Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sun again!!!

Good morning all.. And yes.. We have even more sun today again and I'm loving it and as you can see.. So is Smithy..lol.

So what am I up to today.. Painting the remainder of my dining room.. Started on the housework yesterday then had to put a few things in the garage where I just happened to find a big tub of paint.. Oh no.. That was it.. Into the house it came, dust sheets on floor and off I went.. Lol. Well I've been unhappy with the dining room for a while so for the moment being it's turning to white till I find a colour I want.. At least it will be fresh and bright in the meantime.

Seeing as the sun is shining I'll probably open the doors and enjoy some rays as I work.. So, my coffee is finished and I guess it's probably time to make a move and get myself back into action.. Afterall, it's not going to paint itself is it..

A word of warning for anyone considering buying a steam cleaner.. Be prepared.. You make a start with one of them and before you know it you're redecorating and everything.. Lol.. That's how all this began for me!

Right, I'm gone, work to do and I'll catch up with you all later.

Have a wonderful day where ever you are and I hope the sun is shining for you too.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxxx

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