Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hi folks quick post as opening shop doors shortly but here's a little tag I made using some of the new Britannia dies. 


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The wonders of life

Wow.. how time flies.  I've just realised that my last post was on Thursday.  So what's been happening?   Let's see now.

Friday seen us celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Hubby went to work and as for me well, I toddled off for a pampering at the hair dresser, just got back and my very dear friend called to say 'put the kettle on'.   We don't get much time together as she lives down south but we're hoping that one day soon she'll be coming home again.   Distance has made no difference and even 20+ years later we're still like sisters.   What a precious afternoon we spent together.   Then in the evening I got my demo kit packed ready for the morning.

Saturday seen me off to James & Emma at Stampers Grove in Edinburgh to teach 5 mini workshops.  Rather a few hoots were had and every class was pushed to do a little something more than the group before.  Lol.  Had to have a wee early night as I was running on 3 hours sleep from the night before!

Sunday got off to a very lazy start as I made up some lost sleep with 11 straight hours lol.   Rest of the day was spent just chilling about the house doing sod all and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Monday didn't see my doing too much else apart from housework, washing & I spent some time in the garden cutting grass and trimming bushes.  Oh well I did have a wee visit from mum in the evening too.

Tuesday I was back in Craft World for my usual wee shift catching up with everyone.   New spellbinders dies are now available to pre - order on the website do the printer was certainly kept busy lol.  I've heard rumour that the new Sue Wilson ones will be added soon too but don't tell anyone I let that slip! 

The ongoing excitement lately has revolved around the Commonwealth boxing as a wee laddie from my home town is competing.  Now I knew his granda and his dad growing up so to see him in the ring is awesome.    Wee Reece McFadden is only 19, not long moved in to the senior division and this is his first international competition.   On Friday night I was screaming at the TV as I watched his first fight and was over the moon he won.  Along came Sunday and both Mum & I were screaming at the TV as he won his second fight.  How exciting.   Well today I was working and missed his quarter final fight so thanks to Alan in my work I managed to watch it during my lunch break..  Go on my son, three wins in a row.  His next fight is Friday when thankfully I can watch and if all goes well I'll be glued to the TV again on Saturday for the final.   Would be an amazing achievement if he could bring the Gold home to Motherwell but whether he does or not his home town is proud of him and what an awesome experience for one so young.   I have a feeling that there's gonna be one hell of a party here no matter which way it goes lol. 

Oh well I've ranted away a bit tonight and guess I should try and get some sleep as only had about 4 hours last night and it's already near 2 am and alarm is set for 7am. 

Night all
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Let the games begin

G'on yerself Team Scotland!   Right behind our guys & gals whether they win medals or not.   Now the opening ceremony is over,  I'm proud to live in the town to host the first event of the games the Triathlon.   Being hosted only a half mile from my home I'm saddened not to be able to attend the event due to work but I'm sure the people of the 'Well will take care of our visitors.

Can't believe how busy we were in the shop today between customers and deliveries.   The funniest had to be when one of the couriers unloaded a pallet from his articulated lorry and it was head and shoulders higher than him!   That turned out to be a pallet unloaded in the car park and taken in the shop box by box lol.   Lots more arrivals including Sizzix,  Indigo Blu & Craft Creations.   Love days like that!  
Oh and got an email to advise that all workshop spaces have been filled for Saturday's workshops and a reserve list is now on the go so that's fab.   I'm gonna be a busy lass lol.

Unfortunately I've got an early alarm call in the morning as I need to try and get out of town before competitors and spectators start arriving and guess what.. I'm having trouble getting to sleep.  Typical eh!   Gonna have another go at getting my head down once I finish typing but rate I'm going I'm not even gonna have 4 hours sleep.    Wish me luck!

That said I'll leave you with another sneaky peek.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Travel chaos ahead

Oopsie I nearly forgot my evening post!

Well tomorrow is the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games and I have a feeling that some travel chaos lies ahead travelling to and from work for the next 10 days.   Shame you can't have a practice run so you have an idea of how long it's going to take eh. 

We had a busy wee day in the shop today as for lots of crafters it's that time again already.. you know that time when the word 'christmas' makes an appearance even though the sun is shining lol.   So today has been spent going through box upon box of toppers, stamps, dies, ribbons, papers etc and no matter how we jiggled stuff about we still didn't have enough space to display everything so the job will continue tomorrow.   If you keep it quiet and don't tell the boss I'll let you in to a little secret..  If you live close to Glasgow it's worth a trip as there's more than one or two bargains to be found..  but remember sshhhh I never told you that lol.   If you're not already a Craft World follower on facebook I would recommend you go 'Like' the page just now so you keep up to date with arrivals, sales, demos etc and if you visit the website you can join the mailing list so you get notification of any online sales too.   To answer one of the most asked questions.. yes we do ship international as well. 

It's time for bed now and as I was speaking of travel tonight I chose this pic as the next Indigo Blu sneaky peek.   More to share tomoz night so till then.. Toodle pip! 


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Weekend madness..

Yet again it's another unplanned late night!   Starting my new meds tonight so hoping they will help me get in to a better sleep pattern in the coming weeks.

So what's been happening since my last post.. hhmmm..  yesterday morning my lovely hubby woke me with a surprise.  It's our wedding anniversary this coming Friday but as I'll be doing last minute prep and packing for Saturday he decided to celebrate early.  Up he came with my coffee and an anniversary card, we don't normally do cards but this was so apt he couldn't resist lol.   Then in the afternoon we took a wee drive to Silverburn shopping centre for a wee meal at Handmade Burger Co followed by a spot of shopping.. didn't get much honest.  New pair of spotted jeans, 2 new tops, 2 belts and a pair of shoes.   Funniest part of the day was just after we arrived and hubby needed the loo so he decided to give me a pound coin to get a 5 minute massage on one of those chairs.. well..  This turned in to the most comical sight you could see.  For those who've never met me I'm a small busted lady but by heck did they jiggle with the vibration or what!   But here's the ultimate..  as though that wasn't funny enough, quite unexpectedly up out the seat of the chair comes what can only be described as feeling like a fist to aggressively caress my bottom!  Well that was it, there was no controlling the laughter either from us or the passers by who were observing.   All I can say is if you live local and fancy a laugh you know where to go but if you're big chested it's defo one to avoid as you're more likely to leave with two black eyes lol. 

Today was no where near as exciting.  Once the housework and washing was done it was head down and working on Indigo Blu samples for the weekend broken briefly by mother stopping by to collect the ironing as she's bored.  I could think of better things to do in the sunshine but I think she's finding life a little lonely at present and still adjusting to Eric's passing.   Guess it's better she's busy and happy than sitting behind closed doors crying. 

Anyway I'm gonna try catch some sleep now so will leave you with a wee sneaky peek at one of the samples and bid you all good night.

Happy crafting

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mini workshop make 'n' take

Hear ye hear ye hear ye..  next Saturday (26th) I will be taking a wee day trip to Edinburgh to visit the lovely James & Emma at Stampers Grove to join in their celebrations.  I've heard rumour of refreshments on the day!  Lol.  

This is gonna be one fun day as I'll be teaching 5 mini workshop make 'n' take sessions throughout the day using Indigo Blu products.  We'll be stamping, inking and flaking all day long.   Lol.   Spaces are obviously limited but there are still a handful of spaces left if you fancy joining in.  Even if you don't fancy taking part you are welcome to come along and view as an observer.  The more the merrier as they say. 

I'm sure there will be a wee deal or two popping up on the day too so some pennies to be saved or put towards that extra stash if you're anything like me lol.

Anyway, if you fancy coming along for a nosey you want to head to

Stampers Grove
92 Grove Street

0131 221 9440

Or if you fancy joining in and creating a little something to take home then you need to contact James or Emma direct at the shop on 0131 221 9440 to check on availability.  

Time to get back to my inks & flakes!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sue Wilson & Julia Watts demo day at Craft World

What an amazing day!

This is how we started the morning with these 2 cheery faces inside the building,  a queue of people standing waiting on the gates to open and another queue of vehicles being patiently parked up in the surrounding streets.   It's kind of weird having over 100 people waiting for the doors to open  lol. 

Needless to say it was a very busy day with lots of bustle, helping customers fill their baskets and plenty laughs along the way.   We even got a few wee treats brought in by customers to keep us going.   They really are the best and take care of us throughout the year with cakes, biscuits & sweets. 

Both Sue & Julia had 3 demo sessions commencing at 9.30, 12.00 & 2.30.   We had so many people wanting to attend we had to issue tickets so we could control the flow lol.   Can you imagine having over 100 people at all 3 sessions combined with walk in customers too!   Yes it was a very busy day indeed and I don't think any member of staff went home without aching feet tonight but it was well worth it and the feedback we have received so far is awesome.  

Although attempting not to think of the clear up to be done tomorrow I also have to be realistic and face facts it's time to head to bed for some well earned rest. 

Hope everyone had as good a day as I did. 
Lorraine xxx

Sue in full demo mode

Julia in full demo mode

Pre opening shot of Sue Wilson's demo area. 

Pre opening shot of Julia Watts demo area.