Sunday, 15 May 2016

Oh to be little again

Brought some stuff to mums with me and had a little play last night..  still missing words, embellishments etc as didn't have any of those but I did have fun creating this.

Products used

Black card
Texture paste
Media paints
Gilding polish
Archival ink

Signing off again as no WiFi here and signal isn't great either.  


Saturday, 14 May 2016

The old hubsters

Looking rather at home sipping champagne in exquisite surroundings 

Looking more like the man I live with every day lol

It was the old hubby's birthday yesterday so I had to do a find the present game as it was only daft little things so he wasn't empty handed.  You see he didn't want to receive any gifts this year and instead asked that money was donated to a charity on his behalf.  Bless him.  Just one of the many reasons I love this man with all my heart and soul even though he does drive me nuts at times lol.

Alas we should be spending the weekend celebrating and had planned a nice romantic meal out tonight and a day away tomorrow but it was not to be.  Instead he's going to spend the weekend at home alone whilst I spend it at mums doggy sitting as she's gone off with her friend for an overnight stay in York..  hey ho guess that's how life goes.   Just kind of sucks as for many years his birthday was darkened by my dad's anniversary and now I try to make it something extra special.  Instead this year I'm left feeling terribly guilty that it's been ruined yet again. 

Well time to sign off now and I promise to make a better attempt at keeping my blog up to date.  I honestly don't know how folk find the time everyday to update theirs as by the time I sit down at night even it tends to be after 11pm  and I just want to relax then.   

Toddles for now 

Sad day of remembrance

Wednesday saw the 19th anniversary of my dad's passing..  I love and miss him as much today as always.  My world fell apart that day and it's a break that can never be mended.   Whatever you do today and every other day make sure you tell you're loved ones just how special they are.


Craft World Spring Demo Weekend

MDF letters and baby accessories decorated using gilding polish 

MDF letters decorated using gilding polish and some embellishments added

MDF heart decorated with blackboard paint and a chalkboard marker. Large ones would be perfect for wedding guests to write messages on.

MDF horseshoe and bride and groom painted with DO crafts shimmer paint and decorated with some embellishments.  Pretty for a little flower girl to carry instead of a bouquet or flower ring.

Glass candle jar wrapped with some ribbon and embellished, perfect for on tables to create a romantic atmosphere 

Headband decorated with mod podge and glitter then embellished with a voile flower and pearl/diamond embellishment.  Perfect for the younger flower girls to wear or simply a child being a guest.

Ribbon woven headband with a ribbon constructed flower embellished with a pearl/diamond centre.

Little old me hard at work whilst the boss takes a picture lol.


Shop has been busy!

The shop has been mega busy not just with customers but also with lots of deliveries of goods arriving in store needing priced and put on the shelves as quickly as possible because sometimes we just can't unpack quick enough and the customers want to delve through the boxes when they see the arrive lol.


I'm back!!!

Where has the last month and a bit gone???

Can't believe it's been so long yet I haven't  been sitting idle!   It's been busy busy busy.

So I will try and upload some pics now to bring you back up to date and hopefully we can start being a bit more regular again.

So a week tomorrow I have  my oldest friend in the world to extent she's more my sister than a friend, her little girl is making her First Holy Communion and I can't wait to see how beautiful she looks.  Anyway good old Auntie Lorraine was tasked with making the 75 invitations for her big day so I was busy with those for a few days.  Apparently they've gone done well with people saying they are beautiful and nicer than most wedding invitations they receive so I think I've done the girl proud.


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The all important education..

Well  folks graduation time will be here before we know..  this year we are patiently awaiting my step daughters results for her PhD..  can't believe how quickly she seems to have grown and matured!  

So with that in mind I created a quick graduated card with a little crazy behind it.

Products used

Crazy birds stamps and dies 
Crazy Things stamps and dies 
Crazy Talk stamps
Coloured using Creative Expressions Colour Cloud and Tim Holtz distress crayons.

Well lunch break is almost over so will sign off and hope you all have a fun crafty day.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Work or play

Just a quick post as heading off to work shortly.

Saturday I had a play at work as it was demo day and things went a little crazy.

Products Used..
Crazy Birds stamps and dies
Crazy Things stamps and dies
Crazy Talk stamps
Colouring was done using a mix of Creative Expressions Colour Cloud and Tim Holtz Distress Crayons.

So a quick update on life.
Work is busy as usual and on Friday I had an appointment to see a new physiotherapist.   All I can say is OMG!  Hubby thought it hysterical that as he put it 'a lass kicked my ass'.   An hour of lying face down having my back rubbed with what felt like extreme force lol.  She highlighted to me just how out of alignment my hips are and just how tense my muscles are.  Session one complete and already I can't believe the difference!   Another two sessions booked for her to work on breaking down the muscle so they learn to relax then she will focus on specific problem areas.  I'm gonna feel like a girl in her 20's again by the time she's finished.  

Can't wait!  

Time to sign off but happy crafting to all.


Thursday, 31 March 2016

A bit of spring Color

Yeah folks I disappeared again!

Lots going on at work with new launch products arriving and I've not been feeling 100% since I had a stomach bug a few weeks back.  Yesterday I was unfortunate enough to get a lovely migraine so by the time I got home it was at the unbearable stage so no dinner, couple of pain killers and asleep just after 8pm.. now I thought I'd have woken about 10pm but no.. it was after 1am, head still pounding so no food an back to sleep again.  How was it this morning?  Not convinced it wasn't worse!   Almost called in sick as balance wasn't right, eye was blood shot and actually watering with the pain.  Wouldn't have been fair though as one of the girls was on her day off so I'd have been leaving just one person in the shop.  So.. no make up, looking and feeling like crap off I went.  Thankfully a few pain killers down, a few hours gone by and by 2 pm the pain was starting to ease a bit and I wasn't wobbling when I bent down any more.. thank goodness!   Tonight it is more of a mild irritation and I'm just about to take another couple of pain killers and head off to bed for a good night's sleep.  Hopefully it will be fully gone by morning.

Anyway, thought I'd share a card I made a few weeks back.   Background is done using Ken Oliver Color Burst, then I stamped with versa mark and embossed using WOW powders.   Flowers are Tim Holtz wildflower.

Hope you're all doing well and being creative. 

Off to bed now so TTFN.


Thursday, 24 March 2016

where does the time go!

Sorry I've been AWOL again folks and I can't believe just how quickly time is moving just now.  Lots going on and throw a week of being ill in to the middle of the equation and you end two weeks down the line not having blogged!

Anyway, just a quick one this morning before I head off to work and will try post tonight again in a bid to catch up. 

Sadly a few weeks ago a chap I grew up with passed away and I was forced to make one of those dreaded sympathy cards..  it just didn't seem right for someone young and I instead ended up making a card with the saying cherish yesterday which I felt was much more appropriate.  It was basic white on white but I liked it that way.  

So folks off to finish getting organised for work and catch you all again later.  

Happy crafting

P.s. excuse any spelling mistakes I'm typing quick on my mobile lol

Friday, 11 March 2016

Bursting with color

This one reminds me of a carnival with all the bright color bursting over the page..  thank you Ken Oliver for such a wonderful product.  Combined with a Sweet Poppy Hat 2 stencil here is the positive image..

Alternative is to use the negative image

Not sure it's possible to make a quicker more fun card than this.  

Happy crafting