Friday, 18 March 2011

The sun has got his hat on..

Hip, hip, hip, hurray... We finally seem to be getting a break in the weather here and long may it continue.. Gosh it's amazing the difference it makes when you open the curtains to a beautiful blue sky and the sun comes flooding in.. You really don't have much option do you.. You just have to smile.

And the day gets better too.. I'm getting my hair cut.. It should have been done a few weeks ago but because I was poorly I didn't get.. It's basically double the length it should be so I currently look like I'm walking about with a mop head shoved on top of me.. Woohoo.. Roll on my bristles.. A quick blast with the hairdryer and it's done.. So can't be bothered with this using a hairbrush and styling for 15 mins.. Doesn't fit with either my lifestyle or my attitude.. I like to just blast and go.. Lol.

Obviously some housework will also feature in today's events along with a bit of crafting.. The schedule so far is looking good and what a run up to the weekend.. I'm liking a lot.. Oh and need to get my stuff together for tomorrow's meeting.. Roll on tomorrow too..

Right, I'm off to grab the vacuum and get this housework crap out the road.. Then I can relax and enjoy my day.

Take care everyone, have fun and remember to smile.. You might even make someone else's day just giving them a wee smile.. It may be the only one the see...

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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