Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Perfect by the sea

Well folks yet again the time has flown by since my last post..  The old saying is oh so true.. The older you get the quicker time goes by. 

Anyway last week was filled with work,  in the shop during daytime then working on samples in the evenings.   No rest for the wicked eh!

A few months back Rob had booked us a wee overnight stay at The Marine Hotel in Troon so we were looking forward to a brief 24 hours of relaxation.   Sadly on Friday morning we received word that's Rob's uncle had passed away of a massive heart attack whilst sharing breakfast with his loving wife.  They were on holiday in Italy at the time but thankfully his wife comes from the Netherlands so her brother made the long drive down to be with her.  Now the legalities begin to arrange for his body to be returned to the United States for burial.   Needless to say there's a lot of daily communication with the family back home at present.

Finally mid afternoon Friday we set off on the quick trip to Troon where we enjoyed a nice night in the bar and restaurant.   Saturday after packing our bag we set off to the harbour and went on a little exploration of the rock pools etc and I collected some shells which are now on my kitchen window ledge.   Finally we returned home and normality quickly resumed..  I've spent the last 2 days working on samples for the upcoming trade show! 

So my alarm is set for the morning as I'm in the shop and it's gonna be a busy day as it's the Extravaganza weekend this coming Saturday & Sunday so there's lots of stock going to be getting delivered.   Guess that means it's time to sign off then eh as I'm currently looking at 5 hrs sleep lol. 

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

My view on Saturday morning

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Well goodness,  gracious me have I been naughty or what.. A whole week has flown past and I've completely failed to post.   Promise I've not just been lazing about doing sod all, rather the opposite in fact!

Last Monday & Tuesday I was working on Britannia samples for the upcoming extravaganza weekend at Craft World on 6th & 7th Sept.  Sadly I can only do the Saturday due to a previous booking.  

Wednesday,  Thursday & Friday I was working in the shop and boy did we have a busy week as the new Sue Wilson dies arrived so it was time to pack all the pre orders that were awaiting dispatch which meant we lost a member of staff to that which kept the rest of us busy on the shop floor.   This week will be the same as the new Spellbinders will be the focus and no doubt the new stock will start arriving for the extravaganza weekend.

Saturday morning I was up and at it again, this time I was off to help Debbi Moore at one of her workshops..  If I were to say there were a few laughs it would be a complete understatement!!!   What a fabulous bunch of women and hopefully we'll be repeating the fun again in November. 

Finally we've reached Sunday & Monday,  my days off.. eh... NOT.   I've spent them working on samples for the trade show in Perth at the beginning of Sept where I'll be working with the fun loving guys from Jones Crafts, Nottingham.   Last year they led me astray by teaching me how to play poker so hoping they're better behaved this year but I'm not holding out much hope for them  lol.

Today's card was for my little adopted daughter who's birthday it was last weekend.  Card went down an absolute treat as did her tshirts and fabric paint.   It's the adopted sons next weekend so here's hoping that goes as well.

Anyway it's midnight now and I've got work in the morning so signing off to go for a wee chill out hour before hitting the hay.   

Happy crafting
Lorraine  xxx

Monday, 18 August 2014

First demo kit neatly stored away

Afternoon all just a quick post as I'm a busy wee bee organising stuff today.  

Bought some storage containers yesterday so here's my first demo kit all neatly packed away..  Indigo Blu.  

Now who's next!  Lol 


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bright & beautiful

Howdy doody folks it's been a few days!

Head, neck & shoulder pain has taken over from the back for a few days so dear hubby has been massaging his fingers to the bone trying to help me and I've been rather unsociable too which is not like me.  After having a nice hot shower today I decided to give my back a wee stretch but instead of pulling out my actual recline stretcher I decided to simply use the side of the bed.  All went well with the stretch as I slowly eased myself over the side bit by bit and finally when I decided that was enough I pulled myself up off the floor..  well at least I attempted to before the duvet gently slid to the side resulting in me crashing to the floor head first!   Guess you could say that it really wasn't my day today lol.

Anyway I've managed a few cards along the way and one of them was for my friends little girl..  One of my surrogate children lol.   She's bright, she's beautiful and she's just reached double figures.  Indigo Blu provided the perfect stamps for me and using my DI I set about creating.  Forgot to take pics in daylight so I've taken a snap shot just now under my craft light just so you can get a sneaky peak. 

Can't believe it's 3am and I'm sitting typing!   Think I'm gonna swallow a few pain killers and see if that helps ease the pain a bit so I can hopefully catch some zzzzzz's before the sun rises. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Birthday tag

Sorry I missed a days post, should have been done in the evening but we  I got home from work I had to push on with prepping some Britannia samples and by the time I finished my back had really flared up again.   Think I'm going to have to admit defeat and get the doc to take a look at it in a few weeks at my next appointment.  

Well it's been a very busy day in the shop.   Customers galore, lots of sample boards being made up and displayed not to mention deliveries.    One things for sure when you work in such a large craft shop is there's always something to keep you busy.  Stock takes, restocking,  ordering,  pricing, advising customers, cleaning,  phones, Internet orders,  tills and that's just the basic day to day running lol.  

Anyway tonight I've succumbed to relaxation simply because it was after 11pm before the house phone & mobile actually stopped ringing and pinging.    Have to say it's been most enjoyable, well apart from my hubby's shocking event.   He sees a wee 14 year old girl turn the corner, pull up her tshirt to wipe her face but the problem is its a wee cropped top so there she is walking down the street wiping face with her black bra on view to anyone in the vicinity!   Needless to say hubby dearest was less than impressed but also shocked that some kids these days have absolutely no self respect.  

Righty Ho it's time for bed so I'll leave you with a birthday tag crafted using Indigo Blu stamps with distress inks.   Fab quick make which you could mount on a card or use as a gift label.  

Nighty night all
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Dream time

Oopsie just realised I won't be posting during the day tomorrow because I'm working in the shop but I'm lying in bed just now so will keep this one short as need me beauty sleep. 

Excuse the damage on the right hand side bit again it was a sample that got slightly damaged before I got to take pics. 

Another quick make using Indigo Blu stamps.   Sometimes we're tested with projects taking us time to make but when you're doing demos people ain't interested in watching you drag a project out for hours on end.   They're interested in seeing something completed in a short space of time.  Thus my personal projects tend to be much more intense whilst work related stuff are always quicker makes. 

Anyhoo time for sleep so nighty night peeps.

Lorraine xxx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Nature's beauty

Happy Monday all.  Never quite got why people moan about the start of a new week as it means the start of new possibilities in all areas of life. 

Today I am going to switch off to the phone and get the ironing done then some crafting.  Back at work tomorrow for a wee catch up with the girls and see what all new has been delivered in my absence. 

Keeping this short & brief today as nothing much happened yesterday and I want to get on without rambling on about nothing then hopefully I'll squeeze in an extra project to share with you later this week. 

In the meantime here's another Indigo Blu card. 

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx