Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My Rant...

Good evening folks.. I'm on a bit of a rant this evening.. Had a big brown envelope hand delivered this afternoon by a some lady and what does it contain.. Oh yeah the beloved census!!!

Well I just opened it and to be told that I must by law provide certain details otherwise I will be fined up to £1,000.. I find utterly disgusting...

Does your household own or rent this accommodation? None of your bloody business!!!

In total how many cars are owned or available for use.. Again.. None of your bloody business!!!

What I work for and what I own is no-ones business except my own.. Nor is my religion, race or colour any of your business either..

In days gone by census details contained those of who lived in a property, their age and how many windows were in the property..

Nowadays they want to know all your stats.. That is not a census.. That is a complete invasion of my privacy for which I will be fined if I do not comply.. And there was me thinking I lived in a country where freedom of speech and human rights still remain.. Oh how we can be fooled.. Residents of the UK no longer have any flaming rights.. Let's not forget that we even have to pay for water to flush our loo's and for the refuse collector to take our rubbish away.. A price which forever increases with every additional bin they force us to use..

Ok.. Sorry about that folks but to be honest I feel like starting a nice wee bonfire in the back garden tonight..

I'm off to find my invisible ink pen now.. Well I can't be fined for not filling it in then can I.. Lol..

Right, I'm gone to do something more constructive now.. Toodles.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Rainbow Lady said...

Am in total agreement my friend... ours arrived the other day. We are not here but still have to fill it in xx

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, Lorraine, the census has really got you riled. When we opened the census we were a bit overwhelmed for a while when we saw the number of pages, therefore, questions and some of these do seem a tad intrusive. However, what I do find reassuring is that the we are all protected by the Data Protection Act and that, although the info will be collated to provide the government and perhaps other interested parties with a wealth of facts, they will remain anonymous and our names will remain secret for 100 years. I know this is true because, as the family historian, I am, impatiently I might say, awaiting the release of the 1911 census which won't happen until April here in Scotland. England has already released theirs. The data that is collected will give the government the opportunity to plan ahead by getting a picture of what is happening here in this country and to its people now. Interestingly, despite the possiblity of a fine many people have either lied, or made mistakes, e,g, about age, whether maried or not, and where born, in filling in previous census forms and to my knowledge few, if any, have been fined. Sorry to leave such a lengthy comment but I thought that if you knew how protected your information is and how valuable a resource it could be to future generations of family historians you might look on the census more favourably. Kind regards, Elizabeth x