Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm going to Bermuda....

Well... did I manage to fool you.... lol You should know better than to think that I would be fortunate enough to be jetting off to the sun... but thanks to a beautiful gift that I received over the weekend I can at least pretend for a while.

Upon arrival at the hotel on Wednesday there was a little confusion over whether or not I was actually booked in... thankfully after a few hours we managed to get everything sorted out. I was fortunate enough to have the delightful Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) staying in the same hotel and she felt so sorry for me that night, she got on the phone to her DH and asked him to bring me a present as he was flying in from Bermuda. Now how many people can you say are truly that generous, kind and giving... I owe a massive thanks to both Cynthia and her wonderful husband Geoff for this absolutely gorgeous gift they presented to me at the hotel. Hope you can see the mother of pearl shining through in all it's true glory.

At least in future when Cynthia posts that she is off to Bermuda for a visit I will be able to look at my gift and know exactly where she will be. The detail included on these two pieces of work are truly amazing.

Thank you Cynthia and Geoff for the gift, your company and for allowing me to call you my friends.


Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sleepy old me...

Morning all... (well just, seeing as it is almost lunch time... lol), naughty me had a little bit of a lie in today and then my friend popped round for coffee so I'm still in pj's at the moment...
Anyway, I'm now running behind & so badly need to get in the shower, organised & out the door... unfortunately the cupboards here are a little bit on the empty side so I'm making a quick trip to Asda for the essentials then I'll do an online order with Tesco later so it's delivered direct to the door tomorrow.
After four days standing at the NEC my legs are a little on the sore side but hopefully by tomorrow those too will be back to normal... got a few things to share but in the meantime I've got food to buy & invoices to sort so best get them done so we can eat & I can get paid... no money no food... lol...
I'll go as quick as I can to get all the boring stuff out of the road as I still have my step daughters birthday card to make (she was 21 yesterday), but being of that age she's celebrating with her friends so we're not seeing her until Thursday... Phew thank goodness for that else her card really would have been thrown together... lol
Will try & pop back again this afternoon, but at the latest, some time this evening.
So glad to be back in blog land again...
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx
P.s. huge thanks to all those who came & said hi to me on the Fiskars stand over the four days. It was so lovely to actually get the opportunity to speak to you in person. Love you all. x

Sunday, 28 March 2010

I'm heading home now....

Well.... by the time this post is appearing I'll hopefully be on the plane waiting for take off... scheduled departure is 18.10pm...
Let's hope you are reading this which means that Mr Blogger has been very kind to me over the last 5 days... if he has... thank you Mr Blogger.
This is another of my semi tidied areas which requires just a little more organisational work and it will be up & running as a fully functioning work space.

Now this here is where I keep all of my card, papers, scraps etc... they are super strong boxes which just slide in and out for ease of use... love them so I do...
Now the next posting you get from me will be tomorrow and will be a personal one from me direct whilst sat in front of my much beloved computer and keyboard... oh it will be good to be back home no doubt.
Till tomorrow.... happy crafting.
Lorraine xxx

Mother In Laws birthday

Now I'm one of those people who has 2 mother in laws... and it is one of their birthday's this coming Tuesday... being short of time lately I had to come up with something quick and simple... and this was the final outcome.
Base card from Craftwork Cards along with the papers which I punched with a Fiskars squeeze punch, sentiment & candy. Flowers are Prima and gorgeous buttons were purchased from Hobby House.

A little close up off one of the flowers just so you can see for yourself just how pretty they really are.
Hmmm.... wonder how my old feet are holding up just now... last day on the job... lol
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

My beloved tubs...

This is one of my most beloved areas in my craft room... Tim Holtz, Sakura etc all lie within these super little tubs... yes they do need to be sorted out a bit after my mad clearing out session the other day, but still, it's a bit better organised now than it was before.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

What a riot...

Well what a riot this card turned out to be... very possibly because it was somewhere around 2am in the morning... but not entirely convinced that is still a good enough reason. I did start off with the best intentions but somewhere along the line I managed to go astray... need I say anymore... the proof is in the card...
Now that's what I call a BLOOPER....
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Friday, 26 March 2010

A little bit of a tidy....

Now I did tell you that I cleared the craft room rather a lot but not completely finished the job yet... here is a pile of papers & embellishments all lying waiting to be sorted upon my return.

Thankfully I did manage to clear the computer area almost completely which hubby will be pleased about as he has to use the computer in the evenings to call clients... life should be a little easier for him during my absence now... lol.

Pop by tomorrow again for another little update...

Happy crafting

Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

NEC... fortunately last nights disaster has been resolved so i will be at the show until Sun... need to make some samples now before bed.. nite nite x

Yippe.... Here goes....

Well folks... I'm sure you can all imagine how big the smile is on my face today... oh yes it's doors open today at the NEC.... anticipated visitor numbers.... over 30,000 during the 4 day period...
Who will be on the Fiskars stand (BO8)....
Today : Rachel and myself
Friday : Severine, Rachel and myself
Saturday : Severine, Rachel and myself with Jayne and Caroline also joining in
the fun today...
Sunday : Rachel and myself
If you're going to be there... please pop by and say hello... oh and don't forget that the notorious Mamma Kath will be in the building on Saturday...
Back tomorrow again if Mr Blogger is being good...lol
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Fiskars Fiasco - can't type in text box only here but having a disaster here today... will tell all when i get home... which may be tomorrow

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Incorporating Tim Holtz.....

Hopefully Mr Blogger has been kind and started to show you my scheduled postings... fingers crossed as not a lot I can do if he fails me... lol
Heaven forbid I had left without having a wee play with some goodies inspired by the wonderfully talented Mr Tim Holtz...
Used my Ink Blending Tool which Kath very kindly educated me on.. (thank you darling) to create my coloured background... if you haven't tried this tool... it's amazing and this background is my first attempt to goes to show how easy it is. Next up I attacked some chipboard with distress crackle paint & when dry I went over that with some distress ink to fill the crackes & distressed stickles for a little bit of sparkle. Attached to some card to mount to base card... added some papers, Prima flowers and sentiment from Craftwork Cards.
Can't wait to actually have some proper time to play with this stuff and see the true extent of what I can create.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

YES.... I am still alive.... lol....

Gosh I so cannot believe how the time is flying by just now... only another week to go and we'll be into April... clocks change this weekend... and no doubt that means another few grey hairs & wrinkles for me... lol
Anyway, got rather a lot to schedule with Mr Blogger so there will be new postings on my blog even during my absence so please do check back daily.
Well today, the day that I should have been spending packing... not a single thing even ironed yet to go into the old case as the Sky engineer was out this afternoon to install our HD and the old box was being moved into my office. Now if you had seen the state of my room you would understand better but it was far too embarrassing to share I'm afraid... anyway, spent the whole day trying to sort the mess out... not completely there yet but acceptable enough until I return so I can be content with that for the moment.

My wee tv to watch whilst working

How wonderful I can now tape programs upstairs as well as downstairs.. yippee.

Well best bid you all good night now... get on with scheduling all my postings then pull out the dreaded ironing board and get the case packed ready for the off tomorrow.

For anyone coming to the NEC... I'm so looking forward to meeting you all.

Will miss you all loads but hope you enjoy what I've scheduled. Back again in person next Monday...

Toodles for now

Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Yippee.... Essay complete...

Hells bells.... although I set myself a deadline on completing my essay for yesterday... I had a meeting which I was required to attend last night so it threw my timeschedule out the window. Thankfully I've got up this morning and got stuck in again... yippee... I've finally managed to finish it so now all I have to do is get everything printed off, packaged up & off to the post office I'll go... guaranteed next day delivery is a requirement as it must be received at the university no later than tomorrow so must dash now but will hopefully get time to come up with a little creation later on. Think I've definately earned some me time... lol
Catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tim Holtz Curiosities... woohooo....

OMG.... I'm so excited as I have my very own copy of the new Tim Holtz "A Compendium Of Curiosities" book.... even though I don't have the picture card that would have came with the package from QVC had I ordered it there but I can live without that...
There is quite a funny story to this as I placed an order last week for my book and received a dispatch note on the Wednesday afternoon... well yesterday I still didn't have my order so I contacted the company. They advised it should have been delivered last Thursday and recommended that I check with my local sorting office... Now to cut a long story short... I was demonstrating in Dundee last Thursday so I presumed that had a parcel arrived it would have been left with a neighbour and a note put through my door... not the case I'm afraid... the postman had infact left the package in my garage but not put a note through my door !!!! Can you believe that my little bundle of yummy goodness lay undetected in my garage for the best part of a week.... shocking I know and pardon the pun... rather distressing as well... lol.

Here is everything that I received in my delicious package all ready to be utilised.

This is just one of the techniques in the book which uses grungepaper to make die cut shapes and boy don't these just look amazing once they have been shaped... I've never personally used grungepaper but Mamma Kath swears by it so I know it's gonna be a good investment. Now all I need is the time to play...

I also decided to purchase some of these gorgeous sequin flowers by Prima... they are lovely and will make a gorgeous embellishment to use on a card or scrap page but at £2.50 a pack... I'm not sure I'll make any further purchases as they are pretty small so unless it's a very special card you wouldn't want to use too many at the one time as they work out at 25p a flower.

Well now that I have shared my new yummy goodies with you all I had best get on with this damn essay I have to do... today is my final day for completion so it's pressure time here in my house.... good thing being that I can take time to reward myself for completing it by having a play with all my new stash.. what more could a girl ask for... lol.

All of my new goodies were purchased from Craft Obsessions who are selling the Tim Holtz book for £19.95.

Hope you all have a fabulous day ahead full of heaps of happy crafting...

See you all again soon.

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

SECC Candy Winner....

Good morning everyone... hope you are all & ready for the day ahead. Personally I have to do a mad dash around the housework so I can get pushing ahead with my essay as tomorrow is my final day for posting & believe you me... if I manage to succeed in even getting it to the post box on time I will amaze even myself...

So, to kick start my day I thought it best to go ahead and announce the winner of the SECC candy and this did make me laugh.....

Here is the result of the draw...

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:12
Timestamp: 2010-03-16 09:16:21 UTC

Now the funny part... when I scrolled through the names to see who had won... it is none other than my name sake....

So a big thank you to everyone who joined in the fun... and congratulations to Lorraine (if you can drop me an email with your address then I will get your goodies all packaged up and in the post to you asap.)
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sakura on wood

Morning folks... gosh this really is a quickie as I'm running behind schedule... got to finalise a wedding order at 11am then off to see Gayle, Ava and gorgeous baby Maya.
So many of you have your wonderful Sakura pens at home but don't always experiment with them so just thought I'd share this little fells with you... he's a little wooden bunny I bought from Hobbycraft last year & I have used Sakura Metallic pens to colour him in... part water colour, part direct from pen. If you've never experimented with your pens then why not start now... they really are a world full of fun.
Sakura pens @ Markingworld
Okay... must dash... back later... happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Naughty Mr Blogger

For anyone who left comments over the last day please be aware that although it is not showing on the comments as being there... if you click on the actually bit that says comments... low & behold the comments are there... oh Mr Blogger is being naughty today... well seeing it's a man eh ...
Happy Mothers Day all.
Lorraine xxx
Now is that not just typical... I posted this comment... went back in to check... and low & behold the comments are now appearing... lol

Sakura & Stampboard !!!

Morning folks... hope you all slept well & are ready for another wonderful day... for a little change I thought I'd share with you one of the samples I've made recently... incorporating an old favourite of mine... can't remember the last time I played with it though... stampboard.
Now as we know not everything will work well on the surface of stampboard & very often you have to ensure your finished masterpiece is all sealed so that there is no transference... well... I may have found a solution for you all so that you too can make quick pieces of work without the need for sealing.
For this sample I used a black base card, upon which I layered some lovely Joanna Sheen backing paper... next up I took another piece of the same black card cut into a smaller layer again, edged with a silver Calligraphy pen & attached to the card. See all quick & simple so far eh... right here comes the difficult part... ha ha... I'm only kidding... this part is quick & simple too.
Take a piece of stampboard & cover completely with silver calligraphy pen... as this pen has a wide nozzle it only takes a few strokes & less than a minute to dry. Next up use a stamp of your choice, ink up with staz on & stamp onto your chipboard... see... nothing a beginner couldn't do... and finally to colour the image I used a selection of coloured pigma micron pens.. I scribbled a small amount onto the area I wanted to colour & spread out using a Koi water brush. Do this all over to complete the image & then allow a few minutes to dry. Now all you have to do is attach it to the front of the card using silicone glue.
Voila... simple as pie... and I hope that those of you out there who still have some stampboard hidden away at the back of drawers etc will give this project a try as it really is fun with endless possibilities.
Calligraphy & Pigma Micron Pens @ Markingworld
Have a great day & be back again soon... maybe today... maybe tomorrow...
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day...

Evening folks... gosh I can't believe how the day has gone by already... then again I was sitting in my pj's till gone lunch time... lazy old sod that I was today but I did need a little rest you know. Granted that although I was lazing around I still managed to pull together a little something for my mum for mothers day.
My mother & I very often clash with characters but at the end of the day we still love each other & are always there to provide support when it is needed... she is also often known to go on merry jaunts around the country with me.. whilst I'm demoing she's off out perusing all the local shops to see what goodies she can put in her bag to take home with her... she is a true master in her division... lol.
I decided to make her something nice & bright for tomorrow from my little stash I bought at the SECC... Here I used a scalloped card, papers, half of a decorative mat and some candy, complete with flowers, gems, pearl button & pin... the sentiment I have written with a coloured Sakura pigma micron pen.

Thought I'd give you a close up on the pearl button & pin as they are gorgeous.

Card, paper, decorative mat & candy @ Craftwork Cards

Prima flowers, stickles, gems, pearl button & pin @ The Hobby House

Sakura Pigma Micron pens (Black & Coloured) @ Markingworld

Hope you've all had a good start to the weekend with plenty more fun planned for tomorrow. Lots of crafting too of course... me... I need to get some studying done as less than a week to go now till my essay deadline & my work schedule so far hasn't allowed me time to even make a start on it so really pushing the deadline on this one... fingers crossed eh !!!

Right well I think that's enough dribble drabble from me this evening so I will bid you all a fond farewell till the sun rises upon a new day tomorrow.

Happy crafting with love & hugs

Lorraine xxx

P.s. don't forget to check out the candy if you haven't already done so. x

Friday, 12 March 2010

NEC... here I come again....

Oh well folks... looks like my trusty suitcase is soon to be packed again ready for another jaunt down to Birmingham... oh yes... have just been booked to work at the NEC from 25th - 28th March.
Due to personal reasons, Jill Johnston has unfortunately had to pull out of demonstrating at the show & I have been asked to take her place on the Fiskars stand... B08... so glad the number 8 is at the end of that else it would sound rather disgusting eh... lol...
Well I certainly wasn't expecting that one to happen so completely unprepared but am so looking forward to meeting up with all the lovely crafters who will be attending the show... if you are one of them, please make sure you pop along & say hi to me as I'd love to meet you all...
Guess I best sign off now as I've got so much to do today... need to sort out how I'm going to ship all the banners, leaflets etc, flights etc.... haven't even managed to unpack demo kit from yesterday.
Just before I go though, I would like to say what a marvellous time I had in Dundee yesterday.. certainly were more than 1 or 2 laughs throughout the day and I must say the new Red Hot Bed & Colour My World products are a joy to play with... watch this space for some samples at a later date... can't show you what I made as they were left with Burns & Harris for display in the shop but fortunately I have brought some yummy stuff home to play with at my leisure.. (not entirely sure I know what leisure is at the moment right enough)... lol.
Right, I'm off now, back to work for me & hope to catch up with you all again soon.
Love, hugs & kisses along with tons of happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Where am I today....

Yes folks I'm out and about on the jaunt again with some more workshops and demos. This time I'm in the beautiful city of Dundee.
This morning I will be doing speedy 20 minute workshops with a craft group called the Crafty Dodgers (they're all as mad as a hatter), and this afternoon I will be demonstrating in Burns & Harris. Lots of lovely goodies to be played with and bought of course if you are a customer... hmmm... and just for good measure I'm taking some Jammy Dodgers along too for everyone to nibble on...
May also have some exciting news for you all over the next few days if all works out well... hope to spill the beans later... oh the suspence of it all... lol
Righty ho, I'm definately not at home when you read this as I left the house this morning at 6am so all I can say is... have a great day.... I know I will.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx
P.s. Remember to enter the candy giveaway... x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Something of a flutter...

Gosh I certainly am well late in posting today ain't I.... it's just been one of those non stop days where the work is never done, but hey, it keeps me out of mischief... lol
This is a little papier mache box which I bought from a local craft superstore & it began life all dull & brown in colour so it was just crying out for some colour...
First off I coloured the entire box using a Silver Calligraphy Pen then for my top I used a double sided peel off butterfly which I covered with glitter then coloured in using Sakura metallics and cut around the shape. To attach to the top of the box I curled the wings a little & mounted using silicone.
All pens available here
Box available from Hobbycraft
Hope you've all had a fantastic day, and me, well I'm off now to finish packing up my kit ready for tomorrow's demo.... wish me luck.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cupcake Katie....

Now is this wee sweetie not every bit as cute as the cupcake she is holding in her hand... oh bless...
Started this one off by doing some matting & layering, square onto the base card then 2 rectangular sections on top. Next up was the old circles one of which the image was stamped onto. Out came my beloved Sakura pens.... well this was a sample card for a Sakura show on Ideal World... lol... and off to work I went colouring the image with my metallic pens, part water coloured and some areas were done using solid ink direct from the pen just for a bit more intensity. Finally some faux stitching was added using coloured pigma micron pens.
Image : Creative Impressions
Papers : Dovecraft Funky Vintage
Well I guess it's back to the old grind for me now... slaving my wee heart out making all these samples... oh it's such a hard life isn't it.... lol... hopefully I might make it back this evening with another little something... fingers crossed that is.
If you've not already entered, please do pop a comment on my blog candy posting to be in with a chance at winning.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 8 March 2010


1 8" x 8" Chipboard Album
6 sheets of sentiment tags
12 Elegant Rectangles
20 scalloped oval mounts
Sweet Tooth Card Candy
Morning everyone and it sure is good to be back in blogland again... even though I always hit a down period once the shows are over... you get so much of a buzz when you are working at them but hey ho... just need to wait on the next one I guess...
Thank you to everyone who stopped by the stand to say hi to Kath & myself... many a good old laugh has been had this weekend... and a few embarrassing moments also... a few jokes were shared over Kath's slippers & my tights... sorry folks... but they are too embarrassing to share... I've also been told this weekend that I'm very different in real life to what I portray on my blog... hmmm... wonder if I'm hiding myself too much.... no it's normally just that I'm dashing about from pillar to post and back again... For those who have not met me yet... I am not a really stuffy, straight faced person at all... I am infact a bit of a nutcase, mad as a hatter, never shut up and love nothing more than a good old laugh... trust me... just ask anyone who has met me and they will confirm they have seen the evidence... (tights included)...
Well today I have to batter on with work again... my house is a complete dump as my dear hubby thinks that because he washes some dishes, feeds the animals and hoovers up once that he's taken care of the house for me... what a laugh eh!!!! Came home to a pile of dirty dishes yesterday, washing basket is overflowing, kitchen worktops need a scrubbing with bleach and a good old fashioned gutting is more or less required. In addition to that I have a pile of samples to make and workshops to organise for my visit to Dundee on Thursday. If you happen to live close to Dundee then please pop along and see me... in the morning I will be doing workshops and attending the local craft group (The Crafty Dodgers) then after lunch, I will be found at Burns & Harris, 97 - 99 Commercial Street, Dundee. Please do pop along if you get the chance as it is going to be a fun filled day.
Oh well... guess I best sign off now and get my bum in motion else I'll just want to sit around all day doing nothing... but before I go here's the rules for entry into the candy giveaway...
Didn't manage to get much shopping done at the SECC (working & playing too hard)... but did manage to grab a few things for a candy giveaway as pictured above....
To enter the candy giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this posting... giveaway will run for a week and I will announce the winner next Tuesday.
Good luck to all.
Lorraine xxx

Friday, 5 March 2010

Sweet as a pea...

Morning folks... am hoping that Mr Blogger has been kind enough to upload this on my behalf as by the time it shows on my blog I will be sitting on the M8 heading to the SECC and yippee my chum Kath will be arriving to join me today.
This is another card I made for the Sakura Selection show on Ideal World... papers & images are from Joanna Sheen, the flowers are made using the new Fiskars scalloped circle squeeze punch & the circular shape template was also used. Main image was water coloured using Sakura shadow pens again & the doodling was made using a purple pigma micron pen also from Sakura... the colours that are now available are just delicious & a must have for your craft box.
Hopefully I'll be able to post another little something tonight again when I get home, but in the meantime... happy crafting.
Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sakura Shadow

Evening all... yes that's me back home after a lovely day at the SECC & big thanks to all who came to visit me on the stand... and to those whom I never got to say goodbye to...
Anyway, I gave you a little sneeky preview of a card the other day... now here is the full card for you to see... background paper is from Joanna Sheen... images if I am correct are Inkadinkadoo... the images are water coloured using Sakura gold shadow pens with a gold calligraphy pen around the image edge... let's not forget the addition of a few wee gems to finish off...
Well I'm off to organise some dinner now then I may manage to get a little study done as it's been weeks since I've had time to even look at my books & my final essay is due to be completed within the next ten days.... gasp.... not quite sure when I'm actually going to fit in the composition of it but needs must so it will be done by hook or by crook... lol....
Will schedule a little post for the morning so you're not neglected.
Happy crafting one & all.
Love Lorraine xxx

Yippee.... opening day is here

Oh I'm so excited that opening day at the SECC has finally arrived... only problem is it will be Sunday before I know it & it will be all wrapped up for another 6 months...

Well I just thought I'd pop by this morning to say toodles as I'm heading off out the door now, coffee in hand of course... lol. and I'm so looking forward to meeting up with everyone who is coming along to the show.

Please remember we are arranging a girly meet up at 12 noon every day at the Fiskars stand (E10) so please do come along & have a chat with everyone.

Will also keep my eyes open to see if I can pick up some blog candy along the way.

Toodles for now & happy crafting

Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sakura & Fiskars all in one day...

Okay folks time to set the pre record button on your sky box if you're not going to be around this afternoon.... as far as we have been informed the next Sakura show is due to be aired today on Ideal World at 2pm... certainly worth a watching & I'm sure you can pick up a bargain or two.....
As for me... well I'll be recording the show also, as this afternoon I will be at the SECC setting up the Fiskars stand all ready for doors opening tomorrow morning... now it wouldn't be very fair would it if you all turned up & there was nothing for you to see, so need to get my priorities right & take care of it all for you today. Then it will be back home to get myself organised for the morning... clothes ironed, shoes polished etc, etc... and an early night is definately required as I'll be up at 6am & out the door for 7am. Unbelievable that I live so close to the SECC yet if I don't leave till around 7.30am then I get stuck on the M8 in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour. Good thing about being in the hall early in the morning is I get the opportunity to have a browse around all the stands while it's still nice & quiet.... lol
Right, off to make a start on my day & I'll see you all soon.
Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

SECC meeting of Fiskarettes

Evening folks... I was on the Fiskarettes blog today & noticed that a few people are looking to meet up at the show. Obviously this is not the easiest thing to do & as many have not met face to face before, it makes it all a little more difficult.
Perhaps it would be easier for all concerned if a meeting time of 12 noon was made for you all to meet up at the Fiskars stand. That way Severine, Kath & I can get to speak with you all too as we unfortunately won't get to sneek off for a coffee & chat with you as we'll be glue to the floor working away.
So there it is folks... Thurs - Sun, Fiskars stand, 12 noon....
See you all then.
Lorraine xxx

A little peek-a-boo

Here's a little peek-a-boo at one of the cards I made for the next Sakura show on Create & Craft... still awaiting confirmation that it is tomorrow at 2pm...
This is a lovely stamped image which I have water coloured using the shadow pens... they can very often be an overlooked pen which is such a shame as they are wonderful to play around with... so many different looks can be achieved with them just with a little patience on your behalf to sit down & play.
Oh well... best get on with samples for the SECC now. Thankfully Kath & I have different products to play with which means that she can concentrate on certain things whilst I do the same... sure is helping to cut down on the work load which I am very appreciative of.
Toodles for now..
Lorraine xxx

Monday, 1 March 2010

All go here...

Good afternoon everyone and I so cannot believe that just another few hours & it will infact be evening... where do the hours go....
Well it's been all go here this weekend making samples for the next Sakura show due to air on Create & Craft on Wednesday (as far as I have been made aware it will be at 2pm)... Have dropped everything off for posting this morning so it is now winging it's way to the Ideal World studio as we speak.
No need to guess what my house looks like at this moment in time is there... lol... but I'm doing a quick dash around to tidy the place up a bit before I make a start on my Fiskars samples for the SECC... so glad that they decided to pull Kath in to work with me on the stand as we will have such a hoot being together... for anyone attending the show please do pop along & say hello... the more the merrier is always our motto.
I have a pile of pictures which I will try to download later today & then I can start the process of getting them uploaded onto my blog for all to see... like always I have my favourite which is using stampboard... all will be revealed later.
Well guess I best stop ranting on now & actually get some housework done... would be so nice for Rob if he actually came home to a tidy house tonight with a meal all ready to eat. He's been so good over the past few weeks helping me out & it was my birthday yesterday & he pampered me the whole day even though I was working.
See you all later.
Lorraine xxx