Thursday, 20 January 2011

Funny folks..

Just what part of 'WORK at home' is it that some people just do not understand...

My friend called me today wanting to go on a shopping trip tomorrow..
Sorry no can do I said as I've got work to do you know..
Aye but you work from home she said..
Yes I do.. WORK being the word.. Surely working from home means you can take time off whenever you want she says...
NO.. I said.. That means I have 'work' to do and can't go floating around willy nilly whenever it takes my fancy.. I have deadlines to meet, orders to fill and somehow I don't think people would be very pleased if I told them their order was late because I was out and about having a social life..

She still does not understand how I can't do.. Gosh if I want a day away from the office I have to arrange it about 3 weeks in advance.. Not flaming 3 hours..

No work... No income... That's the bottom line of it.

Silly girl that she is.. But it did make me giggle...

Right.. Back to WORK for me now.. Lol

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxxx

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Lorraine, this is one grouch I can so identify with. I'm retired now but when I was working as a freelance author's assistant and working out of this very room (called it the office back then) even my DH thought I could just drop everything on a sunny day and go play on the beach! Your self-employed = your available to some methinks. But if you take time during the day you'll be burning the midnight oil to catch up. Regards, Elizabeth