Saturday, 20 February 2010

Up..Up... and away

Good day all... and by the time that you are reading this I will definately not be at home.. left at 5.20am this morning.. yawn.. lol
Oh yes up at 4.30am to get washed & a few cups of coffee down me so I was awake for the journey. Had to pick Liz up at 5.30am then a leisurely drive to the airport as we have to check in for 6.15pm. So long as the flight is on time then we should be able to sit down for breakfast in the Hilton around 9am. Need to make sure I eat plenty as it will be a long day setting up the stand but boy am I going to have fun...
Can't believe I'm going to see a load of new products before they hit the shops and all under one roof... I do feel honoured to be attending.
No doubt I'll be having a good feed at tea time, a few drinks in the bar & then early to bed so I'm bright & cheery in the morning... doors open at 9am and don't close again until 6pm.
Well I hope you all have a fab weekend & although I've relied on Mr Blogger to upload some posts during my absence, I will be back in person again on Wednesday.
Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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Kath said...

crikey have just seen this...have a fandabbidosie time....hugs kath xxxx