Sunday, 30 August 2015

Twinkle twinkle..

Prepping for next weekends demo so here's another sneaky peek.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Oh no..

Do I spy something related to the C word...  4 months to go and the countdown has begun.. 

Saturday Sunshine..

Well folks I guess the sun is rather unexpected for some of us this weekend seeing as it's a bank holiday which usually means rain, rain and more rain.

I'm spending the weekend making samples for next Saturday and Sundays Extravaganza demo in the shop, as well as trying to get mum back behind the wheel of the car after her operation and as a reward I'm cooking Sunday dinner lol.

I've noticed also that the boss has been busy as just received word that we are offering free P&P till midnight on Monday.  Lots of good prices on cutting dies etc but I also know there are some cool advent calenders hiding on the site perfect for paper piecing or a bit of mixed media. 

Anyway must go and get back to work.  Have a good weekend all.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Delicate card for a delicate girl

Just a quickie before I head off to work.

My friends daughter turned 11 last weekend so I made her this card as she's such a sweet delicate little girl.  Well.. when a child throws their arms around your waist and says 'I love it, I love it, I love it' you know you've done a good job lol. 

Right must dash as no idea what kind of delights are due to be delivered to the shop today..  must remember to post some pics later. 

Toodles for now Xxx

Monday, 10 August 2015

Saturday saw the beautiful Nicola marry her soul mate Gary..  absolutely fantastic day spent with very good friends.   I used to push Nicola in her pram when she was born so was a privilege to be present as her parents gave her away to become a wife. 

Wishing Gary & Nicola a lifetime of love joy and happiness as they begin their married life together. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Wishing my stunning nieve and her new husband Ross a wonderful and prosperous life together as Mr & Mrs Porter

Maximum impact!

One of my favourite pictures

Nothing less than beautiful

Happiness shines bright

The bride (my niece) and groom with my nephew William on the left and Sister In Law Susan on the right (love her outfit)

The new Mr & Mrs Porter leaving the church hand in hand

My beautiful niece walking down the aisle on Saturday

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tag 4

After we completed our boxes in the morning session we had a break for lunch followed by an afternoon of tag making using inks, art parts, clearly for art...  oooooooo some of my favourite things in life !!!  

How would I rate my workshop with Wendy Vecchi???  Nothing less than first class, fun, informative and inspiring.   If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of her workshops I would highly recommend it and I personally hope to be able to do another again in the future.

Tried to take pics of box from different angles to let you see the full effect.


Tag 2

Tag 3

Tag 1

Wendy sharing her finished project with us.  How can you not be inspired with this wonderful woman in the same room!

Here goes!!!

Our workshop with Wendy Vecchi began with this cute brown box which was stuffed full of goodies.. A few sheets of rub ons and ink.   Now when the first instruction you receive from Wendy is to get your fingers dirty you know it's gonna be a good good day lol

Predictive Text oopsie...

Can I just say for anyone reading the previous posts my predictive text took over and decided to change my location from that of Covent to Camden..  can you tell I didn't bother to proof read..  was too busy chatting with friends whilst typing the post lol

Wendy Vecchi road trip

I know it's been a long time but there's been so much going on..  extra hours at work.. redecorating.. garden maintenance etc etc etc. 

Thankfully I had some holiday time booked and our trip we started planning last year finally arrived..  oh yeah..  We were off to London to attend a Wendy Vecchi workshop.

Friday morning I was up and off to Edinburgh airport to catch my plane to Luton where I was met by my gorgeous friend Hels and we had a lovely journey back to hers where we spent almost the remainder of the day chilling in the garden and having a good old catch up.   In the evening I had the pleasure of watching the bats and even saw the International space station not just once but twice as it orbited the earth..  amazing it can do such a journey in a mere 90 minutes. 

Saturday morning we were joined by Pauline and off we set like a group of chuckling teenagers to the train station heading for London Baby. 

After many a cheerful song such as 'Going Underground' and 'goodbye piccadilly' we arrived at our hotel.  I have to say I don't think I have ever stayed in a cleaner hotel!  Now there were a few antics occurred in the room over the next 24 hours but you know that saying of 'what happens in London stays in London'..  I'm sorry but I really do have to apply that rule here lol.  Anyway after dumping our cases we headed off to spend the afternoon at Camden Market and meet up with Sue.  Absolutely fantastic place to spend time and who says London has to be expensive..  baked potato with cheese for lunch..  A mere £3.50.   Way better things to spend our money on than sitting in an overpriced restaurant.  Anyways after a pit stop back at the hotel to freshen up we then headed off to the pub for a bite to eat and oh boy..  yet more hilarity!

Now I would like to say we all had a good restful night in prep for our workshop the following day but no way..  We were having way too much fun to be dull and sleep..  Hels Pauline and myself had booked a triple room so I'm sure you can imagine just how far in to the wee small hours of Sunday morning we went giggling away..  to be honest I'm surprised we weren't asked to turn the volume down.   Anyway after what was probably about 3 hours sleep we were up and filled with excitement again as the day had finally arrived!!! 

Sunday we got the cases packed jumped in a taxi and headed off for our workshop with Wendy Vecchi..  oh my giddy aunt..  how amazing to actually have Wendy there herself (and her lovely husband who helped throughout the day).   During the morning session we worked away on our external box techniques then after lunch we were on to tags..  sorry I haven't managed to take pictures of my finished project yet but this is one I took just before we broke at lunch.   I will do a separate post later.

So after our workshop ended we headed off for our final dinner in London then started the journey back to Hels where we continued our giggles. 

Sadly Monday morning arrived all too soon and it was time to come home..  We spent a lovely few hours sat in the garden chatting away over coffee then made the last 15 mins dash to get ready before my journey home began. 

I had an awesome weekend with memories that I will treasure for a very long time to come.  My hosts Hels and Graham opened their home to me and I cannot thank them enough.  Their level of hospitality speaks volumes about the people they themselves are.   Warm and loving.   No other words required!!!  You know when a person tells you to make yourself at home..  well I truly did and daft things like being able to make them both a cup of coffee made me feel like I truly was at home. 

Well that was a long post eh!   Time to get the next load of washing on now and back to normality.   Think a craft room clear up is in the agenda for later.  It's been so long since I've had a proper good session creating for myself but Wendy has gave me the oomph to get rolling again.  Thank you Wendy! 

Back later with my complete project after I take pics. 

Toodles xxx

A few drinks were consumed due to the heat and in the hopes of avoiding dehydration lol

Same technique..  different results

The lovely Wendy Vecchi having everyone introduce themselves to the group

Jim kindly came along and greeted us in the morning..  many thanks to him for convincing Wendy to come to England

Freckles joined me for a short time in the morning lol

First sight of our kits..  exciting!

Our arrival at the Radisson Blu hotel for our workshop with Wendy Vecchi

Just before 7am on Sunday morning in middle of London outside our hotel..  no wonder I slept like a baby.