Friday, 26 August 2016

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Week from hell

The last week has been one of the worst for a long long time.

Thursday saw an old friend of almost 30 years buried.

Friday sadly and unexpectedly saw my mum lose her dog Lucy.  

A more loyal, loving and friendly companion we couldn't have wished for.  She was full of energy and fun but also snuggled on cold evenings.   She would regularly jump on your lap thinking she was the size of a chihuahua and would normally be the first to bed.

The last week has felt more like a month truth be told and my heart has ached so much.

Sleep tight my beautiful Lucy.


Busy busy

Well it's been a while! 

Things have been a little busy around here lately with lots of decorating and reorganising.   I can't believe how a lick of fresh paint can help to rejuvenate the mind and soul as well as the house.  

Hallway all brightened up 

A beautiful tartan heart gifted to me by a customer 

Reframed a wedding gift 

Hubby's favourite picture has found a place on the dining room wall

Couldn't resist this one lol

Love my kitchen wall signs 

Had to have this one!

Happy that I've now got all 3 of my baby's pictures on the wall..  I've waited patiently for this since she started university 9 years ago.   So proud of our girl.