Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Woohoooooo to pancakes

Morning everyone and may I say that I'd like to think that the majority of you are going to have a yummy pancake or two today...if you're on a diet... forget about it for a day and enjoy some lovley fresh pancakes with the filling of your desire... oh my mouth is watering already just at the thought of it...
I've been given strict instructions that my hubby does not want anything heavy tonight for his dinner as we are off round to our friends this evening for a fun filled time of eating yummy hot pancakes fresh from the gridle and you wouldn't believe the amount of fillings she has got in... dafty that she is didn't know whether Rob would prefer Golden or Maple syrup so she bought both... hell I wouldn't even do that... he would just be taking whatever I got... there's also banana, blueberries, ice cream, lemon & sugar of course (my favourite) and I can't remember what all else she said... so 7.15pm sharp we will be arriving at her door empty plate in hand ready to receive our grub... lol
Well yesterday didn't go to plan... what a surprise eh seeing as it was Monday & I had the day all figured out in my head... so off now to catch up & hopefully I'll get a little something posted here in a few hours time...
Have a wonderful day.
Lorraine xxx

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Kat said...

Those pancakes sound yummy Lorraine. Spose it must Be Pancake Tuesday then lol! I never remember when it is till it happens.

Kat xx