Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm back...

And am far from being amused!!!

What a waste of time that turned out to be today.. They took a fresh pan oral xray.. Fair enough.. Not a problem.. Then the surgeon due to carry out the work wasn't there so they sent me to see another consultant who looked at my xray... Hummed and muttered, looked at the wrong tooth and then when I asked what method of extraction he was expecting to carry out he said it would be a simple elevation!!! Then he said if that didn't work then they would abandon the extraction for the day and re-arrange yet again for me to have it completed under anaesthetic.. This was the whole reason I was referred to the hospital so the switch could be made there and then on the day.. This nut job thinks he can leave me to walk about with half a tooth till they can get me another appointment!!!!

Now anyone who has worked as a dental nurse will know it's impossible to remove a double twisted root tooth in the normal manner.. By the time I left I wasn't even convinced he was an oral consultant..

Nothing else for it.. Need to speak to my own dentist now and see if I can convince her to do it for me as I'd rather have someone I know is capable of doing the job than some numpty who has just sat and spoke the biggest load of crap to me.

What a waste of my time never mind poor Rob who took time off his work to take me.

Sorry folks... Rant over

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxxx

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fairymadjo said...

omg hun what a t@@t , you thought he would know why you were there in your notes and just do what was need to be done , hope your ok hunny and not in too much pain sending you very big huggs xxx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Lorraine, oh what a nightmare. I know you've been counting down the time for this appointment and to come away with it not all sorted is such a nuisance and disappointment. Had the same thing myself last week. I went for the 2nd of my three appointments to cement in a new post, finish root canal work and prepare for a new capped tooth - only for the dentist not to touch me as I can't eat anywhere near the tooth still nearly 4 weeks after my first appointment. X-ray showed nothing sinister but he wants a 2nd opinion at the hospital. I've now been told that's up to an 8 week wait - not bad in some respects - but when you can't eat anywhere near that tooth, have to pull food to pieces like a small child, can't touch the gums/roof of my mouth and the temporary tooth is failing - it could be 8 years away!!! Hope you manage to get an appointment to see the dentist pronto. Best wishes, Kym xxx