Monday, 17 January 2011

Oh what a night...

Remember that song... Think the next line was 'late December back in 63'.. not that I was about then.. It was almost another decade before I entered the world.. Lol.

Well that was one of those nights.. I've got the hospital on Wednesday to have my wisdom tooth out and though I never thought I'd say it.. I can't wait!!! Had to eat pain killers last night in the attempt to get some sleep.. Dropped off just after 2am.. Awoke just before 4am.. Throb, throb, throb... More pain killers and it took till around 5am before I dropped off again.. And yes.. awoke around a half hour ago to the dulcet throb, throb, throb.. Worst still.. Need to wait another hour or so before I can take anything as I've had that much on the last 2 occasions.. Roll on Wednesday.. Wisdom tooth be gone with you.. Lol

Guess I'll go make myself a wee cuppa a watch a bit of tv.. Can't do much till hubby is ready for work and out the door.

Right.. Caffeine is a calling so I'll be back with you all in a few hours again.

Toodles for now... Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxxx

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Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Lorraine, sorry to hear of your troubles. Problems with teeth can be such a nightmare. Thanks goodness you haven't got long to wait until your wisdom teeth are no more and cause you no more grief. Take care, Kymxxx

fairymadjo said...

oh hun, i know that feeing hun :( i hope every think goes ok for wenes big huggs jo x

Gill McCall said...

OH DEAR i sympathise with you as i hate dental pain as im a woos!
Ive had all my wisom teeth out so i guess thats why im a tad d'oh these days !!! lol
hope all goes well - lots of gargling with salt in water - yuck!
pop on over to my blog as you havent accepted your award yet.