Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Soft & Gentle

Evening all..  very quick post as it's almost 2 am and have work in the morning but wanted to show you a quick sneaky peek of my current project.   This is another fab new paper range I'm playing with and I think you'll all love it too. 

Right I'm off for some beauty sleep.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Well I've finally got time to sit down and post a few more pictures and type some text..  so what's been happening?  

Friday afternoon at 2pm I took myself off for a wee Reiki session..  ehh..  not quite sure it turned out to be so wee as I didn't actually leave until 5.15pm lol.   What a wonderful practitioner and I will certainly be returning.  I know a lot of people are sceptical but I have to say it works for me.   She was spot on and narrowed in on my back and chest. Now I've been fighting a bit of a chesty cough and even my husband (who is very skeptical) is surprised at the difference since Friday.  As for my back..  well she said that was so bad she was surprised I'd actually been able to walk never mind work.  Now pain is something that we can't see and no-one knows the levels that others actually suffer but I have to say she was pretty spot on with that too.   I've suffered a lot with my back and can honestly say I haven't had a pain free day for so long now that I had forgotten what it felt like.  I'd actually just accepted that I was going to go through the rest of my life suffering pain and was prepared to just get on with it.  Well...  since Friday I've had so much relief it's unbelievable and again my husband is shocked that I've not been asking him to rub pain relief cream on and have had absolutely no pain killers.   I'm feeling on cloud nine right now and can't wait for my next session..  hopefully a shorter one now that I seem to be doing a little better lol.   Friday night didn't bring much but sleep, sleep & more sleep..  that is a miracle for me eh!  

Saturday I didn't do too much..  lazy start to the day, shopping and a wee bite to eat with mum followed by a night watching the music channels on tv and dancing/singing the night away till the wee small hours.  

Today has been a household day, washing, hoovering etc so it's been rather non eventful but we did have a little sunshine which allowed me the opportunity to get a few pics of my latest project albeit I still have some more pearls etc to add but doubting I will get another photo opportunity this week as the weather is set to turn a little on the nasty side tomorrow.  

So..  what is this project all about?  

It's my latest Jones Crafts (link at top) DT project using the gorgeous KaiserCraft Rustic Harmony collection.  I started by painting and distressing my frame then attached a sheet of 12×12 paper behind the front layer.  It was then a matter of deciding on embellieshments and placement.  This may very well end up being a birthday gift for mum as the colours would fit perfect in her bedroom and she loves when I make her stuff as no-one else has the same.  She currently has a hanging wall clock and personalised coasters in her living room and takes pride in telling people where she got them.  Lol.  

Oh well I guess I've gone on enough for one night so will depart for the time being.  Off to visit a friend tomorrow and help her empty a few boxes in her new home then hopefully get a litte evening craft session.  

Sunshine & smiles
Lorraine xxx 

More metal & pearl embellies combined with Tattered flowers.

A few metal embellishments and corners combined with flowers & pearls in this section and I couldn't resist the sweet butterfly.

This section shows an assortment of embellishments including a fab KaiserCraft wooden floral segment which I altered with some basic acrylic paint.  

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Love is all around..

Just a quick post for the moment being folks..  still a few pearls to add but decided to snap a shot whilst there was at least some sunshine outside as the forecast isn't looking too good for the next few days. 

Will pop back later and add the finer details to the post like paper range etc but right now I'm off to scrub a few toilets, mop floors etc oh yeah..  and I've got Mrs Wishy Washy laundry on the go at the moment too.   You really can't beat a good old Sunday scrubbing the house can ye!  Lol 

Toodles for now

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Loving Life

Just a quick post tonight folks as near on 2 am and got work in the morning.  

Had a fab Monday & Tuesday with one of my dear friends whom I love dearly.  Done some shopping and got the good old housework and washing done too.  

Today..  well what can I say about it..  hhmmm...  BUSY!!!   Think we all lost track of exactly what deliveries arrived as they were coming so quick at one point lol.   We had 3 pallets..  yes pallets!!!  In addition to the rest of the deliveries.   The ones I can remember off hand are Crafters Companion, Crafts Too, Spellbinders,  Creative Expressions, Groves, Crafts UK & Stick It..  I know I've forgotten a few but it gives you an idea anyway lol.   Needless to say us 3 girls were glad when 5.30pm arrived so we could get home and have a seat. 

So..  Once dinner,  dishes and yet another load of washing (no idea where it all comes from) and animals were all done I finally got to do a little crafting and finish off my project.   Sadly yet again the light had gone so it's another sneaky peek.   If it's light enough tomoz night I'll get a proper pic but barring that will defo get it done on Friday when I'm off.   I'm so loving these papers and picked up a few wee final bits in the shop today so think I'm happy with it now.  

Right I've gone on enough so time to sign off for the night and get some beauty sleep. 

Happy crafting

Monday, 13 October 2014

Chill Time

Well folks it's 3am Monday morning and here I am sitting typing a post as I've just realised it's been a week since my last week!  

As for the post title..  well I'm not just meaning that I've been relaxing but am also referring to the fact it's currently 34° outside..  bbrrrr.

So what's been happening the last week that I've been so quiet?  Not too much really.   One of my work colleagues had a few days off work so I pulled an extra couple of shifts meaning I was working Tues thru Saturday.  Popped to a friends on Thursday night as it was her birthday and Brianna was over for a visit on Friday night.   Today has been chill time..  nice wee lay in complete with kitty snuggles, relaxing shower, watched the Russian Grand Prix and had a little crafty play on the project I started last week.   Sadly it's too late to take pics now so I've tried my best on a sneaky peek pic using my night mode.  

Got doctor this afternoon as took last of my meds tonight so need a prescription refill and one of my oldest dearest friends is coming for a visit..  Guess I best get some housework done in the morning when I wake as it's currently a bombsite due to fact I've done bog all this week lol.

Oh well time to sign off so will say toodle pip for now and be back later with some better pics.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 6 October 2014

A few of my favourite things..

Evening all..  my very dear friend Hels Sheridan kindly tagged me in a post today so I thought I'd pull some of my favourite projects together in one post so you could easily get an idea of things I like to play with.  

My blog tends to be a mish mash of projects for different companies and these pictures are a mix of DT projects and personal makes.

The project above was a personal make.

Above project is a personal make 

Above project is a personal make

Above project is a personal make 

Above project is a sample made for Craft World 

Above project is a sample made for Craft World

Above project is a personal make

Above project is a personal make

Above project is a DT project for Jones Crafts

Above project is a DT project for Jones Crafts 

Above project is a personal make

Well folks I hope that helps to give you a better insight to the kind of products I like to use and how I like to create depth and dimension using a variety of techniques.

Now let's get crafting!


Daily Elements

What a dreich old morning it is outside today but thankfully there's the odd ray of sun managing to penetrate those grey and white cloud formations and with any luck the breezy winds that have been howling all night may just blow them away for a wee hour or two.   There was me thinking the news was reporting the prospect of an Indian summer too..  eh me think  not mate!   Keeps up at this rate and the thermals will be on before Halloween even arrives lol. 

Now today is the perfect day for being tucked up indoors surrounded by papers, scissors and glue but alas I have promised my wee mum a trip out so looks like I'm gonna have to wrap up warm and make sure we go somewhere that we can stay indoors, do a little shopping and have a bite to eat. 

Thankfully these gorgeous bits will be awaiting my return and I can push on with my current project for Jones Crafts.  I'm one of those who likes to do a rough mock layout before sticking anything down as it gives me the basic idea of the larger elements and allows me to decide where my smaller often half hidden bits and bobs will go.   Now if I can only get the frame finished before I pop out with mum then I can get moving along with the actual construction tonight.  

Please do check back over the coming days and weeks as I will be focusing mainly on KaiserCraft so there should be plenty to inspire you on their new ranges. 

Toodles for now and happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Friday, 3 October 2014

New Home

Britannia dies used:



Britannia dies used

Party Glass
Lattice Corner


Britannia dies used:

Filigree Cross

Cherish Yesterday

Britannia dies used:

Leaf corner
Large Elvendene Butterfly
Small Elvendene Butterfly