love if you signed up to be a follower.  

Now, tomorrow I will give you some more detail of this weeks events and if you're all really good I may be tempted to give you some clues regarding the large box of goodies I've just received from Jones Crafts for my February project!   All I can say on that tonight is I LOVE my new stash and oh boy...  its tasty, tasty, very, very tasty.   Lol  

Well it's time to sign off as need to catch up on emails etc but please remember to check out the above blog and I'll be back with some pictures tomorrow.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Full steam ahead

Morning all.   Well its been a busy wee week with a combination of things.   I was working Friday last week which was unusual for me, then I've been working on a wedding order at nights and also the last 3 days.  
So far I've constructed 110 pocket cards, cut 220 matting layers, 110 of which I embossed, cut 110 lengths of ribbon, stuck & cut 120 yes 120! Metres of high tack tape and have now attached it all to the cards.   As if that's not enough I still have to cut another 220 pieces of ribbon to construct 110 bows, cut 220 sentiment layers and print 440 inserts.   Phew...  That's after I've already done the 'save the date' cards and I've still got the thank you cards to do after I'm finished the invites.   Me thinks there's still a lot of hours left to work before this order is complete.  Lol.  

Anyway, I'm back at work tomorrow and our wee June has made 'mental lentil' soup for us all for lunch so can't wait.  She makes the best soup ever.  

It's been a sad week too with a funeral, then Coronation Street has shown the passing of poor Hayley and sadly there has been the search for and discovery of the body of the little boy in Edinburgh.   God rest his soul, a poor wee 3 year old now with his wings, may he rest in peace. 

One of my wee surrogate daughters Nicole came over today shouting from the rooftops about an exam result.   She got 39 out of 40 so approx 98%.   She was so excited we even had to call Rob to tell him.   She said the world had to know as she was so happy so thought I'd help her share the news by telling you all about it too.  Lol. 

Well its almost 2am and time for bed so will bid you all goodnight but please keep your fingers crossed I get through this order quick as I've got some DT work waiting for my attention and I can't wait to start on it.   Simply decided it would be easier to clear my feet of this order early on then I can concentrate on my yummy stash. 

Righty ho I'm off..  nighty night.

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What a week!

Well, what a week it's been and this is the time I'd normally be saying thank goodness it's over but it's a crap one ahead too.  

So, what's been happening since my last blog post..  hhmmm let's see.  
The start of last week I was riddled with the cold but dragged myself out to work anyway, partly in the hope that it took my mind off it and some normality returned.  Then I think I spent the evenings collapsed on the sofa before slugging the night nurse to help stop the night coughs and help aid me get some sleep..  not much right enough..  think I averaged about 4 hours a night.  

Anyway, on Wednesday night I got word that a very old friend of the family had passed away, then as though one death wasn't enough, we had another on Friday night.  Feels like I've spent the weekend surrounded by death whilst trying to work on wedding stationery. 

My wee old uncle turned 81 on Saturday and hasn't been keeping as well as normal lately so I popped down to see him & my aunt for a few hours today.  He's always been such a very active man, well known for riding his bike but in the last year he's had a knee replacement, a heart attack and been knocked unconscious after falling from his bike..  yeah he still rides a bike even after all that!

So, the week ahead holds in store visiting relatives and a funeral.  Not exactly my idea of a pleasant time.  Things like this really do make me truly thankful for my life and the fact that God grants me the ability to awaken and breathe every day.  

Well it's time for bed now so toodle pip and be back soon.  

Happy crafting

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy hubby

Well the weather hasn't been too bad today thankfully so we ended up leaving a little later than planned this morning to head up to Tillicoultry and collected the hubby's new chair.   Decided to have a wee bite of lunch whilst we were there before heading home again.   Old chair dismantled and new one now in place.  Have to say I'm liking this one a lot better than the old one and the red has added a nice bright spark to the room.   Biggest problem now is that I just cannot decide if I want a new carpet or if I want to go back to my hard wood floor with a big rug.   Main reason we got the carpet was to help retain heat but I did much prefer my wood floor.   Oh dilemma, dilemma, dilemma.  Lol. 

Just back from doing the weekly food shop and considering whether to dismantle the Christmas tree now or wait till tomorrow.   Also need to fit in some crafting tonight..  another dilemma..  push ahead with the wedding order or get inky on my next project!!!   I really want to play but at the same time I know that the quicker I get the wedding stuff done, the sooner I can get back to my beloved play. 

Think I'll jump online and have a wee search for some new cushions whilst I make decisions on my dilemma's.   Lol.  

Toodles for now.

Quiet but busy day

Sorry I've not got any pictures to post today.  I've been feeling slightly bunged up the last few days and put it down to the fact that the central heating has been on a lot but now I'm not so sure.  What a terrible night I had, one of those where you feel like you're waking up every 30 minutes or so.  One time I'd feel like I was burning, next time I'd feel like ice!  There was also a lot of tossing and turning but I think the funniest part was this morning when my hubby came out the shower just in time to catch me before I fell out the bed.  I awoke to him saying 'you're going to fall' as he has his hands on my back trying to push me back into bed.  Lol  

When I finally rolled out of bed mid morning feeling like death warmed up and how nice... i appear to have now pulled a chest muscle too!  I had quite a bit I wanted to do today whilst hubby was at work and the house was quiet so I paced myself.  There were a few invoices I had to type up that should have been done before now, ordered some wedding stock, and finally made a start on the wedding order.   There's rather a lot of cutting and die cutting involved so I've managed to make a dent in it today.

The weather forecast isn't looking too good for tomorrow, with a possibility of snow so need to make sure I wrap up warm.   Last week we headed up to Sterling's furniture store inTillicoultry as hubby has spondylitis and was in need of a new chair.  After his usual sitting on a variety and the elimination process he finally decided upon the one he wanted.  Sadly the didn't have it in stock at the time but we got the call yesterday to say it had arrived so tomorrow morning we need to make a quick trip up to Tillicoultry and hopefully get back home without seeing any snow.   
Keep fingers crossed!

I hope that everyone is staying safe during this awful weather, be it the floods here in the UK or the snow in the US.  Don't take chances peeps as accidents can happen all too easily.  If you don't need to go out then stay safely indoors, and if you do need to go out then take extra special care.  

Well it's time to sign off now as it's 1.30am and time for my bed.  

Nighty night

Thursday, 2 January 2014

First craft project of 2014

Yay..  after a lot of fights with dear old Mr Blogger I've finally managed to get my pictures and posts uploaded.   Won't go in to it all in depth but basically I've had to revert to uploading the pics via my mobile and then editing via blogger to add the text!

On a much brighter note, let's get on with a fun topic.  Crafting! 

As I told you in a previous post last month, I'm now part of the design team for Jones Crafts  which means I get to play with lots of delicious products on a regular basis, beginning with this range by Graphic 45.  

First up I slapped a layer of paint on to a blank canvas then set about cutting up some pages and starting the layering process.   This is one of my favourite parts when you sit with all different segments shifting them around until I find the layout I want then the construction process begins.  

Personally I'm not keen on flat projects so I had to add some depth via curling, rolling, flowers & trimmings.  

Now I've got the first one done I need to start planning the next as I've already got another pile of products crying out to me and the nasty Darren at Jones Crafts has promised there's more to come in the near future!  

Oh my..  what is a girl to do?  Lol  

Products used

Graphic 45 'Sweet Sentiments' collection
Kaiser Craft flowers
Ruby Rock It trimmings

Well folks I hope you like my first project of the year and I promise there will be many more to follow.

Now go get crafty!

Close up nos 1

Added dimension by rolling some edges, curling the banner and let's not forget those Kaiser Craft flowers 

Cut out designs layered over and under along with a few curled and inky edges 

close up nos 2

Added some Kaiser Craft flowers and Ruby Rock It lace trim

This really says it all..  Graphic 45 'Sweet Sentiments' range

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wedding Day 7

Final Day!!!
The Rings

Watching the beautiful bride upon arrival
Left to Right - Dad, Me, Mum, Step Dad, Reverand

It's Official!

Time for some joyous song

The three amigos.. lol

The Grand Finale here but only just the beginning of a wonderful married life for them both..  Again I raise my glass to the lovely Gordon & Brianna.
Well folks I hope you've enjoyed the last weeks daily trip and I hope you all have an amazing 2014 ahead.
Rob & Lorraine