Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  

Hope you all have a day filled with love, joy and cheer surrounded by family and friends.   

If you have an elderly neighbour or someone who lives alone nearby why not extend the hand of friendship and invite them over,  even just for a cuppa and cake.   You may well be their only Christmas cheer this year.  

Love to all

Festive cheer

A couple of quick samples I managed to make for the shop.  

Having a play with my phone lol 

Ho ho ho

Look who dropped in lol..  

Christmas hat for work..  defo got a few funny looks lol 

Oh oh

Naughty elf made an appearance in work in the run up to Christmas!  

Cheeky or what!

When you arrive at work and find this because your co-worker knows you've been up all night sick and only had 2 hours sleep lol.   


Not sure how many of you are aware of the missing airman Corrie McKeague who disappeared from Bury St Edmonds after a night out some 13 weeks ago.  

Sadly there have been a lot of missed opportunities on this case and the family are doing their best to raise funds to hire a private investigator and also to keep Corries name in the public name.   

I can't begin to imagine how a mother feels at any time knowing their child is missing and they will be in my mind even more so today with it being Christmas.   In support of their cause I decided to make a glass bauble for the tree which included some crystals for protection, jingle bells to guide him through the dark and a piece of lucky white heather as he's a fellow Scotsman.   

I hope and pray they receive a Christmas miracle today. 



When you take random pictures eating candy floss to send to absent friends lol

Finger licking good

When one of your besties come to stay and you pop to Pizza Hut for what turns out to be a two and a half hour meal session complete with a fantastic manager who came and sat down to have a conversation with us and a fun waitress who definitely decided we were completely bonkers by the time we left lol

Hubby enjoying the California view

When hubby sends you a picture from the pier to try and make you jealous lol 


Whilst hubby was off visiting family in the States I decided to revamp some furniture..  as they say.. whilst the cats away the mice will play lol 

My Boy

The beautiful face I wake to every morning.  Love my fur baby so much.  

Hector the House Mouse

My new addition to the family lol 

Catch up time!

Can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged!   Time has just gone so quickly but let me try and do a quick update now and hopefully get back on track.   

So this is from 6th November when we happened to bump in to a few relaxed reindeer.  Saving their energy for today I guess lol.  


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Competition time


Even if you've got one already you could always gift it to a friend or a local community source such as a school, nursing home, play group etc. 


Something witchy going on here

Well I wonder who this could be lol.   Seems that costume wear is going to be an annual occurrence in this house now at Halloween.  Absolutely love seeing the faces of the little ones when you open the door to them.   Not sure who's was the biggest kids this year, them or us lol.

Who is this

Halloween came around and a very odd person appeared in my house..  not quite sure who he was but he followed me round to my friends and home again but he did light the way with glow sticks and disappeared again by midnight lol.


Christmas crafting showtime at the SECC has now been and gone too as we quickly approach winter and Christmas.  The clocks have gone back an hour and the darkness creeps in all too early now.   Daylight is almost a thing of the past by 5pm.   Time to look out the thermals lol.

Happy Anniversary

Well 27th October seen the 3 year anniversary of Gordon and Brianna's wedding!   This year they are celebrating in style at Disneyland Florida.   Where oh where has the time gone..


When the mother comes to visit then makes herself comfortable and calls a friend whilst you're making the coffee lol. 

Oops how naughty

Some things are just too irresistible whilst making up the kids treats bags for Halloween lol.

Cards complete and bagged

I so adore these cute little cards.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Relaxing Sunday

Today will be a relaxing day..  wee bit of housework and washing followed by a little crafting then off out for dinner with the old hubby.   Need to have an early night as the step daughter and son in law have a flight to catch in the morning so we need to be up at 4am to get them to the airport on time.   How will I cope.. I usually go to bed between 2 and 3 lol.  

Anyway last week I managed to finish my bits and pieces for my Cat Protection cards so everything is ready just to be mounted on the cards now then bagged ready for sale. 

Time to unload the reload the washing machine now so toddles and catch you all again later.  


Saturday, 22 October 2016

Love it

Didn't she do well!  

Almost finished..

Just the ribbon to be attached now..

Layering time

She worked away with paint then added some gilding polish

Work time..

Out came the paints and she started to build up the layers..  Couldn't resist taking a photo of her in action! 

Material for the patch

Bri also bought a pair of these gloves for £1 so she could cut one up to cover the patch

As Halloween approaches

Well our Brianna and Gordon are heading to Orlando on Monday and will be spending Halloween at Disneyland so Bri made herself a hairband and Gordon had ordered an eye patch from Etsy and got let down by the seller so Bri kicked in to action.. off to the shop she sent and bought a £1.50 kit which included a plastic eye patch.. phone call followed by a visit to me and she got started on altering it..

Thursday, 20 October 2016


I'm always so well behaved at work!!!  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Watch "Basic blending and stamping with Tim Holtz Distress Inks" on YouTube


In preparation for filming beginning in the shop I decided to have a go at making one at home.   I had hoped hubby would be able to do the recording but he was held up at work and as daylight was fading I made the decision to prop my mobile phone up and just go for it!

Headache and snotty cold..  never the best combination on a busy day lol.


How cute!

Had a lovely wee visitor in store today in the form of the bosses new grand daughter Melissa only 3 weeks old. 

Isn't she just adorable! 

Yes my snuggles lasted a long time too lol.


Busy wee bee..

The local Cats Protection branch have a sale coming up at the start of November so this week I'm busy making some little Christmas cards for them to sell. 

50 card toppers stamped, in the process of colouring then all I have to do is mount them on the base cards and bag them. 

I'm a happy wee kitty lol.


Monday, 17 October 2016


When you do something nice for a customer and they show their thanks by giving you a delicious box of chocolates..

Thank you Mags! 

I can highly recommend Lily O'Brien..  they're yum. 


The Gentleman Crafters journey continues

We had the lovely John Bloodworth in store last Thursday hosting a workshop.   Glad to say we sold all 10 spaces as funds are going towards meeting his 20K  target he is aiming to reach for the charity Mind. 

There was lots of fun and laughter on the day and the feedback from customers was amazing!  

Wonder who our next guest will be lol.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Happy Anniversary

Good day all thought I'd share a card I had to make recently to commemorate a Diamond Anniversary.   I didn't want to go with the old Diamond cliché so I simply created one of love.

Products used as follows:

Card -  Foundation
Creative Expressions Double Pierced Rectangles - CED5508
Creative Expressions Frames & Tags - Hannah - CED4309
Sizzix - Garden Greens - 659436
Spellbinders - Shabby Posies - S4-628
Double sided adhesive sheet
Cushion mount
Diamond Snow

Hope you're having a creative day. 

Toddles for now

Monday, 10 October 2016

Stamp colour cut

In between everything else I've been trying to make head way on my Christmas cards and also some I'm doing for a Cats Protection fund raising event.  

It's been a case of stamp, colour and cut for the last week.   Thank goodness for tubs to store all the bits lol.

So folks that's the basic quick update on what I've been up to since I last blogged combined with work etc.

Hope everyone is keeping well and crafting till they drop.

Toddles for now

Oh no..

Yep that's right I've been doing more shopping for Halloween and this time around its a bit more spooky..  and I really do mean spooky lol.


The Gentleman Crafter

Have had the pleasure over the last week of arranging for the wonderful John Bloodworth aka The Gentleman Crafter to come do a workshop at our store this coming Thursday to raise funds for the charity Mind.  


My fur baby

This is the sight I open my eyes to every day..  my little fur baby snuggling in but here's he's actually spying over the top of my legs waiting for daddy to being him some philladelphia cheese for breakfast lol


How cute

Absolutely love this idea or kids to make! 


Halloween is looming

Whilst out shopping I happened to spy this wonderful hat so that's my Halloween costume decided for this year.   Green eye shadow was purchased yesterday and I have fabulous stick on nails for the big night too lol.


Relaxing Sunday

Last Sunday hubby and I went for a lovely walk in the park.   Not too far as my foot is still recovering from Planter Fasciitis but it held out well. 


Coffee morning success..

Trying to catch up with everything I'm behind on and I need more hours.. many more hours!!!

Anyway we had a marvellous MacMillan Coffee Morning at work with lots of delicious home made cakes and managed to raise  £425 for the charity.  I'm very proud of our customers generosity.  


Friday, 30 September 2016

Can't wait to raise funds

Delighted to be hosting the MacMillan Coffee Morning at Craft World Scotland again. 

We had a good turn out last year and are hoping for the same again as it's amazing being able to help such a wonderful cause. 

Tables are set up, raffle prizes are out on display (in the region of 50!), cakes are all ready to be packed in the car in the morning and I'm almost ready for bed but still have to wash my hair so it's gonna be a late one tonight..  it's been a very long day but worth it.

I've always said we have the best customers and we really do.   We have had raffle prizes donated,  cakes baked for the big day and cash donations made from a couple of customers who are unable to attend.   As one customer said to me today as I thanked her "when you take the time to help your customers all year round then your customers like to help you too when they can".   Sums it all up really doesn't it.  

Anyway, off to get this mop washed as it's after 1am already and alarm is set for 7.30.  Collecting my wee mummy at 8.30 as she's being a darling and helping out by serving tea and coffee all day.  

Oh and thought I'd throw in a picture of some mini meringues for you too lol.   Will do my best to get some pictures tomorrow too. 

Toddles xxx

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Fun samples

Well we got some cute little kits arrived in store so I decided to open one to make some samples.  

Just look at these cute little guys.   Aren't they adorable!   I do love the cheeky expressions on their faces.  


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Craft World Sketch Challenge

Well I've started a new sketch challenge over on the Craft World Facebook page and this is my card for the week along with my inspiration picture. 

So if you're on Facebook and fancy a weekly challenge then pop over and join in the fun.