Saturday, 31 January 2015

Roughing it up

G'day all..  had a wee day off today so after a great nights sleep, breakfast in bed and a catch up with friends I set about the house.. cleaned from top to bottom so only thing left to tackle is washing and ironing but that will have to wait till Sunday as got a wee shift in the shop tomorrow.

Anyway I thought I'd do a quick post before retiring to bed so here's a little something I'm working on just now.  It's part of a larger project but that's not finished yet so this will have to do for now I'm afraid.  An MDF letter multi layered with texture paste and paint.  Oh I do love a little distressing and roughing it up.  Good excuse for me to get down and dirty lol.

Well folks it's almost 2.30am and alarm will be sounding in a few hours time so will bid you farewell for now.

Happy crafting

Thursday, 29 January 2015

He loved his camera

Grandad had as much love for people as he did for buildings so there are quite a few of people he met along the way. 

It's so nice getting insight to my Grandads life.  These are just some of what's held within the album but thought it would let you see a nice piece of history.   Hope you've enjoyed perusing them.


Keeping Track

A few of the pictures he took of places he visited.

Man In Uniform

Grandad in India


This is my Gran with my mum aged 9 months

Postcards of India

Just 2 of the postcards that are in the album

Mother & Sons

My Great Grandmother with her 2 boys.

Grandad standing
Great Uncle John sitting


Great Uncle John on the left
Grandad on the right
Picture taken in London

My Wee Mummy

What a wee poser lol

His Brother

My Great Uncle John is in these pictures.

Top left he is the one on the left of the picture
Top right he is the one standing
Bottom left.. eh I'm posting from my phone and can't zoom in on pic sorry
Bottom right he in the middle of back row

Both brothers were very close.

Opening Picture

This is the first picture within the album.  A photo of the squadron and Grandad is in the back row, 4th from the left.  He does have a tiny x above his head if you can see it.

The Album!

The Cover is made from a slightly lighter canvas than the storage cover

The Cover to history!

Well folks here it is..  (excuse the cat hair, he's been exploring!)   This is the protection cover for Grandads photo album.   Made of a very heavy canvas which has certainly stood the test of time as it's from the late 30's or early 40's.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Very special picture

Today has been mostly spent with mummy dearest and I couldn't believe it when she came out with old pictures I have never ever seen before.  I was slightly dumbstruck and excited at the same time. 

This one here is of my Great Grandfather Patrick Flaherty.. don't think I'll be waging any bets on somebody guessing his nationality eh lol..   date of which is sadly unknown.  Now this man here was declared 'missing in action' during WW1 and is the reason why I bought a Tower of London  poppy.    This is one of only 2 pictures I have ever seen of him, the other being that on the postcard notification of his death. 

The other treasure mum unearthed was that of a photo album belonging to my Grandad which I never knew existed.   It contains pictures of him and his brother (my Great Uncle John) during their military time based in India.  I will get some proper pictures of the album etc during daylight so I can share with you later.

This sure helped lighten my mood as it's not been the best weekend.   Sadly my step sisters husband passed away on Saturday.  It will only be a year come April since she lost her Dad and now she has this great loss to deal with also as well as helping her son through it.  No time is ever a good time to lose a loved one but to become a widow at 44 is just not right.   Poor girl doesn't know how she's going to cope and get through this but she will..  She's a very strong person inside and will do what needs to be done.   God bless her though.

Well it's time to sign off as I want to throw a few licks of paint on something before bed so Nighty Night all.. 


Kitty demanding attention because I've been out most of the day lol

Treated myself

Well folks I popped out for a wee hour on Friday to treat myself.  Hubby had bought me some stuff at Christmas that didn't fit and only had until Saturday before my gift receipt ran out so off I went.  I'm not one who's keen on shopping but knew I wanted to get hold of this styling brush and also decided upon this very luxurious housecoat.  Mega soft and fluffy, loved the colour and rather cute actually with the random hearts on it.   Biggest battle so far is keeping the cat off it as he thinks it would make a perfect bed lol.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Just hanging

Evening all.  What a busy week we've had at work with so many deliveries we've had to reshuffle stock to make room and been working flat out to try and keep up.  

Anyway I have had a little play this week and hope to have another at the weekend but one thing at a time.  This project has been made using some of my favourite products..  MDF, Clearly for Art, sticky back canvas, texture paste and brusho.  Nowt I like better than testing how things work together so the brusho had to be tested on the canvas and texture paste as so far I've only ever used them on paper but OMG..  I LOVE the way they take to other products. 

For £1.50 a pot they sure do go a long way so absolutely fantastic value for money.   Nice colour range too!

Well I'm off to catch up on my soaps whilst I snuggle up with kitty.  Auld man is already in his bed so peace & quiet for me lol.

Toodles for now

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

It's all too much

Well oh well oh well..  The temptation was just too much today and I've had to bring one of these beauties home with me. 

My mind is spinning with ideas already but my first one will most likely be for Valentine's Day and I'm seeing hearts and keys along with probably a little bit of grunge paste and whatever else happens to take my fancy lol.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Bargain find

Had to visit Homebase yesterday for a few bits and bobs and whilst doing a nosey I spotted these beauties.   A ring of 4 gardeners keys for a bargain price of £1.25!!!

What a fab find and they will look fantastic on canvas. 

Don't you just love a bargain lol.


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Play time

Bbrrrr it's been a cold old day today.  Heating has been on, was wearing a jumper and yet I still felt cold at times.  You'd think we would be accustomed to this kind of weather but year in and year out I still get the shivers lol.

Anyway today I've stayed tucked up indoors and tackled the housework and washing..  my excuse really to avoid the outside temps lol.  Tonight I've felt a little restless because sadly in the early hours of Thursday morning one of my darling little bunnies called Buddy passed away.   I love all my animals dearly but this little fella had a special place in my heart due to events upon his arrival over 6 years ago.  You see.. 6 years past in October I had a massive health scare when I was diagnosed with an ovarian tumour and had surgery to remove it.  Well a matter of days after my release from hospital we were asked to home this wee man who had been rescued from a garden shed, earing his own faeces to survive.   I had staples holding me together and faced a lengthy wait for my pathology result but there was no way I wasn't going to rescue this wee baby.   A cage was set up on my dining room table so I could tend him and monitor him over the coming weeks and for the first 3 of those he would eat, sleep and poop.  Eventually he gained weight and was able to stay awake more and his character started to shine through.  Finally my results came through the following January and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief both for myself and my Buddy Rabbit.   Well we've had a strong bond ever since and I put it down to the fact we both fought to live at the same time and saw each other through the days.  He was an adorable wee boy who loved his cuddles and daily nose rubs.  Sadly he cried out in pain at 5.45am Thurs morning so I quickly ran downstairs and just made it in time to place my hand on him as he took his final breath.  My baby was gone.  Needless to say there have been a lot of tears shed over the last few days and hubby laid him to rest yesterday.  So now you know why I'm sitting here posting on my blog at just after 4am in the morning!   Hubby has long since gone off to bed and I have been occupying myself with some yummy craft products.  It's not finished yet so can't share in its entirety but this is a little preview for you.  

Well I'm off to finish watching a program and do a little sudoku then hopefully I'll be able to drift off to sleep. 

Happy crafting

Oh my!

Well folks I had a slight change of shifts this week and was working Wed, Thurs, Fri.

Wed wasn't too bad really, Thurs saw us encounter gale force winds combined with torrential rain and then on Friday this is what I had to tackle to get home.   I took this pic just before I left the shop so hubby could see that I was going to take a little longer to get home.. well this was just the start as once I got on the motorway I was shocked at the fact they had not been gritted and were covered in snow to the extent that everyone ended up driving in what we estimated was the centre lane as most of the time you couldn't even see the lane markings on the road.   Thankfully everyone kept a safe distance and we managed to maintain a speed of 30mph most of the way as the road was pretty empty.  I can only assume that most commuters had made the decision to head home early as normally I would have been tackling bumper to bumper rush hour traffic but no.. They had already gone. 

Anyway, once home I was quickly changed in to my relaxing jogging bottoms with a nice hot cuppa in hand.