Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hougie score storage

Good afternoon all.. Hope you're all having a good start to the day and if you happen to be like me and surrounded by snow.. Well I hope it clears soon and in the meantime, stay safe...

Well, I know a lot of you who have a Hougie Board, wonder how to store your score tool so that you don't lose it.. I use a very simple and effective method.. It's called a book ring... Lol.. Simply attach the book ring to the handle then your score tool is always with your board and it's quick and easy to access for use and to store away again.

If anyone uses any other methods I'd love to hear about it, so please feel free to share.

Right, off to get some work done now and will be back with you all later.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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Rainbow Lady said...

He he I have my scoring tools in a jar on my desk all together. We too have lots of the white stuff ahhhhhh Love Cynthia x

Mags said...

I have velcro buttons on my scoring tools and boards as well as my hougie. They work very well.

Some people I know have ribbon on the hougie - but that would drive me mad as you would have to have such a long length.