Thursday, 11 February 2010

Nine Lives... Is it any wonder...

Now they always say that a cat has nine lives don't they... and I must admit that when I look at this cheeky chap sleeping the day away like this I'm by no means surprised at the saying... it's all the sleep recovery they have that keeps them safe and healthy. Now unless for some reason during the day he urgently requires to eat or go to the loo... this is what my Smithy will look like until somewhere in the region of 5pm tonight... he's a little on the sneeky side you see... he's up and on the go in the morning whilst Rob is getting ready for work, then within 10 minutes of his departure this fly little monkey is all curled up and sleeping. Then, when he thinks that Rob is due home from work, he wakes himself up, comes downstairs, and then when Rob walks through the door he acts as though he has received no love or attention from me during the day... is it any wonder!!! lol.
Now today whilst my little ball of fur is sleeping sound here's what I'll be doing... up a ladder painting a ceiling and then onto the walls & woodwork... all in the en-suite of course.

Like most other households a lot of work has to be done by one person with restricted time for joint ventures and that is certainly the case in this household... thus... after we got the new light I needed to have it installed last weekend whilst Rob was off work even though I hadn't managed to sort the ceiling... last time it was painted my mum had it done whilst we were on holiday and the clown that done it didn't use bathroom paint so it was all beginning to peel away... what a mess. For the last few days I've been up a ladder with nail brush in hand buffing it all down again so I have a nice solid surface to paint.... yes I know most folk would have done it in a day but I've got a bad neck & shoulder injury from a car accident a few years back which puts restrictions on me... never to be defeated though I've worked my way through it and am now ready for paint... yippee... As you can see from the picture, the last painter obviously just painted around my light too... see the dark circle...
Well best sign off now and get kitted up in the old painting gear ready for action. The quicker I get this task completed the quicker I can get on to doing some cards...
Toodles for now my lovelies and hope you all have a fab day.
Lorraine xxx

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