Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Corrie McKeague

Corrie is a missing British Military Serviceman who disappeared mysteriously after a night out in Bury St Edmonds in September 2016.  

Neither Corrie, his phone or his wallet have ever been found. 

Tonight from 8-10 pm UK time there is a tweet storm.  If you can please tweet to keep Corrie in the headlines and also to raise awareness as there are still people out there unaware of his disappearance. 

Tonight's hashtag is #letsfindcorrie 

Thank you 

Monday, 16 January 2017

Party time..

Well yesterday was a new experience for me as I helped my neighbour with her sons 9th birthday party.   A Hummer limo ride for an hour complete with 15 kids, followed by food and party games.   All I can say was clean up was fun but the kiddies had a superb day and that's what it's all about.   Oh and when a 9 year old puts his arms around you and gives you a kisses several times throughout the day then says thank you for helping mum with my party..  awe bless my heart melted every time.   Love that boy to bits.  


Well we were threatened with snow last week and it sure felt like the baltic so it was time for the fur lined boots at work.  #snugasabug all day.  Happy girl.  


Operation 'zone tidy' has begun and I've only just realised exactly how much stuff I have stored over the years..  it's going!!!

Chill time..

Hogmanay shopping done I treated the old man to dinner at Pizza Hut.   Just love their cream soda!  

My Boy. .

Spending some quality time with my old boy on new years day.  Love him to bits. 

Clowning around

When you're at work between Christmas and new year what else is there to do on a lunch break except send your colleague daft selfies lol 

Deep in thought

It may have been a fun day for us but in the back of my mind was those parted from their loved ones from troops, to homeless to the missing.  Lit a wee candle for them all especially #findcorrie 


Even got the old man joining in the stupidity lol 


Definitely who I get my stupidity from lol 


Think was having just too much fun playing with my phone lol 

Mum never grows up!

Christmas Day