Friday, 25 March 2011

My poor desk..

Look at my poor wee desk sitting all redundant this week.. It's been so neglected that I'm surprised it's stuck around.. Lol.

My aim this week was to steam clean the house, which has now also turned to painting the dining room!!! Typical of my fashion though.. Lol.. Seeing as I'm currently steam cleaning the main bathroom before I jump in the shower.. I'll steam the en-suite tomorrow.. Lol.

Anyway, once I'm all clean, I'll cover myself in paint again as I'm hoping to finish the dining room today.. Woohoo.. A few tasks to do then over the weekend before a week of work ahead.

There's a couple of orders to complete, 3 workshops to organise and a few cards to do for myself too.. Hhhmmmm think it's another busy week for me.. Long may it continue as I much prefer being that way.

Right folks.. Off to get some more work done and I'll have a lot more to share with you next week.. And more new goodies too.

Happy crafting..

Lorraine xxxx

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Jak Heath said...

Ohh I wish for days that I can see that much of my desk lol!

Mine is what you call a work in progress desk lol!

Come on get it messy because you are giving crafting a bad name being that tidy.

Caroline Hallett said...

frankly Lorraine I am surprised that the desk is still there and has not been steam cleaned within an inch of shrinking point! At the begining of the week I was thinking "oooh might get me one of those thar cleany things", but by the end of this week I thought - blimey no - they have taken you away from your crafting all week it must be good! Hope you get back to creating rather than cleaning very soon ;-)

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Loz.. having fun getting organised aren't you and making us all feel guilty cos we are not.. loving the watch cogs...
and WOYWW was rather wierd with an AWOL Mr Linky till later in the day.. really funny actually, Julia forgot to put it on till about two hours or so later.., you may have missed it.. Happy WOYWW
Shaz in Oz.x