Sunday, 21 November 2010

All done...

Well today was the last day at the country living fair at the SECC and I must say it was fantastic... What a wonderful show with so many exhibitors participating. This was my exhibitors badge... Very cute, don't you think.

I did treat myself to a nice wee bag (bargain at £10), but will take a proper picture of it for you tomorrow. As for my bangle... Well it headed off on a plane with Sarah, one of the organisers, along with a christmas tree bauble which I decorated for her during today's workshop. What a shame... I'm going to have to decorate another bangle... Lol.

Well, must sign off now, going to have a bite to eat then got a few more samples to do before bedtime.

Catch you all tomorrow and hope you've had a fab weekend.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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