Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fab new product...

Okay folks... time to share the news of a fab new product with you and till the end of December 2010 they are exclusive to Ideal World and Create & Craft.
Yes, yes, I know they just look like a Sakura Jelly Roll pen but the amazing thing about these ones are the lovely fine nib they have combined with the fab funky colours.
What are the perfect for??? Well they are lovely to write with but know all those gorgeous stamps you have with very fine details and you're always struggling to stay within the lines... not any more you won't be.. these are so easy to use and give a perfect finish to the perfect card.
Fancy giving them a go... they are available from Create & Craft item number 162825.
Off to watch some tv now and perhaps have a little play.
Lorraine xxx

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Ann said...

Sound interesting - Look forward to seeing them demo'd Lorraine xx