Sunday, 27 March 2011

Halfords con!!!

Afternoon all.. Well I popped to Halfords in Hamilton today to get a new set of mats for my car.. Ended up leaving without any and will also be writing a letter of complaint to their head office.

I found the set I wanted.. As in the picture.. Only problem was when I reached the cash desk.. They were £39.99.. I explained to the guy that was not what the peg said so he looked and agreed that they had been put up with the wrong price showing.. He spoke to the store manager who basically said touch!! Well I said to the kid.. But there is no tags what so ever that say any of your mats are £39.99 and he agreed so I told him his manager was welcome to come speak to me on the shop floor to discuss the matter.. Obviously a manager with no bottle at all as he sent the poor wee guy back to me.. No he would not budge from his £39.99. Well I quickly informed the kid that was fine I would simply take the matter up with his head office as his manager obviously isn't capable of managing himself never mind a store.

So.. I've taken photographic evidence and I have also taken a video of every price tag there was so let's see how Halfords head office explain this one.. I'm sure it will be fun..

A bit of good advice to idiots like this.. Don't be silly and play stupid games with me.. You will not like the outcome.. Lol

Will update you when I hear from them but I will no longer shop in such an unorganised store and may I add.. Popped to the autoparts shop in Motherwell.. Picked up a lovely set of mats for under £17.. Perfect..

Right, I'm off to paint again.. Catch you all later.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Hazel (Didos) said...

LOLOL Good For you, Halfords is the opposition to My Dads work. When I used to work for him the stories I would hear from Customers about Halfords. Dodgy!!!!
Hope you get far with your complaint!!! HAzelxox

Judi said...

Yay!! Good for you Lorraine - I'd love to hear IF they get back to you!