Sunday, 14 November 2010

Remembrance Sunday

Whether we currently have friends or family serving our country at home or abroad, or know those who have previously served in years gone by. What is important to remember is that lives are lost and ruined by the trauma's of war. My great grandfather died during WW1 and no part of his body was ever returned... My grand father fought in WW2 and was one of the soldiers lucky enough to return home... Today I know a few people who are fighting for our country and every time they are dispatched to foreign grounds, I pray for their safe return. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone today who have been or will be affected by war.

Please do take just 1 minute from your day to stop, sit in silence and say a little prayer for all concerned and let us hope that one day we will be able to find peace in this world.

Love 'n' hugs to all
Lorraine xxx

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