Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Strike a pose.. not quite finished

Time seems to have flown by lately and not had much time for crafting but I have managed to get some paint on the mannequin.  Not finished yet but hopefully next week.  

Sorry I've been so AWOL lately.  Between work and other stuff there's often not enough hours in the day.  

Decorating being done next week so I'm off and hope I may be able to squeeze in some more crafting. 


My favourite trio

I've waited a lot of years for this little trio.  9 to be exact.  

Bachelor, Masters & PhD

Decorating being done next week then my baby can be hung on the wall. 

I said the day I got her Bachelors picture that it wouldn't be hung till I had all 3 so I'm ubber excited at just how close that day is now.  

Dr Brianna Elyse Robertson-Kirkland 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Lovely surprise

What a way to start the day!

In the kitchen at 1.30am this morning and hear a noise outside.  Move to look and see someone moving!   Jump on the cctv to see who the hell it is only to laugh as there is my friend walking up and leaving flowers at my front door!  

I feel blessed every day for the wonderful friends I have.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day too. 


What a head

Rain forced me to cut another peony and just look at the size of that flower head.  

Sadly it happens every year.. my bush flowers and the rain comes but the benefit is that I get pretty flowers in the house and it smells gorgeous too.  

Momentus Day

June 27th..  what a day!

Our amazing girl graduated her PhD and is now Dr. Brianna Elyse Robertson-Kirkland.

Words cannot express how truly proud we are of her and her achievements so far in life.  Can't wait to see what the future holds for her now.  

Smelling sweet

June 24th the rain was heavy and I had to rescue 2 of my peony before the heads got so heavy the stem snapped.  Shame for the bush..  advantage for me.


June 22nd I decided to have a play with a blank mannequin base and a plaster bandage.  Too cool!  

No she's not the white lady, she's still to be painted lol. 

Box Pop fun

June 20th I had a little fun making up a Box Pop sample for the shop.  It's good to sometimes just sit back and create without having to think as it's all done for you apart from having to pop it out, fold and glue.  

Surprise time

June 18th I was a naughty girl and made an early morning trip to Preston to surprise my good buddy Hels Sheridan as it was her birthday week.  

Pauline Wheeler was my partner in crime and how she managed to keep the secret I'll never know lol.   Thankfully Hels fell for my little white lies over the delay in her present being delivered so it all went to plan. 

Here I had just managed to sneak in the building and snapped a shot before she spotted me.  Her face when she did was priceless!   If you can picture someone with their hand in the air pointing at the window and her mouth moving but no words coming out.  It was epic!   

Love my Hels and Pauline 

Couldn't find a unicorn!

Cake purchased for a special lady and as I couldn't get a nice unicorn one I opted for the one that reminded me of unicorn colours lol 

Upholstery time

June 11th decided it was time to revamp the kitchen chairs so off came the seat, new material in place and back on to the base.   Quick job done!  

Chapter and book

June 6th what a day..  Brianna gets her thesis bound.  Proud parents day! 

Garden crafting

Week of June 5th it was all about being in the garden enjoying the sun and even some crafting too.

Shame we are back to rain again lol.


By the time May 31st came around I'd successfully bashed my wrist not once but twice!   First time I successfully hit it hard on a wooden beam in the store at work then a few days later (don't laugh when you read this)  I done a Laurel & Hardy special and stood on the garden rake (yes I honestly did) which sprung upright and whacked me on the exact spot I had already hit!  

Was beginning to think I had possibly broken something as the pain was bad and I had to strap it up going to work and couldn't lift any real weight for 2 weeks.  Next visit to my physio I had her check it and was grateful to hear the bone seemed fine but I had damaged the ligaments and with them being close to the wrist joint would take a good few weeks to heal.  Four weeks down the line I finally feel like I am regaining strength in it again.  Thank goodness!