Saturday, 6 November 2010

NEC - Stand B43 & Product Review

Evening all.... well I was asked last week if I would do a review on a product just new to the market... the all new fabulous Go Kreate card making dies which are exlusive to Samuel Taylors. Well what else was I going to say but YES..... one of the things I love about my job is doing reviews.. you need to get right into the nitty gritty of it all and really push things to their limit and as you can see... my die is still in perfect shape.
I know that at the SECC they were demonstrated by Ann Russell using the Cuttlebug, I'm not sure what they are using at the NEC, and at home for my review I have been using it with my Bigshot and it works just as well on both machines.

What exactly are these dies for... well at the moment they come in 5x5, 6x6 or you can buy a multi pack... my personal choice would be the multi pack. They are designed not to create a mount for an image but to create an actual shaped card like the one below.

Now we all know it can be expensive to buy shaped cards all year round and these dies are the solution to the problem... You simply take a piece of card or a pre-scored card, whichever is your preference... then if you look at your die, you will see that on one end there are two slit areas which indicate where the remaining joins will be on your card... you simply align your card with the slits then pass your sandwich through your machine... once it comes out the other end.. throw your small amount of waste in the bin and you're left with one beautifully shaped card ready to decorate. These dies will even work on mirri board so that just proves the strength behind them. Now the picture above was taken with the flash on but I have taken another identical one below without the flash as I felt that it allowed you to see the depth of the embossing much clearer.

For all you people who use dies on a regular basis you will know that normally you put your die through the machine to cut, then you have to use your rubber mats and put through your machine a second time in order to get your embossed edge.... that is not the case with these dies. The embossing that you see here has been created during the cutting process... there was no need for putting it back through the machine a second time and no rubber mats required which is wonderful news for all the crafters out there who suffer from rubber allergies... and in my own opinion... it's embossing ability is the best on the market at present.
Final verdict.... one of the best 'Value for Money' products currently on the market and a must have in every crafters essential tool kit.
Unless they have sold out already (which is a definate possibility), you will be able to purchase them this weekend at the NEC on stand B43 or alternatively on the website. All I can say is don't delay as I know they were a sell out at the SECC last weekend... so they really are going like hot cakes.
Stamped images show on this card are from the 'Words Like Honey' range
available from Time To Sow (stand C21) at the NEC.
Think I have to go now and cut myself a few more beautiful cards... lol....
Toodles for now and happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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Rainbow Lady said...

These dies were my first purchase the minute I walked in on Friday my friend - they are superb. xx