Monday, 10 January 2011

Back home now

Well.. I actually got home about an hour ago but had to sit and tell hubby all about my day and have a wee coffee too.. Lol

So, before I go tend to all my animals and make some dinner for myself, I just thought I would tell you all what a wonderful day we had.. There were a good few laughs and on one occasion.. We were in a shop buying stuff.. Everything in the bowl apart from 1 item.. I was in utter hysterics and attracted the attention of one of the shop workers who went and checked the bowl.. He must have thought we were shop lifting or something.. Lmao..

Then we ended our day sitting in the car for an hour chatting away.. Not like we hadn't been gabbing all day.. Must admit, I feel as though the winter cobwebs have been well and truly blown away today.. thanks to my wonderful friend Ann..

Right, off to get things done.. Feeling rather peckish now.. Hope you all have a wonderful night and I'll be back tomorrow to share some pics with you.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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