Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Simple sparkle

Just a quick post folks as it's already after 3am and the alarm is set to go off in 4 hours.

Felt good to be back at work today instead of stuck in the house but boy oh boy.. what a day weather wise.  I heard the wind, saw the rain and wouldn't be surprised if I simply missed  the hail as it's been torrential most of the day.

Tonight I've spent chatting with friends and my wee mum on the phone followed by the final construction of my wreath for this coming Saturday's workshop. 

Anyway on to what was yesterday's make.  I started with 2 polystyrene cones, dowling rods, silver paint, mica flakes.

After adding a lick of paint, a coating of mod podge and a sprinkle of mica flakes before sealing with more mod podge I've now got another 2 sparkly trees to blend in with the ones I done last week.   Looks there's gonna be a lot of glitter around the house this crimbo season.   I can't wait!  

On that note I'm off to bed in the hope the sandman visits soon. 

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Revamp time

Well folks the old lurgy made a reappearance the last few days so I'm back to the Vicks de toilette and paracetamol again but the good news is I've managed a little bit of crafting.

You may or may not remember one of the advent calenders I made a few years back...  well its travelled around rather a few shops as well as being on display in the shop so it was looking a bit worse for wear.  Thankfully these KaiserCraft advent calenders are such high quality they can take the abuse so rather than having to bin it I've been able to start a revamp.   Black has been replaced with metallic gold, papers are new too (with exception of drawer fronts) and I've bought a couple of wee pieces to add for that Victorian feeling.  

Full picture will be uploaded once it's complete but today I took a break and switched to playing with polystyrene cones.  Hopefully get that uploaded tomorrow if I can get a good enough pic.  

So my time off work is over and I've hardly been out the house but seeing as I had to pop in the shop yesterday to pick up some supplies we took a wee trip down to Silverburn shopping centre (highlight of my hols lol).  We had a stroll about and picked up some stocking fillers as well as a trip to the Handmade Burger Co for some dinner.  The staff are always so pleasant & friendly in there.  Anyway the trip came to an abrupt end as my temp started to rise so had to get home and bump some more meds in me.  Thankfully I've another few days off next week again so can take another wee trip down then along with mum. 

Well that's it all for now folks so will sign off and go get my hair straightened for work (I look like one of the hair bear bunch today lol).

Toodles for now

Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas mode

Afternoon all and eh it's been a while!  Didn't mean to disappear like I have but finished up work last Thursday for a weeks holiday and bam..  was struck down with a head cold or a flu on Friday!   Lovely start to my fully scheduled break eh.  I had so much planned from painting the house, Christmas shopping etc and what have I achieved?   Not a sodding thing, that's what.

Yesterday was the first day I could say I actually felt somewhat normal (no cheeky comments from those who know me lol) so a catch up around the house was required including a massive washing basket of dirty clothes.  Yuck!   Obviously the whole day couldn't possibly be centred on being domestic so I had a rummage in the craft room (first day I've even wanted to look at Craft stuff so I must have been ill) and found a set of 6 wooden trees that I had bought at a craft show about 3 years ago (hangs head in shame) and knew right away what I could do with them. 
I wanted to keep them plain and simple but obviously they needed some sparkle and shine.. It is Christmas afterall lol.

After constructing them I added some snowtex to the base for texture then covered in metallic silver paint.  Next up using mod podge I covered the actual tree structure & star with luna silver mica flakes and a final coating of mod podge to seal it all.

Voila..  6 shiny and sparkly trees ready for Christmas.

So what's on today's agenda..  hhmmm I had mum bring me in a pile of supplies yesterday so this afternoon will be spent in the kitchen.  Good old Herman has been awoken from hibernation  so it's cake baking time.   Totally forgot about him till Hels mentioned him the other day and my brain went pop..  I've got him in sleep mode lol.  

Now if you're a Herman lover here's a little piece of info that not every one knows as most people receive him off a friend and follow the instructions he comes with.   If you have a Herman and you keep him for say 2 weeks..  feed him & nurture him as prescribed.  After this you can actually allow him to go in to hibernation.   Simply place him somewhere dry with a tea towel on top and he will sleep.   To reawaken you simply feed him!   My Herman has been in hibernation for around a year as I'm not a big baking fan but I do love to gift cake to friends at this time of year.   Only thing to remember is make sure you give him one last feed before locking him away.  

Anyway I'm off to do a quick clean up and decided if today's recipe is going to be apple & walnut or banana & chocolate chip lol.  

Catch ya all laters and if anyone out there is suffering the cold or flu hope you get well soon.  My remedy was a mixture of paracetamol every 4 hours and my new fragrance..  Vicks de toilette ��

Keep smiling folks
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Workshop date released

Evening all and sorry for being quiet the last few days but it's been a bit busy around here.   After my fabulous workshop with Ken on Friday, I was assisting Debbi Moore at one of her Cardilicious Workshops on Saturday then Sunday I sort of fluffed around chilling out.   Wee extra shift in store on Monday followed by an after hours meeting with the boss  to plan a few extra workshops that we are squeezing in before Christmas.  

I will be conducting 3 make and take workshops where attendees can create a wreath similar to that in the picture. 

Saturday 13th December
Time slots available are 10am, 12pm & 2pm
Cost £10 Incudes all materials

Places can be booked via telephone on 0141 883 6855.

Oh and guess what... I'm on holiday next week..  Yay..  well apart from the fact that the week is already planned, being filled with Christmas shopping and painting!   Hubby made a start last weekend so the en - suite has now been refreshed..  Shame about all the other rooms still to be done lol.

Right I'm off to make a wee cuppa, watch some tv and do my sudoku.  Catch you all later.


Home made decorations

Love this idea ��

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Front cover..

Close up

Fun at Ken Oliver workshop

Just a quickie folks to let you see what we got up to today at Ken Oliver's ART AT THE EDGE workshop in Craft World.

What an awesome day we had filled with fun, laughter and creativity using Prima products and tutored by the one and only amazing Ken Oliver.  Can I just say what a privilege it has been having him in the shop this week and I'm sure it's gonna seem that bit quieter after tomorrow when he departs.   Hopefully it won't be too long though before we're welcoming him back again. 

I'm sure the ladies attending the Saturday workshop are gonna have just as much fun as we did today. 

I can't believe how much stash I have left over in my goody bag so much so I think I'm gonna have to buy another album so I can repeat the process all over again lol. 

Well I may not be in the shop tomorrow but I have other work commitments so another early rise.   Guess that means I best get myself off to bed eh! 

Toodles for now

Close up of flowers and inside of both covers complete with a personal message from Ken.  Obviously I still have the pages to reinsert lol

Friday, 21 November 2014

Blood Swept Lands & Sea of Red

How honoured do I feel..  I've received my ceramic poppy that was part of the amazing commemorative centenary display at the Tower of London. 

It was nice seeing pictures over the last few months knowing that somewhere in the vast moat was my very own little poppy.  Yesterday when it arrived I was shocked at the emotion I actually felt.  My Great Grandfather and his 3 brothers perished during WW1 and all my Great Great Grandmother received was a postcard notification for each loss of life.  It makes you stop and think really..  nowadays we dread that the postman will be bringing another bill and yet for 4 long years the people of Britain dreaded receiving these notifications.  Makes you realise just how lucky we are now eh and yet how many of us truly appreciate it.  Anyway, when I opened the box and touched my beautiful handmade poppy I was overcome with emotion.   It may sound strange but I felt like my Great Grandfather had finally come home to his family.  This is something I will treasure forever.

God bless our fallen and injured,  past, present and future.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Close Up!

G'day all hope you've had a good one.
Today I thought I'd share my latest Jones Crafts DT project.   Now every month Mr Postie arrives with a surprise package for me and it's not until it's open that I know what I'm working with.  It's a wee bit like Santa arriving on a regular basis lol.  

This month my package enclosed the new KaiserCraft 'CLOSE UP' range.  It's what I would call a slightly softened mix of retro combined with years gone by.  There are soft shades of green and green, bright blues and pinks and some deeper shades of brown.  Patterns range from cameras of decades gone by, romantic flowers, slightly damask style patterns and retro patterns too. 

Now where to begin..  hhmmm. .. let's choose a background I thought.. ok done..  now where to go from here!   I chose a few pieces I liked that worked well together and started on the mock layout then when I was happier with that I pulled out the old albums and low and behold was there not one where my brothers shirt blended in perfect in colour.  Decision made.  Finally I secured everything in place,  added a little glossy accents to the lens of the camera and chose a sentiment. 

Well it's bed time again folks..  2.10am and alarm goes off at 7.30am so will sign off for now and be back again tomoz night.

Happy crafting